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  1. lol are you on drugs?  We have no room at CR for a caravan anyhow  [^o)]  [:D]
  2. Bywater - Why did he try to have a go at Dion too?  Very strange guy, picking on a kid too, shame on him [:@]  
  3. Saddest moment for me personally was not 100% football related.  But hearing that Bryan Gunn''s daughter lost her fight for life, was in tears.  Still donate to the leukemia appeal now and will do until I take my last breath.
  4. We didn''t know if we would, but we have renewed, got yellow and green blood so we have, and can''t seem to stop supporting through good and bad times  [:)]
  5. I think we need a whip around of 50p''s for the electric at Luton lol [:D]
  6. This is a sorry state of affairs, it''s been a long time since I have seen NCFC fans at eachothers throats, acting like nothing more than school children in a playground fight......not my fault she/he did it...etc I think it''s indeed a more sorry state that no matter what your opinion of the board, club and players you get chastised, called names etc for that view.  I don''t care what your opinion is, you are free to hold that view and I will respect that 100%, and expect nothingless than the same for my views. People ask time and time again on this thread and others for a definitive answer to the question, protest against the board, but to what ends?  Has anyone answered clearly what would happen if the board were to go?  NCFC is not likely to have many millionaires / billionaires clambering to be at the helm, IMO. Im all up for protest, when I think the time is right, and IMO that time is not now.  But with us facing possible relegation, mood at the club especially among fans, is low, is this the right time to protest?  Personally, and it is only my personal opinion, I think the time now is for fans uniting in a common cause, to save this club and get behind the players. 
  7. [quote user="viper"] Players he has brought in are not better than the ones he inherited. Worthinton got more from the players. its down hill from here. [/quote] Positive little soul arent you? lol [;)]
  8. Or maybe because he was played out of position again? [H]
  9. Parking near the ground is difficult during a match as restrictions come into force. Travel by tube is highly advised; Fulham Broadway is the nearest station and is on the District Line. ( make sure you have plenty of change) Car Parking Parking is residents only  within a half-a-mile radius of the ground on but is available in surrounding streets further out if you are prepared for a walk.  Parking restrictions during the game make it advisable to travel by tube. Limited on-site matchday underground parking is available -roughly £20 per car with no entry after 2.00pm By Train Fulham Broadway is on the District Line, approx 5 minutes walk. Turn left out of station and ground is on the left hand side. By Bus Numbers 14 (towards Tottenham Court Road) and 211 (towards Hammersmith) go along Fulham Road.    
  10. Heard it on Radio Broadland this morning before coming online & good news as far as Im concerned [:)]
  11. [quote user="Marty"]i can''t think of any good reasons to go to Luton, it is a hole![/quote]   lol well said, my sentiments exactly
  12. They always rip fans off, not just the makers but clubs too. We got our England shirts last year, from a well known sports shop in town and they were 1/3 of the price of England shirts elsewhere.  Just goes to show how much profit they must make [;)]
  13. Cautioned by the police for using bad language if it''s the one Im thinking of [:|]
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