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  1. I would have thought all this would have stopped after you dealt with the prime protagonist Pete. Odd.... Let''s hope you didn''t get the wrong guy....
  2. I don''t think there''s anything wrong with the current system where if you want to go to all the games you buy a season ticket, and if you only want to go to some, you buy casual tickets. Too simplistic?
  3. Personal crusades? Like your constant trolling of morty? Would that be a good example of one?
  4. So morty was actually Alex Neil all along? I think we all knew it really.
  5. Oh Jimmy Jim Jim, you''re more negative spinny than a negative spinny thing. What would you rather he say? Because from where I''m sitting it sounds fine to me.
  6. Ha, you guys and your "red under the bed" paranoia.
  7. To use a popular phrase, NN gets it.
  8. I wonder if morty left anyone on charge of his irony meter?
  9. Doesn''t seem like much has changed since morty was benched. How odd.
  10. Its not quite the time yet, because, although it is unlikely, a freak 3 or 4 game winning streak combined with some favourable results above us, could still, mathematically, see us stumble into the playoffs. Once all chance has gone you''ll see the youngsters.
  11. You can spin that any way you want though, of course he wouldn''t want to concede again, because Jerome needs about 94 chances to score. But I doubt very much he had in his head that he was settling for a point. I don''t think he is that type of manager.
  12. Somebody pointed out last night, that switching to three at the back actually isn''t necessarily more negative as it lets you push your full backs higher up the pitch, which doesn''t sound all that off the wall to me. It also gives you more height for attacking set pieces.
  13. Assuming they count season ticket holders whether they are there or not then.
  14. We should take a leaf out of Uday Hussein''s book, who would beat the players soles with bamboo canes, every time the Iraqi national team lost.
  15. Alive and well after a short sabbatical.
  16. Whatever happened to let juge and brienne?
  17. We''re winning and all people can do is moan?
  18. As someone who has been out drinking with morty, you''re not wrong there.....
  19. An interesting concept that, on face value, certainly has merits.
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