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  1. A pound to a penny says if that "tackle" had been committed by one of our players Oliver would have given a pen.
  2. Pens conceded ? seems around 9 - 10 not sure though and some of them have been really soft .
  3. I''m a bit concerned the two week break won''t have done us any favours,without looking it up we seem to have been followed up a really good performance with a real no show after an international break,but hopefully this one will be different.
  4. [quote user="cityangel"]Cant believe that fans have given Yoda such a hard time for just stating that it was quieter than usual in the Barclay, which I thought it was too. He''s a staunch ncfc fan and has been for many years, he can''t help living in Suffolk, give him a break.[/quote] Thanks CA it''s hard enough living in Suffolk without being labelled as " one of them " !
  5. There wasn''t anything in my post that isn''t true,but obviously anyone who dares to be critical of ncfc in anyway must be a binner by your rational? I''m Norwich through and through and don''t have to explain myself to you suffice to say the atmosphere has gone downhill,the Barclay is no longer the bedrock of atmosphere and i have years of going to CR to draw on to come to that conclusion.
  6. Barclay seats. FYI i have been watching Norwich since 1976 so yes i do not what i''m talking about.Stowmarket has it''s fair share of city fans so no i''m not a binner and to suggest anyone living outside Norfolk can''t possibly be a Norwich fan is pretty ignorant.
  7. Typical response when someone dares to say it how it is, and btw I''ve probably been to more Norwich games than you''ve had hot dinners
  8. What the hell has happened to the Barclay ? a few years ago it used to be full of "blokes" the atmosphere was pretty decent week on week but now i look round and nobody wants to get behind the team and most of them look like they have been turfed out the main stand.I had two behind me last night talked non stop through the game most of sh1t and nothing to do with football they may as well gone done the pub for all the interest they showed in the game,so much for E block.
  9. WE were effectively playing against 12/13 men last night,yes we were poor and yes we were going to lose anyway but jesus christ did Spurs really need such a massive helping hand ? i will never accept that some refs are not hugely biased let''s face it we have seen that type of officiating before many times and we will see it again. If a ref upsets Norwich who''s going to care but upset a big side? oh no that wouldn''t do.
  10. I read that Bennett has been in the side in each of the 4 occasions we kept a clean sheet which says everything on this subject and although i really like AN his inability to see in his own eyes which player is our best centre half is making me question him.
  11. I like Loza but sadly i think any young player is wasting his time at Norwich.
  12. There''s nothing much wrong with either keeper,the issue is with the defenders or lack of
  13. I can recall a home game against Forest around late 80''s early 90''s ? As i remember Forest tore us to shreds and beat us 6-2 i think .
  14. [quote user="Crabbycanary3"]HELL YEH! and Happy Birthday Yoda[/quote] Cheers ! i''m grateful for my presents this morning but 3 points tonight would be the best !
  15. Thanks for the advice it''s the Liverpool game we can''t attend but like you say it''s not worth it.
  16. Does anyone know how much the club gives you if you can''t make a game ? the official site seems to suggest £20 but that seems a bit tight.
  17. i don''t believe for one min that we turned down 8 million for Grabban,it would make no sense and we all know the club would jump at the chance of unloading a bad apple at such a huge fee
  18. It''s strange that when fans of other clubs talk about Norwich they always say " i like that Redmond " and yet half of our fans don''t.
  19. Redmond to Palace with Gayle coming the other way,leaving Jerome free to go to Boro or is it just rubbish ? mmmm i wonder
  20. Redmond frustrates the hell out of me but as i posted previously we would miss him if he was sold also it has to be said he is no more inconsistent than Howson,Bassong,Martin etc etc
  21. Redmond is one of players who although frustrating,would be missed if he was sold and besides i''m old enough to remember Louis Donowa now there was a frustrating winger !
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