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  1. The fact of the matter is he didn''t offer anything for the Club, he merely offered a transfer kitty - but wanted the Club in return.Bit like going to a Ford dealer and offering to fill the tank up with petrol if they give you the car!It is alleged the money was also merely a loan, repayable in full if we failed to reach the Premiership within a set time frame (although I can''t confirm this fact, the first one is correct).All will become clear later this week, the Club will be issuing a statement on the matter.
  2. The Guardian one looks better (opens up on Friday), allows any of ten different formations and you can buy 15 players and chose your 11 before each match.  Also free to enter, not sure what the cash prizes are tho...
  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/main.jhtml?xml=/sport/2007/12/18/ufnips118.xmlSome extracts from the above."More than 400 fans were in attendance at Ipswich''s Corn Exchange as an overwhelming 98.4 per cent majority voted to accept Evans'' 87.5 per cent purchase of the Championship club.""Ipswich''s debt of £32 million will come under the Marcus Evans Group''s control, and the remaining £12 million he is investing is expected to be available to manager Jim Magilton to sign new players."Points:1) Marcus Evans bought the Club then invested the money.  He wasn''t given the Club by the current owners on the basis he''d give Magilton £12Mn for the transfer kitty.2) Evans was able to buy 87.5% because Ipswich are not a PLC.  NCFC are and as such any take over deal requires the buyer to make an offer for 100% of the shares if they wish to acquire more than 29.9%.3) Evans was able to take on ITFCs debts.  Again, because NCFC are a PLC the debts are required to be repaid upon take-over.  In reality the debts could be renegotiated with the lenders, however.What I am trying to say here, is that it''s not as simple as ''Here''s £20Mn for transfers, but I want the Club".  If he came to the table with "Here''s an offer for the shares, here''s my plan to refinance the debt and here''s £20Mn for players" a deal could have been done.  £20Mn was all he was prepared to offer and as he''d already promised that for players, that leaves no money for the shareholders (thus not meeting legal requirements for company acquistions for PLCs).PC would not entertain any other work-arounds, hence the discussions were ended.
  4. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"]Shifty Sid, thanks for having the good grace to accept you might have got something wrong.  It`s obviously difficult to take things at face value on a message board but i will accept you have the contacts you say you have,so.......a question.  If the club had "other reasons for turning down the offer", will they just come out and let us know what they were?  And if not, why not?  Thanks.[/quote]I emailed Neil D earlier saying just that.  The Club must get the facts out there to put the record stright.  PC certainly has no issues going public, regardless of all the implications.  By not saying anything, I presume the Club are just protecting all parties concerned - this should all have occured behind closed doors to avoid the situation we now find ourselves in.This negativity and bitterness needs to end.  Common sense, and factual analysis are the way forward otherwise the forthcoming season is undermined before it even starts.Hopefully Neil will be able to put some facts out there.  However, some people will only hear what they want to hear and whatever he says may simply be shot down in flames.
  5. [quote user="gazzathegreat"]I wonder if you really would Shifty? I don''t know if you know Delia and her finances personally[/quote]I don''t but I know 2 people who are very close to her.[quote user="gazzathegreat"] You don''t know that Cullum wanted the club for nothing - no one but the few people involved know that.[/quote]I do know that - because I am one of the few, albeit indirectly.What you said about her aquiring new shares is correct.  You also state if she leaves, she won''t be out of pocket - I''m afriad if £20Mn was all Mr Cullum was prepared to offer and if he also promised £20Mn for the transfer kitty, that leaves NOTHING to buy Delia''s shares - therefore she would have been out of pocket.However, this is a side-issue.  The Club have other reasons for turning down the offer.  It''s not all as simple as people believe.Re: my comment above, relating to Mr Cullum''s charitable contributions - I retract it, I don''t want to stoop to the low levels of others on this board.
  6. Ok, I got my figure wrong (I haven''t committed the annual accounts to memory and don''t have a hard copy any more).  But £3Mn is better than nothing.Re: Parachute Payments - I''ll give you that, I struggle to see where that cash went but I don''t think Delia is some Nazi fleecing the Club for all it''s worth.
