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  1. I haven''t been around for a while, are you that guy who used to be Le juge?
  2. Or a sanctioned hit by Nutty Nigel, so he could regain his spot as man with the top post count ;)
  3. If you read the "St Andrews hall" thread, that may give you some pointers...
  4. So is morty like Voldemort now, he whose name should never be spoken?
  5. My advice is you shouldn''t really be taking LSD after 9pm.
  6. Have Supergrass ever played there, or am I remembering that wrong?
  7. I haven''t posted for a while, is staying on topic on threads a really issue here now? Perhaps someone should inform the moderator. Back on topic, we can all learn something from the OP, he is clearly a passionate fan
  8. Please stay on topic vw, or the moderator will hear about it. Thank you.
  9. Yeah NBS, where''s Pete when you need him, eh?
  10. We only need a ball playing, hard tackling, visionary CM and we''ll be fine.
  11. We miss you Graham, please come back to join the board, or join Twitter.This week in the Conference I think Gateshead will beat Hyde.  Hyde are 0-3-22 and Gateshead are at home and 11-5-9, so not great but significantly better than their opponents.Good luck.
  12. Woah, we''re halfway there. (I never understood what Jon Bon Jovi meant by that.  Where is "there"?  Gina works a diner all day and Tommy''s got his six-string in hock, they''re not really halfway to anywhere except perhaps Wonga.)Anyway, as Hughton would probably say at half time, "we''ve got to hold on to what we''ve got." Team Played Points Points/Game Hull City 6 11 1.8 Crystal Palace 6 10 1.7 Fulham 6 10 1.7 Cardiff 6 9 1.5 Norwich 7 9 1.3 West Brom 5 5 1.0 Sunderland 6 2 0.3 Based on Away Home Crystal Palace Hull City Sunderland Cardiff Norwich West Brom Fulham Crystal Palace X 28/01/2014 H H D 08/02/2014 A Hull City A X H D H 22/03/2014 H Sunderland 15/03/2014 08/02/2014 X 26/04/2014 D 01/03/2014 A Cardiff 05/04/2014 22/02/2014 D X 01/02/2014 H 08/03/2014 Norwich H 18/01/2014 22/03/2014 D X 05/04/2014 A West Brom 22/02/2014 D H 29/03/2014 A X 22/02/2014 Fulham 11/05/2014 26/04/2014 11/01/2014 A 12/04/2014 D X
  13. [quote user="Herman "]Paul Moy and his emoticons?[/quote]That''s a whole Motown band gone missing.
  14. [quote user="Houston Canary"]Anyone else thinking "Leslie Chow from The Hangover" when you see that guy and his toadies? No, but then again I''m not racist If you think my question is racist, that indicates you''re the worst kind if racist. I expect better from you than being an overly sensitive, liberal guilt bully. [/quote]Man, all these years and you don''t know me at all.
  15. [quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="The Great Mass Debater"]Why on earth would he leave a club that has narrowly missed out on CL places and had top 5 finishes in the last 5 years to join a relegation scrap here? Totally bizarre rumour. I smell BS and the club being used as a random name in England to influence something in Italy, new contract perhaps?[/quote]Based on that logic, if this manager wanted this rumour to be taken seriously in contract talks then he would have chosen a more believable club than Norwich City...[:P][/quote]After the Quagiarella saga, I think we might be more famous in Italy than Udinese.
  16. [quote user=" Zak Van Cartman"]The bearded one keeps winking at me. [:$][/quote]Are you sure that''s not just the centre-forward doing a handstand?
  17. [quote user="Houston Canary"]Anyone else thinking "Leslie Chow from The Hangover" when you see that guy and his toadies?[/quote]No, but then again I''m not racist.
  18. [quote user="First Wizard"]Never write off George Burley. He should be City''s manager, then we might get to the promised land. Mind you I agree totaly with your sentiments, however if we do go 2 nil up, on will come the defenders, you wait and see.[/quote]With the news that Wiz is leaving this board (again), never to return (again), I wanted to pay tribute to his level of consistency across a ten year message board posting career.
  19. This board was miles better when Lambert was in charge.
  20. "He previously led Palermo into the UEFA Cup and has developed a strong reputation for getting the best out of smaller clubs on limited budgets, identifying and nurturing talented young players and bringing them through into the first team before selling them on for a profit."Little ld Norwich.  Sack the board!
  21. If she''s keen in the bedroom, perhaps you could get her to try the "Marcus Evans".That''s where you promise her the earth, buy all her possessions for a small sum of money, loan some of them back to her and sell most of the rest, all while constantly f@cking her up the ar$e.
  22. [quote user="kick it off"]Not sure it''s a criminal offence but if I went out on the streets and started chucking a bin about, I''m pretty sure a copper or two would have a word.[/quote]Unless it was down the road, where they''re just making a living.
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