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  1. I got a ticket in the home end a few days ago online. Pretty easy and managed to get one pretty cheap aswell.
  2. I got one in the home end. No match for being in the away end but managed to get pretty cheap tickets in the home end if thats any use. Bought them online pretty hassle free, anyone else sitting in the home end for that matter? Dont know if your on twitter aswell Tim but a guy was selling a few tickets in the away end last night. His usedname on there is rosswelsh21 so you might want to give him a try. Hope you get well soon aswell Tim
  3. http://www.skysports.com/tv_show/story/0,,12383_7275773,00.htmlJust stumbled upon this article of Paul Mersons comments about todays game and well why sky employ this guy is beyond me. In this article Merson says the penalty decision was one of the worst penalty decisions he has ever seen? Seriously what is he talking about? I can think of loades of penalty decisions that were worse than that.  Apparently the best goalkeepers dont have off days according to Merson (what so cech, reina ,van der sar etc. have never had bad performances?) so Ruddy isnt that good according to Paul because of his perfomance today.
  4. Tbf he has been nice about us in the past in general. I remember after the farcical call of at Walsall a couple of years back he was pretty p''d off about it and had alot of sympathy for all us unlucky buggers who made the journey there when noone else int he national media really mentioned it. Obviously if the same had happened to one of the big teams it would pretty much be all we would hear about for a bout a week or so
  5. Haha this is all rather amusing. There is a link of the videoon twitter of the announcement that he was man of the match. Nevilles face is hilarious. How long before sky get rid of this as clearly gonna happen every week. Titus diddnt even get an interview afterwards i hear
  6. I think Martin has done ok, dont know how well he would do against stronger opposition though. How long is Whitbread out for? I honestly think he is our best centre back, just a shame he is so injury prone
  7. I would say the teams who will be in the relgation scrap this season along with us will be QPR, Swansea, Wolves, Blackburn, Wigan, Sunderland and possibly Bolton and Fulham. The latter 2 you would think are too good to go down you would think but Fulham have made a pretty dire start and their games havvnt been that difficult while Bolton obviously have had a tough start, but with arsenal and tottenham up next for them they could be in a pretty dire situation after those games. With their lack of strikers I think sunderland could be down there. Also i think blackburn could stay up if Kean is replaced with a half desent manager
  8. Im gonna go for a 1-1 draw Vaughan to score for usAlthough Simon Charlton says were gonna win so who knows!
  9. Lol sounds like were becoming the Syria or Iran of the football world. Cant be true!
  10. Its now pretty much becoming official for the pinkun to have some washed up old Norwich player who also played for the oppositon (most of the time not even good ones) tell us how they think Norwich will stay up/lose or win the following game (its all getting a bit repetitive now). Eg. Matt Jackson for the Wigan game, Andy Johnson for the wba game and now Simon Charlton for bolton. So who do we think is next up for the sunderland game? I was thinking Dickson Etuhu possibly Darren Ward, any guesses?
  11. Ive been in group 3 last few years. The only time I missed out was when we had Ipswich away the year we went down managed to get tickets in home end for that one. Got tickets for col u, ipswich on 3 other occasions, charlton and a few others in group 3. Im in group 2 aswell now so nothin to worry about. Although you wonder if group two could become oversubscribed if we continue to get such high away crowds as we have had massive away followings this season and the last 6-7 away games of last season we got about 3000 or so at each one so could be more people in group 2 in the future. hopefully not though!
  12. I have to say I now see Sunderland as a team who could be fighting for relegation. They have lost pretty much all their descent strikers now along wih a few other players so think this could be a season of struggle for them
  13. Yeh he had a tough night, hopefully he will be ok for sundayDid anyone else sees Earnie''s miss? He used to put those sort of chances away for us every game!
  14. I havvnt been to any of the games yet due to work but going on sunday so hrd for me to really so who has played well and who hassnt. I still think Lambert probably doesnt know what his best XI in all honesty so can see him possibly chopping and changing a bit. I dontknow if Naughton has played well but i think Russell Martin deserves a go after how good he was for us last season. I would go for Morisson although from the sounds of it Chris Martin hasnt done too badly up front
  15. I meant to say we need to win West Brom or Sunderland games although win at bolton would be nice
  16. [quote user="Lennon7"]I think keep up the hard work and the spirit from the first 3 games and we could be celebrating our first 3 points.[/quote]yeh i agree with that, to add to that West Brom have lost all their games so they may be a bit low on confidence. A win would set us up nicely for Bolton away aswell. I think we really do need to win the Sunderland or the Bolton games
  17.  Im really looking forward to it. I havvnt been to any games yet due to work, but now im finished and back at uni soon so should be able to go to most of the games. I think its important we win the west brom game. Also going to bolton away so should be a good couple of weeks
  18. Ok if thats true great then as im in group 2!Also for anyone thats interested Liverpool away applications begin next week already I believe. I think we only have an allocation of about 2000 and can see that one being very popular. Although it is on espn i believe so may put people off going
  19. Anyone heard any news on the Man U applications from the club regarding which priority groups got tickets? Nothing on the official site yet
  20. So the likes of Smith, Hughes and Cody who dont have squad numbers have gone, now does anyone know if mcnamee of oli johnson are off at all? It just seems pointless them being here as they dont have squad numbers and arent in the squad so their inelegible to play anyway. So really were just chucking money down the drain on their wages so i really think we need to do our best to get rid of the pair of them
  21. Just bought my Bolton tickets anyone else planning on going? Only £22 which isnt exactly too much for an adult ticket and should be a good game i reckon, hopefully we will take a few supporters up there
  22. Hansen, Lawrenson and co have always done my head in. As others say motd 2 is better as Lee Dixon talks a bit of sense and they usually have a player or manager on who usually know their stuff. I wish Robbie Savage appeared more as he is the best pundit around. Fair enough he annoyed the hell out me as a player but honestly he talks more sense than Shearer, Hansen and Lawrenson put together
  23. Probably one of the worst players I have seen play for us.Although he showed potential at first it very quickly became evident that although he had alot of pace the fact of the matter is he couldnt defend, he was lazy,  his decision making was awful, on the rare occasion he did go forward it took him about 5 minutes to get back into position and and there are so many goals he was at fault for. Complete and utter waste of space, might aswell have stuck a monkey at right back rather than him.
  24. Just looking through the crowds for the games and the likes of pompey, hull and barnsley only got 4000 for their games. The competition really seems to have lost any value and championship sides dont really seem to care about it any more and you can see why really as its just extra midweek games and even if a good run does come the likely outcome is eventually getting knocked out by one of the big boys. I know we go out of it every time in the early rounds and too be honest im never really too bothered
  25. I still think Ruddy will get into the squad at somepoint. I think Foster and Robinson have both retired, Carson appears to have ruled himself out with this move to Turkey and Green doesnt sound too keen to play again either and I think he will retire from internationals before too long. As others say in terms of number one spot Hart is good enough for me but other than that with the players who havvnt retired there is nothing there and by my count Ruddy and Hart are the only two first choice english keepers who are still available for international call up. So you would think Ruddy would get a call up at some point.I have to say also I do think Green could have done better with the Cardiff goal today, but how nice was it to see Wet Spam lose. My mates who support them seem to think it will be a walk in the park for them this season and think Norwich will come straight back down so im hoping the arrogant twats do a leeds and remain in that league or lower with that athletics stadium there getting being half empty
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