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  1. Any ncfc fans heading to london will be pushed to make the 9.58 train by the time they''ve held everyone in the ground for ages then marched them up to the station!
  2. Oops, just noticed it says Centre Back above Centre Midfield, but that''s still bloody tall for a defender.
  3. There''s a scholar at Charlton called Jordan Anderson on there who is 18, plays in central midfield and is 6ft 8!!! 
  4. [quote user="The Rose"]Hey, I was at the bash and on the Doc''s table - he was so entertaining and certainly risen in my view in his legend status!![/quote]   I was on Nelsons table next to yours - it certainly looked like quite a party was going on!!  Good to see some of the players enjoying themselves on the night! (Doc more than most!!)
  5. Don''t think they have signed as yet but both are fully expected to.  The contracts will not start until the summer so they are probably thinking about the terms.
  6. Only people who have been to so many away games each season get one of these. (can''t remember what the number is) I''ve been in previous years it''s quite a nice thing to do for regular away fans, usually get served pie and mash and all the players and staff who are available come in for some of the evening. 
  7. Also a couple of videos.Short clip of fans singing:[URL=http://tinypic.com/r/jidjk4/5]View My Video[/URL]Last part of match and first part of celebrations afterwards:[URL=http://tinypic.com/r/dm7fgx/5]View My Video[/URL]
  8. I''ve just put some on this thread:http://www.pinkun.com/cs_pinkun/cs/forums/2075781/ShowPost.aspxFirst time having a go at adding photos so don''t know if I''ve done it quite right! [:D]
  9. [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/x1bls3.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/2nv8aad.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/ot0kmt.jpg[/IMG][IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/vq06lt.jpg[/IMG][IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/5lzcle.jpg[/IMG]
  10. This is from the Shrimpers24 News:Southend United have been given a 7 day adjournment to pay their oustanding tax bill to Her Majesty''s taxman. Following an earlier adjournment from this morning until 14.30 this afternoon there were real concerns that something may have fallen through.However, for now, it seems we still have a football club. According to reports from the High Court in London, £400,000 has been transferred from a major retailers account, S24 are taking a wild stab that''s Sainsbury''s, into that retailers solicitors account. The cash will be then be handed over to HMRC either this afternoon or tomorrow. As far as the registrar is concerned the hearing next Wednesday is a formality to finally end this particular matter.Final does mean final this time!Of course, whether we will be seeing the taxman in court over anything else, anytime soon, only Uncle Ron, and maybe the financial director of Sainsbury''s can tell us.Certainly the high street retailer seem to becoming a more powerful player in the club''s financial affairs as well as being Ron Martin''s guardian angel.God knows what he''s promised them!Jamie Oliver Farm anybody?
  11. Does it say anything about where rows are on the website because I just looked and can''t find that information?
  12. I just had a go and got us level on points with Leeds but with a better goal difference of just 1!  Don''t think I''ll be going back for another go.
  13. Sorry everyone, should have investigated the link further before posting.[quote user="yoda"][quote user="mnc"]Don''t know if it will work but sent you a PM with details for one posted on twitter earlier. Fingers crossed![/quote] Are you the mnc i remember from the snakepit ?[/quote]Hi Yoda, yep that''s me! You still going? Don''t think I''ve seen you in there for a while.
  14. Blimey the requests are coming in quicker than #grantholtfacts!  Let''s hope one of the links work!
  15. Don''t know if it will work but sent you a PM with details for one posted on twitter earlier. Fingers crossed!
  16. [quote user="matt crowhurst"]nothing taken from mine and no postie yet so looks like i am not going but well done CA after last year [;)] hope you get a better result than i did[:''(][/quote] Don''t give up hope yet, postie just arrived with the golden tickets and still nothing showing up on bank account. Now to return two beam back tickets.......
  17. You can either book standing tickets in the Russell Allison Lounge (700 people) or seated tickets in the Norfolk Lounge (400 people).  I''m guessing they may open other areas up if these all go.
