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  1. I reckon'' Dion Dublin would be a good punt. He does the City stuff on ''Late Kick Off'' , quite often sticking it to M*tt Holland - seems to be a genuine fan.
  2. I got my ordinary shares from the initial issue from the club. One perk is free membership (normally £15) every year for life and reduced price of £5(currently) per year for super-membership (normally £20). It''s worth having the free membership for the discount you get at the Canary shop and for ticket allocations. Check with the club ticket office (0844 826 1902) to see if you are entitled too - it may have only been an offer granted at the original issue [8-)]
  3. William Hill have officially stated that they are paying out on QPR regardless, and will also payout for Norwich as champions if QPR are deducted points.   http://news.williamhill.com/a/football/qpr-are-champions/
  4. LondonR wrote "What trophy you plum, you haven''t won one"   Unlike you my friend I aint counting my chickens yet, but if you read my post properly I did say '' If ''. You must remember, we have nothing to lose on tomorrows decision - we can only gain [:D]
  5. I want to win the league. As well as the club getting the silverware, I''d get an additional £280 on top of the money I''ve already won for us being promoted [<:o)]   As an aside point - If QPR do get docked enough points for us to be champions, will they present the trophy at the game on Saturday (or indeed  have it for the parade on Tuesday)?
  6. Todays goal were all shown on Look East if that is any consolation. Will be up on iPlayer later.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00wvz64/Look_East_East_28_12_2010/
  7. Plymouth Argyle - hometown. Moved to Norwich when I was a tiddler in 1970/71.
  8. I don''t think it would have been cost effective to put a seated infill in the corner instead of the hotel, because so many of those seats would have to be left vacant to provide the buffer between home and away fans. I think the only real long-term way forward would to be to make additions to the two side stands as others have said. And at the moment we can''t afford it.
  9. Satire or not, surely the point is that we can only sack Mr Lambert if he decides to stay accepts a new contract anyway ? [8
  10. If West Spam drop, do you think they will sell Robert Green? We''d get a nice boost to our own player budget from the sell on clause (if I''m not mistaken)
  11. Do you reckon'' our Suffolk neighbours would have him back if things don''t work out with Keane ??
  12. Still one my favourites..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nt3q8_sxd-o&feature=related
  13. I have to agree with you..... fancy talking up transfers when we don''t want that player to leave, and especially as there has been no previous interest shown! [8o|]
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