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  1. Convinced I saw Steeno in the City shopping in Bank Plain on Saturday, did anyone else see the legend or does he have a doppelganger?
  2. Didn''t hear you Saturday, you and your mates were unbelievably quiet, not one "On the Ball" during the whole match.  Perhaps you''ve created a rod for your own backs with your previous vocal encouragement.  PG has noticed this and feels just cause of one reverse is no excuse for failing to act as expected. From one of the very silent majority, my singing days are long gone but still appreciate your vocal efforts on behalf of the team.
  3. Unless the rules have changed sacked managers were paid their salary monthly for the unexpired contract term, and if they found another job while still under contract the payments would stop.  If this is still applicable why £600k up front.
  4. Nutty it is only a handful of us sad City nuts who even read or contribute to this Message Board.  R Balls methinks gets to the parts the Pink Un Website doesn''t get.  Only a few of us have the undoubted pleasure of reading the divergent views of the Wizard change on a daily basis. Where is he after PG''s apparent dig at the fans brought the desired result, lets hear from you on this subject. 
  5. We pay our money to be entertained.  Surely the lack of worthwhile entertainment should have been enough by ow to prevent your attendance, unless you''ve been suckered into a season ticket.  I went on Saturday and will go on Dec 9, not expecting things to improve if it doesn''t markedly thats it for the season, fortunately i gave p my season ticket 2 seasons ago. I am in the happy position that I can take my hard earned and invest in an alternative, soon if this continues many of you will be in the same boat. 
  6. City''s 3 wise men all come out after a defeat with a rallying cry, this time for the umpteenth time. I haven''t bothered to read the posts of our previous captains because I''ve heard it all before, I guess Archant need to put something on the website, can''t you shut these bozo''s up, its over to you PG gag the idiots. 
  7. I tend to agree the Doc looks awkward when defending and always looks likely to give away free kicks/penalties at any time.  Remember Wiz your attacks on Gary Holt wishing his injury shortly before his possibly life threatening chest injury, you don''t learn wishing one of our ever decreasing numbers to be injured.  Gary Holt is now getting plaudits on this message board for his attitude, how little people remember. If only some of today''s squad had the attitude and application of a Gary Holt.  
  8. Simple really, don''t know why I didn''t think of it, getting promoted thats the easy bit, especially with our squad chock full of quality players fighting with all their might to impress the new manager. Reality doesn''t exist in the land of the wizards obviously.
  9. The Administrator has configured the system not to take duplicate posts. I have just got this message, but it just isn''t so there are plenty examples of duplicate posts in other posts, get it right if they''re not allowed don''t do it.  
  10. Very good but this money will be going to the person who funded the purchase of Ashton, not to the club.
  11. Why can''t you just shut up and let your football do the talking.  OK enough said well just shut up!!!
  12. I had a restricted view in infill between River and City last time we played Sunderland, not too bad but should be some price benefit.  Do they not sell these anymore, mine was right behind pillar could it be any more restricted than that.  If you''ve nothing worthwhile to say ND just keep quiet.
  13. To be fair Christian Ziege the German with a severe complexion problem did play for them in living memory, but was not a winger, Reto is and he played at Carrow Rd Boxing Day 2004. But don''t expect intelligent or informed comment from such sources they onlt pander to their audience who probably don''t know their R''s from their L Bow.
  14. Surely he is demotivating you, to date they have not shown much motivation.  Huckerby is a luxury we just can''t afford some times PG telling him how it is or how it needs to be, let him get on with his job as he thinks fit.
  15. Etuhu in goal, Lewis midfield, 4 man front line is interesting.
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