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  1. Well it''s lovely that you have tried to stir up nonsense like morty was criticised for, that''s very honest of you. I shall leave you to it and bid you good night. When you go to bed, check under it to make sure that nasty old morty isn''t hiding under there.
  2. Surely you''re happy now Highland? Do you do happy?
  3. Indeed Herman, nowt as queer as folk, eh?
  4. Did you think Worthington''s was too late too Highland? Could there be a pattern forming here?
  5. So, hang on (apologies if this has been covered, I have only been skimming) most wanted Alex sacked, but now the club is under criticism because they sacked him in the wrong way / on the wrong day? Crikey.
  6. Ed Balls said there was a four hour board meeting, when talking at his evening thing, last night.
  7. Interesting stuff Lessingham. There was a four hour board meeting yesterday, would be interesting to know if it was before, during, or after the press conference!
  8. Point of order, not sure "ineptness" is a real word? Other than that, carry on.
  9. I can see Alex''s point of view over Wes, he is holding Maddison and Pritchard back, and there has to come a time where we move on and look to the future.
  10. Surely all you who wanted him gone should be dancing a jig on his metaphorical grave though?
  11. Careful Herman, you''re not allowed to call the idiots, idiot. ;-)
  12. The difference being, City 2nd, is that a lot of the people banging on about scummer history weren''t even born when it happened, far less were actually there.
  13. So, you weren''t there yourself then? It was probably my best football day ever, shared with family and good friends. Its the sort of day that made being a football fan worthwhile. I don''t think it unreasonable that people "bang on" about it.
  14. I hate it when the truth gets in the way of a good story.
  15. Yes. I can see everyone is buying right into that. ;)
  16. How would one go about " hijacking" an account? Does it involve a handgun, a list of demands and instructions to fly it to Beirut?
  17. Talk is cheap. And I don''t think a lot of what is expressed on social media necessarily reflects the majority opinion of match goers.
  18. I think you have a case of mistaken identity old chap. And I think morty called you spot on.
  19. Why is it you have been at the centre of all this nonsense since you started posting a few months ago, do you think Greavsy?
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