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  1. somehow we must find a solution to the leon thing . i really believe he can score goals for us big time , and i dont go along with the idea that we cant play him and hucks in the same side . svennsson may be classed as a bigger centre forward , but i think leon wins more in the air , also mckenzie has more about him that matt which you need at this level. we have enough forwards already , keep our money i say .
  2. he obviously never saw the rasping drive from huckerby , the header from francis or even the last minute chance from leon to win the game ? once a townie always a townie .
  3. i have seen several messages on other boards congratulating us on our fantastic vocal support namely newcastle themselves " best support in years " . good to hear , but then we knew that already !
  4. stowmarket , suffolk . i little yellow in a shit load of blue .
  5. its been mentioned before , but for me it has to be the sight of huckerby in the main reception just before the boxing day game ( i hadnt had the radio on so i didnt know ! ) and the game at poortaloo which made everybodys xmas .
  6. Develd . i dont think i will ever see a worst player in a norwich shirt .
  7. we need at least three players in , and good ones at that . we may well have won div 1 with ease last season , but we need 3 or 4 quality players otherwise its going to be one hell of a struggle . having said that , worthy isnt daft , he knows this and will at least try to get a couple of biggish names to sign before the season starts .
  8. good idea . ive got mine somewhere . if we all took one can you imagine ?
  9. i would like to see him in the side for a few games . roberts looks good in short bursts but is looking tired . i think that when he gets fully fit he will be a real asset , but he needs games . for a big man he has got a good touch and he had an excellent 20 mins today .
  10. yep , its a small price to pay to get the calibre of players here like huckerby . how much would you pay just to see goals like saturdays ?
  11. i think the huckerby one was a pen , but it is obvious now , that short of someone cutting his legs off with a hacksaw , there is no way he will win us a pen again this season . too much bad press has made sure of that .
  12. i agree with the 4-4-2 . its worked so far so why change ? was it a coincedence that before the rotherham game no team had scored more than 2 against us ? all three up front looks good on paper but we have built up a solid way of playing in the last three years and its tried and trusted .
  13. does seem a shame that more home fans cant take advantage of the south stand . personally , id put the away fans in the lower part of the river end . i suppose the down side to that would be the distance between them and the barclay regards atmosphere .
  14. first time on the board folks . in reply to this topic , i would say the sooner we get people in the seats the better , then hopefully anyone who perhaps havent been going to games will get the bug and purchase a season ticket for next year . the more the merrier . come on down !
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