  7. If I had £1.7Bn, yes I would give NCFC £20Mn (remeber 1.7billion is £1,700,000,000 - 20 out of that is Nothing).  Delia''s £12Mn is the majority of her total wealth (and just about everything she has in hard cash).  In fact, if I had £1.7Bn I''d do this:1)  Offer Delia £10Mn for her shares.2)  Fully repay the Club''s debt (£18Mn)3)  Chuck £50Mn into Roeder''s potI''m a proper Canary fan, but don''t have any money.  If he is as much of a fan as he says he is, why is he prepared to walk just because she won''t GIVE him the Club for nothing?I suspect Mr Cullum needs to give some money away to avoid big tax bills.  If you look at his history, he''s donated a paltry £500,000 over the last ten years to charity.  Bill Gates on the other hand, worth £58Bn has just donated £30Bn to charity with another £24Bn being donated next year.  You can''t argue tax avoidance at him - he''d never have been taxed at those levels so that''s a false claim.  Cullum on the other hand - I question his motives.
  8. People on this message board, you disgust me with your anti-Delia posts.  We''re all entitled to our views, but lets not forget what she has done for the club.  And ask yourselves these two questions:1)  If YOU had £1.7Bn would you ''give'' some to the Canaries?  I certainly would.  Mr Cullum wanted to give £20Mn for the player budget but wanted the Club in return.  He wasn''t prepared to offer more than £20Mn so that would mean Delia having to give him the Club for nothing.  Why should she do this.  She spent 10 years and £12Mn of her own money keeping us going - why should she walk away for nothing?2)  Cullum offered £5Mn to get us out of trouble last October - what people don''t mention is that the £5Mn was re-payable if we went down!  Ask yourself... what kind of fan would abandon the club when it got relegated and demand money back which would have put it into Administration?  I''m sure Delia would not abandon us if we went down.  She''d be there till the bitter end.You criticise her for spending money on infrastructure.  Well, the £60,000 spent on a new kitchen increased catering turnover from £600,000 to nearly £6Mn a year - almost as much as we bring in from season ticket sales.  That money goes back into the playing budget (wages/transfers/loan fees/agent fees/contract terminations etc).  Also, if the Jarrold Stand had not been built the old South Stand would have been closed by the council and attendances would have maxed out at 19,000.In my opinion all the current board have done wrong in the past 12 years is:1)  Bought Dean Ashton 6 months too late.2)  Not sacked Worthington soon enough.3)  Should never have appointed Grant.But to level personal abuse at Delia in this manner is childish and unacceptable.Peter Cullum went public for one reason alone.  He knew the backlash this would cause and the pressure it would put on Delia.  He''s trying to force her to sell for a cut-price fee.  Well frankly someone with his wealth should not resort to such tactics, particularly when he claims to love the club.  He''s undermined our forthcoming season by creating a split in public opinion and made Roeder''s job all the more difficult.Instead of rallying together, we''ll now face ''Delia out'' chants and it will ultimately end in relegation.Anyone with an ounce of business acumen and a handful of the facts of the Cullum saga would see the Board have acted in the best long term interests of the Club.  If Mr Cullum want''s to come back to the table, offer Delia a fair price for her shares, renegotiate the debts with the banks (which are repayable in the event of a take-over by corporate law) and still offer £20Mn for players then there is a deal to be had.  But he can''t expect to be given the club just by offering a big transfer kitty.Please... if you must criticise Delia keep it on a professional level.  We don''t want personal insults on here.  Frankly, she doesn''t deserve it.  In 2004 you were all no doubt basking in glory outside City Hall chanting her name.  She''s the same woman now as she was then.  She''s proven to be Norwich City through and through.  If you run her out of this Club there is no guarantee Cullum will be there to pick up the pieces.I''ve said my bit.  I now await your immature, un-informed replies.
  9. Can we just hear all the facts before spouting anti-Delia crap?Suggest you all read this (which I know most of which is fact)http://norwichcity.myfootballwriter.com/full_article.asp?i=3688Then decide... would you GIVE your 60% shareholding away to this guy?If he''s so passionate about NCFC with £1.7Bn I am sure he could throw us a few mill no bother (I would in his position).  I question his motives and spouting off in public has only split the fans, turned people against Delia and undermined our Club for next season.  He should have done it behind closed doors.
  10. UTTER CRAP!If you look at the accounts she has waived interest on her loans for the past ten years and re-donated it back to the Club and Academy.I suggest you get your facts right before spouting tripe on here.
  11. Yeah, great idea lets all chant anti-Board stuff first home game of the season.  Great way to get off to a good start and stay clear of the relegation zone.  Get behind the team and the manager.  Things are happening behind the scenes so lets just let events take their course.  If Cullum is serious, he''ll make an official offer then negotiations can start.  If he isn''t, then he might as well bugger off and stop disrupting things.  All our rivals think we''re armed with £20Mn now... that''s going to help player recruitment no end!
