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  1. [quote user="Hercules"][quote user="yoda"]I knew about Leitner at 1pm at that time his name wasn''t mentioned anywhere[/quote]apart from in the Pinkun yesterday at 16.08[/quote]

    As I said at 1pm his name wasn''t known it was later in the day it came out later the reasons why i won''t go into safe to say I wasn''t as discrete as i should have been but believe me i knew about both signings at lunch time.

  2. Just goes to show getting to the promised land isn''t all that,it''s all very well being given 100-200 million but if 90% of it is set aside for wages there''s a price to pay.If only players would play for 10 grand a week max we could have built on Carrow road and increasing capacity to help the fans who are what football is about after all.
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