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  1. I agree with the post above,I shall be there every week giving thm my full support,but they have to perform on the pitch as well,it works both ways   OTBC
  2. Beating Bayern Munich,Though it was the wrong result on the day the play-off final at Cardiff 2002 for the atmosphere
  3. [quote user="Canary4life"] According to our proven manager peter grant it was the supporters fault for our draw against hull city.In his words he said that he expected the supporters not to sing for 20 minutes but he did not expect the fans to turn up after 90.I think he should concentrate on sorting out his team instead of blaming the fans. Dont u agree????? [/quote]   We were quiet but it works both ways the team have to perform for the crowd and they havent,to say we arent passionate when theres nearly a full house every time at CR and over 20,000 seaon tickets sold is commitment imo.   But although Grants comments upset we i wont judge him til we see what players he brings in,in Jan
  4. [quote user="charlies dad"]Huckerby doesnt want Celtic. But it really is time the board pulled out their collective fingers and tied the guy to the club.[/quote]   I agree bothh parties have said they want a deal done,So HURRY UP and sort it
  5. Welcome to Norwich Luke,A goal against our rivals would be great if not just supply the crosses along with Hucks for EARNIE to score a hat-trick
  6. [quote user="baldyboy"] NO!!! we keep dublin at the back. hes what we have been missing for so long at the back a calm head [/quote]   I agree keep Dion in defence 9th place 2 pts of 6th   ON THE BALL CITY,BRING ON THE TOWN
  7. Afternoon All.Its all happening at Norwich this week[:O] Delias Statement,now the bust up between safri and Ethtu,
  8. Nigel had long enough,its time for him to go,our away record is diabolical
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