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  1. Fair point; lets hope they have gone then!
  2. After watching that tactical and spineless performance I cannot believe Butterworth says they are having a day off!! Perhaps some wall building skills or some tackling or some communication??
  3. Anyone got spare space and want to share petrol costs? Already have ticket. Can get to Norwich thanks
  4. What on earth is happening at this club?   Players loaned out left right and centre, Spillane not even on bench. Now we have a defender crisis because of this.   The board and management are a total joke.
  5. great post   what''s said has been said. Grant has whinged about every aspect of the club he could possibly think of!! It''s a wake up call to all at the club. we can''t dwell on it but need to be 100 percent united on Tuesday. Don''t get me wrong what he said to the fans was utter rubbish, (Hull deserved the point)   On the ball city
  6. Very dissapointing. Is he (granty) still taking advice from our coaching staff like he stated in his first press conference. That line up was so so negative. You can only win if you score. What''s wrong with our club and youngsters. Martin is superb for reserves and youth / el ourigari has fantastic pace. We need to take a chance and fill in players up front instead of tinkering with the defence Think this will be a learning point today for Granty  
  7. How can it keep happening?   Injury time goals let in. We have let so many goals in this season.
  8. Looking again at that statement could it be that they are hoping he walks before the next game?
  9. losing already   Our away tactics are pathetic   Worthington is only seen when we are winning
  10. Anyone know why he wasn''t even on the bench? Seems ridiculous to me that Leon has gone, Thorne is injured and the lad still can''t get on the bench.
  11. Just heard the post match interview. Apparently Hucks injured before game and Etuhu ill; also other bugs floating about. Also 2 players needing x rays. Worthy defended players to the hill and still goes on and on about hardly any players out there...blah blah blah... Our squad is so small it is a worry. Other teams (Birmingham manage to get 4/5 Aresenal players on loan) Are we unable to attract players now???? Let''s hope today was a one off
  12. Is the game on radio anywhere?
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