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  1. Why are some people so negative!  One guy said ''same old Norwich, back to the old ways''.  Get real!  We played well today, we could have won it.  Under Grant or Worthington we hardly got any shots on goal in away games, merely going through the motions.  Had the Stoke game been played a month ago it would have been another 5-0 drubbing.  Many teams will go to Stoke this season and lose (and probably lose by a bigger margin than we did).  We turned the corner at Coventry at home.  We''ll beat Plymouth Tuesday night and I reckon we''ll beat Robson''s Sheffield United on Saturday - we will be out of the bottom 3 by Christmas and we will be in the top 15 by end of January.Yes, we will lose some loan players in January, but Patisson wants to stay permanently (out of contract in June, so available for peanuts) and once the transfer window opens I am confident the Board will back Roeder with money to ensure we stay well clear of the bottom three.Onwards and upwards!  On the ball, City!! 
  2. I''ve had this argument with an Ipswich-supporting mate of mine.  On history Ipswich are the bigger club, on stadium and facilities, Norwich are.  On fan base, it''s contentious.  Yes we have a higher avaerage attendance but that''s distorted by having 20,000 season ticket holders who will always turn up because they have already paid.  Ipswich don''t have as many season ticket holders but you could argue their stadium holds 32,000 so you don''t have to be a season ticket holder just to get to a game, they have the luxury of picking and chosing.  On the subject of what defines a big club, ask yourselves this - which is the bigger club, Leeds United or Wigan Athletic? I think you have to factor in everything, fan base, stadium capacity, facilities, turnover, league status, etc etc.  It''s a difficult one.
  3. To the chap who asked why don''t they stream them in QuickTime or RealPlayer - it doesn''t make any difference, it''s still prohibited unless you have the DRM download installed.  Even then, it doesn''t always work with Vista.  I was just offering some tips for those having problems.  If anyone wants more info or some help, just email me.  Cheers.PS: Outside the UK, yes you are shafted I''m afraid.  That''s exactly what DRM is intended for - to block content for those outside the area where Virgin have purchased broadcasting rights for.
  4. For those with problems viewing the above (and here''s the link http://www.football.virginmedia.com/page/championshipvideo/0,,12555~1178595,00.html)If you click a match and all you get is the advert, then nothing - it''s because of something called DRM (Digital Rights Management) - see http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/6337781.stm for more info on this.Windows Vista is a bit anal about copyright protection, therefore if you use Vista, it''s very likely you won''t be able to view the highlights.  Likewise, users of older operating systems such as Windows 2000 may also have problems, as the DRM plugin requires media player version 11 - media player version 10 is the latest available for Windows 2000.I am an IT Analyst (some say Anal-ist but that''s another matter) and I''ve found the best way around this problem, if you''re a Vista user is to download Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (it''s free - here''s the link - http://www.microsoft.com/windows/downloads/virtualpc/default.mspx), get your self a Windows XP CD and install it into the Virtual PC - it''s essentially running a PC within a PC.  From there, you can load Internet Explorer version 6 (which is better than 7 for the purpose of watching highlights!) and download Media Player 11.  Then, when you access the highlights page, click YES to download the DRM plugin - which verifies you are in the UK and then allows you to watch the highlights.Job done!
  5.     ''Over land and sea'' in the context of the song means to conquer, so Ipswich is thrown in for good measure.
  6. They''re building a 3-star hotel.  It''s a joint-venture between the Club and a construction comapany.  The Club will have a percentage stake in the business and a share of the profits.  The ultimate aim is to sell it off and cash in.  Like you, I am very disappointed they haven''t made another corner in-fill - or at the very least, put some seats on the side of the hotel.  Lets hope we get a giant TV screen instead, as there is still a bit of a gap there!
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