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  1. I''m currently in your lovely city for 3 days and looking forward to visiting a few decent pubs especially a pint of Yorkshire terrier !
  2. I don''t like the shirt at all it''s a right pigs ear however as i said to someone earlier i''d rather have a crap shirt in the premier league than a great one in the championship.
  3. Sometimes think some of our fans should go and watch Halifax town for a season then they might have something to moan about.
  4. Can''t really go wrong with this one can we ?
  5. Looked pretty dead to me but with G.O.T you never know !
  6. [quote user="ellis206"]I''m bored. Was quite good fun going through this old post. Interesting to see peoples opinions on the appointment back in January, "cheap option" & "sack the board" were being thrown round quite a lot. Guess it just shows that we really aren''t the football experts. Where is our friend Portman King?[/quote] Just goes to show that 99% of fans are like John Snow ...they know nothing.
  7. Not keen on a half n half shirt we would look like Man U from the early 90''s.I really think it''s about time the club gave the fans 5 or 6 choices and let them decide.
  8. We wasted 8 million on a striker before let''s not do it again.I''d rather we spent a bit more and got somebody proven at premier level.
  9. Ok i was wrong then,next season we only get 60 million .
  10. Need to settle an argument,a club finishing bottom of the premier league is rumoured to be getting 120 million next season but does that amount include the parachute payments if relegated ?
  11. Given that we will be playing with a loan striker RVW may as well look elsewhere because there are already 3 players ahead of him.
  12. You know nothing John Snow Block 113 !
  13. With no due respect, jas the barclay king, you can f*ck off with your thank you''s - from your first sentence I immediately thought "Oh no, not another tw@t dissing Neil Adams." We mightn''t have gone up under Adams, but fans should not need reminding how much our club means to the former and how he left respectfully in light of us being placed just outside the play-offs -- no manager in the history of NCFC has stepped down, nor been sacked, with the team in such a strong position - like it or not, Adams has played an integral part of our promotion this season. I hope the remainder of your holiday sucks sh*t. What the hell is wrong with you ?
  14. What a day ! anyone see the Stowmarket canary coach ?
  15. Anyone live in or around Stowmarket that needs a lift ? there are 2 or 3 spaces left if interested .
  16. [quote user="mrs miggins"]How much do you reckon he would cost Jimmy? Fulham also have young winger Patrick Roberts who looks as if he''s got a bright future ahead[/quote] He did look an excellent player
  17. I went on at 10 but 55 mins later i was still in the queue then the missus managed to get through on hers after 20 mins . Funny things pooters.
  18. If Grabban had to go then so did their player and if you add to that the shove on Dorrans there is no doubt the ref had a major impact on the result.The handball in the box by the Boro player last week may well have resulted in a draw which means 3 points lost due to terrible referees
  19. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]No offence meant, but we will need a cauldron of noise with die-hard NCFC fans roaring our team on to glory. We don''t need a couple of plastic Kiwis keeping the noise down.[/quote] Harsh .
  20. Got called out to Delia''s house this morning ( electrician ) and they were just leaving for the airport i''ve got to be more positive apparently ! Can''t help it just got a bad feeling today ! Come on city prove me wrong !
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