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  1. Norfolk born & bred. Now split my time between Indonesia and Johannesburg. Check every match online, although had the treat of watching the match vs Ipswich live here in South Africa.
  2. Thanks, will let you know as soon as I do.
  3. Yep, something that Roeder can sell to the new players he is trying to attract hopefully! I just hope it doesn''t shrink too much if they do let the sea defences erode. We may have to start a water polo team rather than football.
  4. My parents and brothers still live just outside Norwich.
  5. I love coming back to Norfolk, Norwich in particular, although spent much of my working life abroad.
  6. Do you come from Norwich originally?
  7. We lived just off Brick Lane for a while.
  8. In which part of London do you reside?
  9. Well that''s a pretty good reason!
  10. Can''t say until his future is sorted, as you will understand.
  11. Fair enough, apology accepted. But I am very worried about what the future because of what I''ve heard. I don''t think there are too many malicious lies. I think there is a lot of indignation at the treatment of Huckerby, contrasting with his totally gracious behaviour.
  12. I can understand scepticism. I can''t understand the rudeness.
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