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  1. only joking, i''d hate to see huckerby leave after all the hard work he has done for us. hes been off form recently but hes still a class player who we need to keep hold of.
  2. i hope it is true. huckerby has done his job he got us into the premiership but i don''t think he is able to cut it, so if Liverpool want him they can av him as far as i''m concerned, so we can use the money to sign Andy Reid who in my opinoin is a much better player than huckerby.
  3. i don''t know if you remember me but i came on here the other week and completly slagged off svensson. i want to apologise to matt for my comments and the rest of the norwich supporters who took offense. i''m sorry my actions were wrong, we should be getting behind every member of the team during every match.
  4. ok, to be fair Iwan would''t be able to cut it in the premier league. anyway svensson is still a knob jockey and jonson should get a run upfront instead of that useless waste of space.
  5. iwan would do better in the premier then that knobjockey svensson
  6. i think with that formation and those players, we would have more chance of winning. there is the height of shacks at the back, so he can mark oppo''s target men. the five in midfield would be hard to brake through, meaning less goals conceded. there is also good attacking options from mulryne, bentley, mcveigh meaning goals, and finally we would have a decent striker up front who would be able to get us goals. Good team mate, i like it. 
  7. a 2-1 norwich win. jonson to score first with swp to equalise then hucks to score the winner.
  8.               Green Eddy  Flem   Charlton  Drury Jonsson  Francis  Mulryne  Hucks                   Bentley   McKenzie
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