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  1. Hi all, Just a bit of advice please. Don''t know how many of you still have the £45 voucher you get from Npower for taking out your energy supple with them, but I would like to know when I would have to spend it buy? I would say by the end of the play-offs but I''m not sure.

    Was hoping to get the new shirt with it but I worry that I will not be able to use it as we will then be classed as a Barclays Premier team?

    Hope you can help....

  2. So, as everyone else is talking about who is going to be the new manager, I was wondering when was the last time we made the top half of the league? From what I can recall we reached the dizzy heights of eleventh last season for one week? However before that was it when we first got relegated from the premiership?

  3. Hate is a strong word......Yes we are playing the worse football I can remember and yes maybe we do need a change. When I listen to Grant on the radio last night I do feel sorry for him in a way because he always speaks like a fan and he knows that he expects more from the team......At least he is now doing the right thing by reviewing his own situation..  

  4. And it''s not as if SKY can''t show Fulham and Spurs any other time through the season....It really gets up my nose when I pay good money for sky, and they go and show two premiership sides in the FA.CUP. They know it would be Premiership sides in the final aswell. But saying that would chelsea had decline sky''s offer if they wanted to screen it? With them playing in the champions league next tuesday?

  5. Have to argee with Jas on the kicking of Ashdown, but he dose look a bit more confident in coming to claim the ball. I feel a bit sorry for Gallagher but if he gets his chance again in a month he will know that to keep his spot he will have to be at the top of his game for every game......

  6. Mystic megson I know they gave him the two games but they knew full well that if the team did not perform in one of the games it was going happen. If that statement did not give him a reason to get the players to perform for him we all new that the writing was on the wall. It now also gives us two weeks with no game to find the right man for the job......
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