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  1. we beat tamwroth after a tough start now we are on the way, can we have the same when we got knocked out by southampton how long ago was that four yesrs maybe. This is the first time we have been in the fourth round since then. I want a easy club like blackpool or swansea. Then bring on the big clubs like Man utd, Arsenal and chelsea. Hope people have the same affects. we could go all the way
  2. how long will now until me get the right man for the job A few days a week or two will Huter be in change when we play Queens Park Rangers. Will need a manger will help us to go through to the next round of the cup as well maybe if we had win on Sunday Nigal would had took us to the forth round easy now is a waiting game to see who we get and if they are as good as nigel maybe we will be shoting to get him out in the few years.       Goodbye Nigal hope you do well in the new Job
  3. How long now will we have to wait for a new manger maybe a week a few days who know maybe until we play Queens Park Rangers. will they put Huter in Change as Manger on a perment basic or find someone else. maybe charlton ex-manger will take over will he cost to much who knows. who their find will maybe take a pay cut to come here would there. A lot of clubs are looking for mangers Leeds,West Ham, Macclesfield,Norwich,maybe more so who will take over us.
  4. What next we need to have a change now it needs to be this week not in two weeks time. maybe we could change mangers with West Ham as then are doing back as well or maybe Charlton as they back or someone who would like to come and help little Norwich out of this BIG hole. I hope the New Mangers make''s a lot of changes like getting rid of the following players: Paul McVeigh Craig Fleming This would help the team to come together and he make play youth team players as well.
  5. Some people who read this will say  paul mcveigh is execllect but he has played rubbish since Huckerbys been out. we need a change down the left side. Why did Worthington play him saturday he could of played Robert Eagle there he played well at Rotherham. He comes through the young team we say we have no players come through what about him.
  6. I think Norwich have a good chance of getting to the four round draw like who we have played this season all lower league clubs Torquay, Rotherham, now we have Port Vale. Look who we have been played over the past three seasons Birmingham we lost there but there were in the Premiership and we played Newcastle the year we were in the Premiership and lost but the year before we got knocked out by Nothampton in the first round. Not a lot of Championship clubs will be in the four round 8 clubs are in the three round  4 for the 8 clubs are playing Premiership sides. One Championship side has may it Leeds/Southend. So who thinks we will make the Four round draw?
  7. What way to do this we are on Sky people all over the world watch sky and you what to have a protest on the day Norwich are on TV. Think about that he had done for this clubs we may reach the four round of the Carling Cup how long as that been since we were in the four round draw?
  8. What player would you play and buy if you could if you think Nigels rubbish and he''s to blame for the mistakes.
  9. Norwich had a Rubbish game yestesday but is not the manager we should be shouting about it''s the team.We had only 10 players on that pitch Mcveigh was rubbish and we have to sell him to a different clubs by who?  All the people who were shouting Nigel Out need to have a good think about the team before shouting off. It is not fair that people are shouting of about him when he is not playing the football it''s the team. The team should think about the people who go and watch we left at 4.30 it cost us a lot of money and if they play like they did they should give some of their wages to the fans or to charity.  
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