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  1. I support them 100%I spend the majority of my time working in engineering in hospitals.Sadly both doctors and nurses are over worked and under paid. Frequently working overtime,weekends,bank holidays,Xmas,not having breaks for food/drink or even to pee! Missing valuable time with their families because they care so much for yours. With all these cuts and pressures coming from a government who have no idea, it is making it almost impossible for doctors and nurses to give the high standard of care they so desperately want to give their patients! Sadly if the Tories continue with their ways then there will be no nhs,and people will suddenly realise how great it was as health inequalities start to arise.
  2. [quote user="lake district canary"]Model Glider.  In the event we win our next home game making any protest totally ridiculous, [/quote]Yeah cos that will make it all alright won''t it?Heaven forbid anybody would want more from the club than to just scrape over the line.
  3. [quote user="City1st"] Why did Nelson Mandela praise her for her role in bringing about the downfall of apartheid?    perhaps you could point us all to when and where he said that    [/quote] Thatcher classed Nelson Mandela a terrorist! And when he was freed and visited the UK he refused to meet her! Fact!"The ANC is a typical terrorist organisation ... Anyone who thinks it is going to run the government in South Africa is living in cloud-cuckoo land'' - Margaret Thatcher, 1987
  4. [quote user="BW"]Don''t know why you sound surprised this is a Norwich mentality unfortunately. Guess it''s the fact we have a large white population and haven''t been integrated with people who are black and therefore we don''t understand that whatever our colour we should be treated equally.[/quote]Oh do behave!!!!! What an absolute pile of Cr*p.Norwich is one of the most tolerant places in the UK. Look what happened when the EDL meatheads tried to march here.Do tell me more about the "Norwich mentality" as it doesn''t seem to make the news too much. Frankly a miss-informed sweeping statement like that to berate people who are stupid enough to judge people using miss-informed sweeping statements, should tell me all I need to know about you.
  5. [quote user="Gareth"]The real problem with the FA cup is that there is no significant reward apart from glory. [/quote]The trouble with the modern game summed up in a sentence.[*-)]For the fan what else is there but the glory???
  6. I just think he needs a high fivein the facewith a chair[6]
  7. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]   Thus, and without prejudice, Liverpool might incorporate Macclesfield; Everton - Stockport  and Man Utd- Accrington.   [/quote]Norwich  - Ipswich anybody?[:D]
  8. http://www.sports24u.com/ch4.htmlworking just fine for me
  9. [quote user="Mister Chops"]I''d use the remaining money to buy a small island (let''s say Scilly) where I''d install my own dictatorship and pay for Fiona Bruce to dress in fetish gear and attend my every whim.How about you? [/quote]I''d stick to the Fiona Bruce plan if i were you.I''d look terrible in fetish gear
  10. iterestingly only 5 more points and we overtake to yokels down the road in Premier points from its inception.History eh!!!http://www.statto.com/football/stats/england/premier-league/all-time-table/pl-years
  11. Damn Brighton, last minute winner against the run of play.still the cheap wach that is Ipswich ticks on
  12. [quote user="Lord Horn"]Joanna and the Whippersnappers[/quote]I''ve got all their albums
  13. I am relieably informed there will be a mass protest against the club milking thr fans for every last penny they can squeeze out of them.It will be taking place behind the N&P before the Sunderland game. Tickets to the protest are £25 each and will be available from the ticket office from saturday.
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