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  1. [quote user="refjezdavies"]Oh right it thought you were as he''s raised about as much as he earns in half a day...

    Nice thought and very commendable but has he contributed anything?[/quote]Oh, right.  Perhaps all celebrities, including footballers, should be made to publicise all donations so we can all sit in judgement on them.Just to be clear again, now I am being sarcastic.

  2. [quote user="nutty nigel"]

    No I''m not avoiding my own point Foggy. The thread is quite clearly about mid term report of this season under Hughton. I quite clearly referred to the situation of supporting the team but not the manager. You took it upon yourself to widen it to bring in Roeder. Why?



    [/quote]Oh for goodness'' sake.You said you don''t understand how people can support the team, but not the manager.Foghorn Leghorn stated that under Roeder, he was supporting the team but not the manager, thereby illustrating that it is possible to support the team but not the manager. 

  3. [quote user="Wiz"]

    [quote user="Mister Chops"]The only thing I don''t get is people who live in Suffolk and yet "support" a team based in the heart of Nelson''s Norfolk.[/quote]


    I live 7 miles from Norfolk, 44 miles from Ip5wich, I think I''ve chosen wisely....... plus the first ever game I ever saw was at Carrow Road, I was chosen by City, I had no say in the matter.[Y]

    [/quote]I very much doubt you were chosen by City.

  4. [quote user="hazza9"] No one can really judge Becchio properly as he hasn''t had enough games. There isn''t much difference in both at the end of the day.[/quote]Strange logic.If we can''t judge Becchio properly as he hasn''t enough games, how do you know there isn''t much difference between him and Elmander?I would guess our manager picks the players he thinks are likeliest to have a positive effect on the game, and he clearly prefers Elmander to Becchio.  That suggests there is a fairly big difference between them, as otherwise we wouldn''t have signed Elmander on loan for a season and would just have used Becchio.