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  1. [quote user="Sons of Boadicea"] To start touting us as league winners or play off contenders after five games is absurd [/quote] Well, you got that bit right. How long do you wait?  How long do you give it after last season''s washout?
  2. What''s a KTF, people? Keep the fool?  Or another word beginning with F?   I think Worthy had done us alright over the course of his managerial stint - remember what he inherited with that oaf Hamilton in the hot seat.  But the fact remains, in the last two seasons with a reasonable squad and some talented individuals at his disposal, he has done very little.  He should have gone last December, and it would be a shame if all he achieved for City gets forgotten because he doesn''t know when to go**... or the board don''t tell him when to go, i.e. Monday 9am. **Hmm.  Shades of Tony Blair there.      
  3. Earnie''s not really Worthington''s sort of player though, is he?  I mean, the poor lad can only play in one position.  Surely we''d be better off finding someone who can play up front but double as a centre back - ah, that''s it - sell him off and bring back Chris Sutton.
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