  12. A couple of points that concern me about Mr Cullum, that I learned today:1)  When he offered £5Mn last October to help the Club avoid relegation and was turned down, a little known fact is that this £5Mn would have been a loan not an investment.  Further more, a loan that would be immediately repayable should the Club be relegated to League One.  If he loves the Club so much why would he want the loan re-paid if we were relegated? Surely we''d need the money more than ever if we had gone down.  What happens if he invests and we go up?  Does he sell up for a big profit?  Just what is his game?2)  Why is he negotiating through the media?  Why, since October has he failed to make an official offer for Delia''s shares?  Until he does, nothing will happen.I suspect the reality is that by going public with his intentions, he is building public support, thereby putting pressure on Delia to sell up - possibly for a lower price than she would otherwise have agreed.  I suspect it''s a tactic but it might back-fire.  She is not one to be pushed around and it''s going to make her more stubborn.Personally, I''d love nothing more than PC to take over and take us to the Premiership - but as I said, it''s not as clear cut as it seems which is why the Club are right to not simply sign everything away and take his money.
  13. Here here!!!  And just to add to that, bugger off and support Manchester United if you can''t take the rough with the smooth.
  14. One point everyone seems to overlook is Huckerby''s attitude, not ability.  We only see his public attitude.  His private one, within the club might be entirely different.  It happens everywhere.  Look at United.  Paul Ince became known as the Guv''nor, Fergie says ''There''s only one Guv''nor round here'', and next thing Ince is on his bike.  Same thing with Fergie and Beckham.  I don''t recall too many people slating Fergie for now knowing what he''s doing.
  15. In my opinion, Huckerby has been a great servant for the club and an amazing player.  But, he said two seasons ago that when his contract ran out, that he would probably not be staying - he said, quote "I don''t want to be playing once I am past my best, as a winger you can''t play until you''re 34 or 35". The reason, I think, that he isn''t in the team is because of his ego.  He''s always used to being the big name in the team, thinking the world evolves around him.  Take the end of last year, when he openly slated his team mates and said it was the weakest team he''d been in.  Ok, he may have been right - but that was highly unprofessional and completely undermined Peter Grant and probably finished off his job here a few weeks quicker that it otherwise would have done.  Again, not a bad thing - but Huckerby is in my opinion a bad apple in the squad and we''re probably now in a postion where we are better off without him. One thing of note, is that since Roeder has been here, we haven''t had players mouthing off to the press.  I guess he''s already laid down the law on that one.  He''s managed bigger and better players than Huckerby and he won''t be taking any crap from him.  Hucks obviously doesn''t like not being the big fish in the small pond anymore - fair enough, step aside and let the rebuilding begin. On Roeder, after what he''s achieved this season I can not believe people on here are slating him after one bad result!  Had it not been for the sending off it would have been a mundane 2-0 defeat.  By playing 3 at the back he was merely not conceeding defeat - what do you prefer?  Go for damage limitation or try and get something out of the game, even if you end up losing by a few more? Some people on here love nothing more than having a moan at someone.  First it was Grant, then Delia and Doncaster, now it''s Roeder (becuase of the Huckerby situation, not because of tactics/results).  If Hucks genuinely wants to stay, he needs to get his back side in Roeder''s office and ask for a new contract, like Fozzy and Doc already have.  Hucks things that is beneath him and that Roeder should go begging him to stay.  Well it aint going to happen! Huckerby is soon to be the past.  Roeder is our future, so I know which side of the fence I am on.  
  16. Roeder won''t walk out on us.Money is availableTaylor will be with us by the end of next week.
  17. I might be missing the point here, but if you are a Norwich fan and you claim to have magical ''hexing'' powers, then why don''t you Hex the opposition all the time?  And why did you wait until we were bottom of the league?  I think you''re talking out of your Ipswich-hole.
