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  1. All a trifle unfair in that Harry can''t read or write so he won''t be able to come on here and defend himself....
  2. [quote user="Gareth"]Grant Holt will always be an NCFC legend in my mind. The things he has achieved at this club have only been done before by a select few, all of whom are regarded as legends, Grant Holt is no different.[/quote]Totally agree with this view.Grant Holt has been a very special player in a Norwich shirt and wherever he goes from here I will wish him well.... even if it''s Aston Villa.
  3. Hughton will be chuffed that he''s landed a cushy no pressure job and wouldn''t be interested in Spurs.... nor they in him as a number one.
  4. It all boils down to money and the other Scottish clubs desperately need them to survive. They should be hammered for it.... but of course they won''t be.Jocko football is a laughing stock.
  5. It''s all about controlling the crowd and creating an artificial atmosphere.... This unwelcome Americanisation of our national sport is here for good unfortunately.
  6. He''s a very wealthy man and can take or leave the Spurs job.... plus walk into many others if he wanted.He will end up buying his local club Bournemouth and have fun taking them up the leagues.
  7. I think McNally''s star has become a little tarnished having lost Paul Lambert and probably Grant Holt like he has.Maybe a brief bunker mentality was suggested for damage limitation purposes.
  8. [quote user="Wiz"]Okay, cards on table, I wanted Holloway as manager, yes I know, mad as a box of frogs but plays exciting football.   There''s something about Hughton, his manner, style of play (very direct, even hoof at times) which I find boring, his ''honest Joe'' image is unsettling to say the least.  His assistant Calderwood is even more so imo, playing Holt as a winger whilst manager at Forest doesn''t help one''s confidence in the man. I think we''re in trouble.   Anyone else have any doubts? [/quote]Not impressed so far Wiz.I''ll give him until the middle of July and reassess things then.  [Y]
  9. Nottingham Forest appear to have a veritable queue of big money buyers lining themselves up to invest there. Such a shame that we have no hope of anyone ever wanting to buy City. It must be true because Delia said so.... didn''t she?
  10. "Young and hungry players"? You seem to forget that PL was the master of this and that avenue of shrewd signings has gone with him.Hughton has no record of bringing in talent so no-one knows where this is going. I suspect going for foreigners will only attract the mercenary type looking for a shop window to European level football..... and they won''t find that at Carrow Road on our likely budget.
  11. I see the Deliarites have once again pulled their pants over their heads and put their faith in yet another club ''untouchable''.....The churlish, ungrateful and unnecessary loss of Lambert and Holt will be shown as a seminal moment regarding the progress of NCFC. The recent success built on the backs of two individuals shows a chronic lack of solidity within the club structure and means little has actually changed at CR. We still have hapless owners flapping about the boardroom and a CEO who''s lips move but simply repeat the same old mantra of prudence before progress.PL and GH created what we have achieved over the recent past..... not a sharp suit sitting behind a desk.
  12. As much as you may like me to be.... I shall never be your friend.NEXT!
  13. Complete  bollocks.  Another sad old regular hiding behind a new user name.I wonder who it could be this time? A clear ''new'' obsession with Cluck may point in a certain direction.
  14. In suspect City will have to pay out far larger sums in an effort to fill the massive gaps left behind by PL and GH than if they''d coughed up the money required to keep them at the club.''Little old Norwich'' is alive and well unfortunately.
  15. Why this questioning as whether Paul Lambert was pushed out or not?It''s clear that his ambitions were not being matched by the ''prudent'' financial strictures within the club. Seeing this and not being backed for his miraculous achievements he was pushed out to seek another club to achieve what he originally planned with NCFC.I''m told all sorts of hear-say nonsense surrounding the Robert Chase/Martin O''Neill/Dean Windass debacle.... yet somehow losing our best manager in a generation has nothing to do with NCFC and is apparently down to Paul Lambert''s intransigence.Get the blindfolds off and look deeper.
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