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  1. No doubt in my mind we have the hardest game of those in the top 4 and i''m not expecting Watford or Boro to get anything other than 3 points which leaves us needing the win otherwise we could be down to 4th tonight.If we can do the business today it''s going to look very good tonight .
  2. No doubting Bournemouth will get their 16th pen of the season
  3. I listened to the whole game last week on freeview .
  4. I can see Bournemouth winning all their remaining games and Watford have an easy run in after tomorrow.We could find ourselves winning 5 out of 6 and still not getting in the top 2 !
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUx6xKmOHpI&feature=youtu.be
  6. It''s peeing me off how many goals are being scored by loan players of clubs in the top 6 ie Bamford , Bent and now Kenwyne Jones , at least we are doing it without help
  7. Bournemouth have been the best team all season in all honesty and will go up prob as champions.
  8. what price a repeat of the Norwich v wolves play off semi ?
  9. The whole thing made no sense and it was one that would never go in our favour in a million years
  10. When we signed him people like Bony were available for less yet we spunked 8.5 million on a complete waste of space.We will never see that money again and I hope we never see him a a city shirt either.
  11. Thank god for that ! Cuellar is useless .
  12. I have a ticket for Millwall if anyone''s interested ? Bought 4 together now one can''t go. £26 ticket will accept any offer to be honest a tenner ?
  13. I''m not too concerned with Derby or Boro I honestly think we can overtake them but Watford are a different matter their like a jack Russell on yer trouser leg
  14. [quote user="Surfer"]Quick starts for Bournemouth, Brentford and Watford ... but it won''t matter as long as we do our business.[/quote] It all matters
  15. Not been to millwall before anyone got any advice on decent pubs
  16. Automatic promotion not achievable ? of course it bloody is !
  17. The way we are playing I can see us going undefeated for the rest of the season the only real test will be Derby and possibly Boro .
  18. I''ve never seen an opposition player get as much stick as Andy Marshall when he came back here with the scum ! I almost felt sorry for him ..almost .
  19. 1982 of course https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KePrHPkxZzY
  20. Anybody go to that game ? although we lost 2-1 we got promoted and there were apparently 10,000 city fans there.I myself didn''t go but it got me thinking of games where we took massive away followings and i''m guessing that game would have been the biggest ? I went to Palace a few years ago when they gave us 8,000 and again we lost,which we always seem to do when backed by huge numbers .
  21. Lets not forget that as well as Lambert did for us , he also got lucky.Bryan Gunn had brought Holt to the club a few months before and everything clicked,it was all about the moment and it wouldn''t happen again.
  22. I''ve been super confident so many times this season and it''s bit me in the arse but tonight i''m super super confident . 3-1 win
  23. I''ve got a lot of time for him,always says good things about Norwich unlike a few others like Townsend and Sherwood.
  24. Good god what do some of expect ? were Norwich and in the championship! give the bloke a chance or should we just get the wolf back ?you know the fella who cost over 8 mil ?
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