  18. For all those short-sighted people that are against the restuarants etc at Carrow Road, here are some small facts...1)  The kitchen refurbishment cost a mere £60,0002)  The annual turnover of Canary Catering is £4,000,0003)  This directly translates to £500,000 extra funds per year, for the transfer budget4)  Catering at NCFC is among the best in Europe (only bettered by Arsenal and Barcelona)Perhaps you''d still like to see the catering operation shutdown and the transfer budget slashed by half a million?  It''s not a distraction, it''s not an obsession by Delia.  It is a money-making initiative that''s doing very well and is the envy of a lot of other clubs.I don''t have the facts and figures for the hotel but I know it cost the club next to nothing and will potentially rake in a significant amount of money in the long-term.  Anyone with an ounce of business sense knows that new ventures don''t make millions from day one, these things take time.All I am saying is that a lot of people here are keen to criticise these things, but they don''t see the bigger picture.  I''m sure some will argue it''s merely Delia building up the infrastructure to boost the share value.  That''s her perogative.  She''s the one that waives £60,000 per year interest due on the loans she made to NCFC (loans which have no ''due'' date and which are for all intents and purposes, a gift).If you want her gone, then who''s going to come in.  As she has said herself, there is hardly a queue of people lining up waving big fat cheques.  If you think someone will come in and buy her out then contact them yourselves - I have written to several business people, Richard Branson included and the answer has always been the same - not interested!The board are not without their faults, but they have done some good for NCFC too.  In my opinion, all they have done wrong in the past 10 years is (a) to not remove Worthington soon enough and (B) to appoint a manager with no experience to replace him.  I think they have learnt from both these mistakes and have started to right a few wrongs.On the subject of Taylor - before people get carried away, lets see what January brings.  We couldn''t have bought him until January 1st in any event - and it was Birmingham City, not Taylor or Doncaster that prevented him re-signing on loan.Lets stop all the in-fighting and get behind the club and those that run it.  Now is not the time for replacing the board - leave that until May, when were safely in mid-table.  Even then, be careful what you wish for.  We wished for Worthington to be gone - and look what we got to replace him....
  19. This is something I couldn''t understand about Peter Grant...  Although Marshall is clearly a good keeper, why did we spend £1Mn on him when the likes of Neil Alexander were available for free?!  I''d rather have Alexander and Taylor than Marshall and Docherty any day!
  20. Even now, nothing official from our side and the deadline to extend the loan has now passed.I suspect another Championship rival has a deal in place with Birmingham to buy him in January and stipulated he must not be allowed on loan to us between now and January 1st.Don''t blame the board if this is the case - it''s almost certainly down to the player.  Remember the Hucks situation?  Man City wanted to auction him off to the highest bidder but in the end let him come to us for a knock-down £750k and they paid a proportion of his wages until we got promoted.  I expect Taylor wants to join a club with a better prospect of an immediate return to the Premiership.However, I will be VERY annoyed if he signs for QPR!!  Or, for that matter if the Scum somehow manage to whisk him from under our noses with a big fat pay cheque.Thanks for your contribution Tiny... but we move on.  Fitz Hall anyone?
  21. They might have more dosh than us, but frankly who''d want to play in that flea-pit of a stadium for a team that are consistently crap?  At least we''re only crap some of the time...
  22. My sources inform me all is not lost.  Apparently, Birmingham reported he was going back so they could drum up interest and see who''s willing to make an offer for the player.  The player himself has indicated he wants to stay on loan at Norwich until January (and why not, even if he decides to move on it will be in his best interests to put himself in the shop window).Although the loan window is closed, we have until midnight tonight to extend the existing loan (providing club and player are in agreement).  Birmingham are reported to want to sell Taylor to QPR in January - but Taylor doesn''t want to sign for them.Looks like an interesting evening ahead....
  23. City are closing in on deals to sign Martin Taylor, Mo Camara and Matty Pattison permanently during the January transfer window. Rumours around Carrow Road on Saturday suggest Neil Doncaster has been told by Delia Smith and the board to make sure the trio are signed as soon as possible. Taylor has been told he can leave Birmingham by boss Alex McLeish, and it appears Norwich are on the verge of sewing up a £750,000 deal with add ons to clinch the defender''s signature. Pattison and Camara are both expected to move on free transfers, though the Guinea defender may well only sign until the end of the season. Manchester City striker Ched Evans looks likely to sign on until the end of the campaign, with a further season''s loan to be discussed in June. Going in the other direction, rumours suggest City boss Glenn Roeder is set to jettison Julien Brellier and Simon Lappin in January - whether any clubs are interested in them or not. It is believed their contracts will be cancelled in order to allow Roeder to add more faces to his squad.
  24. Confirmed, here - http://www.edp24.co.uk/Content/Sport/CanaryCentenary/Carrow.asp
  25. We have turned the corner.  Had we won we''d be out of the bottom three.  Had we got a draw, we would be above Preston.  Only 2 weeks ago we were bottom and SEVEN points adrift.  If that''s not turning a corner then I don''t know what is!
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