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  1. Certainly was at the game, great to live only 10 minutes from the ground! I agree, Hucks had a great game, in the first half especially Wednesday couldn''t handle his pace and looked really vulnerable everytime the ball went out wide.
  2. Really strange game. Wednesday were woeful in the first half and we should have had 3 or 4 at half-time. The penalty was a daft decision, the ball was won cleanly! Second half started off reasonably even but Wednesday got on top and we just looked like we were going through the motions. Things got worse when Dublin went off, for his last game he was excellent, won absolutely everything that came his way, it was great to see the whole ground give him a standing ovation.
  3. Message from an exiled Norwich fan up in Sheffield: I have been told that in the team programme this year there have been player cards. My father collects Norwich City cards and I''d like to be able to get him some of these programme cards for Christmas. Can anyone help me in this search? Also looking for the cards produced in the Evening News last season. If anyone can help with either please email me: icehockeyjoe1981@yahoo.co.uk or post on here. Thank you Joe
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