  18. [quote user="Mello Yello"]Postie''s been. No letter to say that I''ve been unsuccessful.....No money out of bank account.....and no Charlton ticket..... Good....or Bad News? ....Gotta make plans, why do they make things so bleedin'' confusing?   [/quote]You''re in the same boat as me then.  I''m going to have to get beam back tickets in the morning, then see if the postie brings good news or not at lunchtime. Then if he does will have to return the beam back tickets, so much for the sending out a letter first class yesterday to all unsuccessful applicants.  No doubt it will get blamed on royal mail too.........
  19. Well postie just been - no letter, checked bank - no money gone out.  Guess I''m going to have to try and get beam back tickets at 9 tomorrow morning as the post won''t arrive till 11.  What a shambles, why is it never straightforward? 
  20. Well I''ve just been and had a nosy at the official site to find this:"Notification is being sent to all those supporters who were unsuccessful in their applications by first class post today, in order to alert them to the opportunity of purchasing tickets for the beam-back. Successful applicants for match tickets will receive them at the beginning of next week."So - we''ve got to rely on Royal Mail to deliver the news in time. And does that mean they are not contacting successful applicants until tickets are sent out?
  21. Well I hope we''ve found out if we were successful in group 3 by then!!  Can we not have a Leyton Orient beam back too? [:P]
  22. Regularly used to travel on coach a few years ago just because it was often easier than driving.  Have a few memorable moments to add to the list:Barnsley with the special £5 travel in the game that started the whole sneak into the playoffs run.  About 50 coaches made the journey in a procession. Somewhere on the A17 with roadworks the workmen scribbled Barnsley 5 Norwich 0 in huge letters on the floor for us all to see.  Once arriving at Barnsley all the coaches parked in the car park (grass field) adjacent to the ground, looked impressive so some fans were trying to take photos, some almost got run over by other coaches arriving and not exactly giving them much chance to get out of the way.Play off final in Cardiff - queueing for ages outside carrow road almost being choked to death from all the exhaust fumes as all the coaches lined up with everyone desperately trying to force their way on to one!  On the way back the coach driver was too nice and was insistant on making everyone a cup of tea before we set off back to Norfolk.  He then took a tea order off 2 people, went off made it and brought it back before asking the next 2 and so on, must have been at least an hour before we even left Cardiff.  Same coach driver then decided we needed to stop for an hour at a service station where nothing was open at 1am in the morning.  That was the point I decided never again!More recently used the club cabbage on a midweek cup trip to Newcastle as it would be easier than one of us driving back late at night.  On the way back from Newcastle the A1 was closed due to road cleaning!! The coaches ended up doing a massive detour, (not convinced we followed the diversion signs) we were even on the M62 at one point! Then again on the A47 there was another detour and we had to go via Watton to the A11 and back to Norfolk.  Eventually arrived back at Carrow Road just after 6am in time to buy a paper to read about the game we had just got back from!
  23. [quote user="MC"]My brother and myself were at the back of the East stand, on the very last 2 seats, with a few other Norwich fans sitting infront of us (one with a shocking pink hat). Sat infront of a group of Mockney tw@ts, one with a drum that strangly vanished at half time. They were just blatant idiots, offering anyone and everyone outside, and trying to convince people that they are dead. At one point they were trying to threaten a 12 year old Norwich fan. Was kinda funny trying to convince each other how hard they were, and what they''d do if a Norwich fan were near them. One of them twigged us, but didn''t say much when we stood and towered over them. After watching the 4th go in, we couldn''t contain our glee any longer, and made our way down to the front where we began our celebrations with the City fans whilst we made our way out past the City stand. Once outside, we noticed that the doors to the North stand were open, so made our way in and joined the City faithful for the 5th goal. All in all a great day out! OTBC Was also sat near you, not far from the bloke in the pink hat.  Did you see him get shoved from behind when he celebrated the last goal?  He went flying about 4 rows in front and landed on others in front.         [/quote]
  24. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]Kids or no kids there is nothing to stop teachers taking themselves to their work places and finding things to do.[/quote]Teachers will have had plenty of school work to be getting on with at home as the majority take home a whole boot full of stuff every night anyway.
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