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  1. Hear hear! I too was chuffed to see the combination of Mulryne and Francis in the middle. It does show a bit more adventure. Two quality players who both offer attacking options, and are not just there as "ball-winners". Nice one!
  2. I saw him last night and thought he looked quality. Although he was getting fouled left right and centre by those Gillingham bruisers, he made a great run to set up Crouch''s goal. He''s got pace like Rivers, but with a better final ball.
  3. This is great news! i was feeling thoroughly depressed after watching the Forest game - but Worthy has really given me the old buzz again. My first chance to see the new boys in action will be at Gillingham, first away win perhaps? I do think McVeigh should play in the middle where he can pull the strings a bit though, with the Mulryne, Holt and Francis behind him. Keep it low!
  4. I reckon we definitely don''t need any players who don''t want to be here. While it is a shame not to get a fee, Worthy does not need to spread disaffection among the players by forcing a player to stay when he does not want to. Nielsen: great player who does not score - not exactly what we need.
  5. Spoke to a Charlton fan of mine who was at their opening game of the season. He reckoned on Sunday down the pub that Lisbie is utter sh**e. So I don''t think we need him.
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