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  1. Quote from Ridsdale: "The government does not tell board members at Tesco how much money they can spend on their staff so why should Championship clubs be placed under the same pressure? In football, as in the private sector, it is up to the board of directors and shareholders to run their organisation in a responsible and proper manner, not a central authority." - Ridsdale. Excuse me, but isn''t this the guy that gambled Leeds United''s future on being in the Champions League and it all went horribly wrong.  He is the sole reason they are now in League One.  Some say it was David O''Leary spending huge fees on transfers - sorry, but as we all know, the manager can only spend what the Board gives to him.  So on that basis, Ridsdale is a hypocrite and loses all credibility in respect of this argument.Money and greed is destroying the whole ethos of ''the beautiful game''.
  2. http://www.skysports.com/experts/expert_story/0,19793,15231_4592374,00.html
  3. Yes, he said at the AGM he brought the player in on someone''s reccomendation without having seen him play.  When he got here, it was apparent he was not up to Championship standard, he admitted he got it wrong.
  4. For the first time in 14 years.... probably not.  I''m getting sick of it.
  5. I''m 33, season ticket holder since 1994 - missed only three home games since then (league & cups) BUT this year might seriously be my last.  I left on 39 minutes this evening and I''ve really just had enough.  The sad thing is that everyone I speak to says the same.  At this rate, average attendances are likely to be about 18,000 next year with credit crunch plus disillusionment.
  6. Attendance tonight was 8,000 - pretty good for a reserve game.  Mind you... they had better get used to it, cos that''s all we''ll get next year for the first team!
  7. No, Hollman was touting for a cut of the agents fee (allegedy).NCFC sold Lewis because they had two other young keepers coming through of equal or better value (hence Chelsea''s recent link to Steer).  Lewis was not going to get a game in the first team with Marshall holding down number 1 so why keep a £600k player in the reserves when you need the money?Anyway, the whole Lewis thing is a matter of opinion.  With regards to Hollman, I have that information on relatively good authority.  I can''t prove it of course, but I trust my informant.
  8. Match report here: http://arsenalyouth.wordpress.com/2008/11/18/match-report-norwich-res-2-arsenal-res-4/
  9. I can tell you what happened to James Hollman.  He was sacked for touting youth ''keepers to other clubs.
  10. Best post I have seen on here for ages, agree with 100% except for the bit about Labour :o).  The Premiership flourished thanks to Murdoch''s millions, from Sky TV... the same money that is now creating a chasm so big between the top two flights, it''s shafting everyone and everything outside of the Premiership.  For a while, the money transformed the game for the better but now I feel it''s destroying it.
  11. drop me an email at the address given, and I will tell you.
  12. Trust me...Cullum is not the answer.shifty.sid@gmx.com
  13. 600k for Lewis, not 400k.  We have two other young keepers on our books rated even more highly than Lewis and with Lewis as third choice, it might have been another 3 or 4 years before he got his chance.  Personally, I would not have signed Nelson and would have made Lewis number 2.  It didn''t happen, Nelson came in and Lewis was sold to boost the transfer coffers, which like it or not represents good business all things considered.No young talent coming through is not Roeder''s fault, it''s because we can not sign young players that live outside a 1hour catchment area.  Half our area happens to be the North Sea.  Blame the FA.Shackell, although a half decent defender was also occasionally a liability.  950k again represents good business.Re: Green - Roeder didn''t sell Green, he left ages ago.Re: where has the money gone, you only need to read the Annual Report, it''s all there and accounted for.
  14. Personally, I''d prefer to see some 1st and 2nd half entertainment before worrying about what goes on at half time.  :o)
  15. Was it me, or did others detect Munby''s apparent annoyance that Roeder was taking so long to answe questions.  GR accused one shareholder of being sarcastic, hence his own sarcastic reply.  Munby defended the shareholder and said ''in his defence, I don''t think he was being sarcastic to be fair''.  I thought there was a little tension there, but I might be wrong...
  16. Actually having just started to type my notes and got to the second question and realised I am already on a full page of A4 I really can''t be arsed - the above posted sums things up in such a concise manner.Main points: Cullum never offered anything and in fact sent writen confirmation this week that he never would.  The deal is dead in the water (if ther ever was one).GR came over as very confrontational from the off.  Was heckled on a number of occasions with accusations of him being egotistical, arrogant and sarcastic.  He did apologise at the end.  And did invite one critic to Colney to watch training and to bring a guest for a meal afterwards.On Huckerby he stated his reasons for not renewing his deal (ie: he felt he was too old and part of past failures and that Bell & Hoolihan would be the future).  On the way it was handled he admitted it was a mistake but looked to make amends by asking Hucks to come back for a send off before/after a home game in the near future.On re-election of Munby, he seemd to get 98% of the vote (at a guess).  Doncaster got around 90%.GR heaviliy criticised the state of scouting on his arrival and said it''s been overhauled completely.Delia said she is going back to work at age of 67 to fund the £3M shortfall in the accounts.On Archibald-Henville - he said he wasn''t ready for Championship football and made a mistake signing him, hence sending him back.GR remains convinced the squad will click, we''ll move into top half of table and be in a position to further rebuild next summer and the summer after that - it can''t all be done in one close season, hence large number of loans.There was a lot more, but nothing of any real note.  Despite a few heckles it was still a relatively tame affair (to be expected when the majority in attendance were 60 and over!).
  17. Now going to type up some notes - plenty was said, was a little hostile to start with but mellowed as the evening went on.  Full details to follow shortly...
  18. I will be going tonight, should be home by 10.30 and will hopefully have my notes typed up and a post on here by 11.Cheers.
  19. I''m going tonight and will make notes and write up a post for you guys if you like.With regards to Cullum... it was a case of him wanting Delia to give him his shareholding.  He wasn''t prepared to make an official offer for the shares, only saying he would put £20 into the playing budget.  Any fool could say that.  If Delia wants to give me the club, I will put £30Mn in.  Sadly, Cullum preferred to do his spouting in the press to build public support, thus pressuring Delia to cave in.  It didn''t work, and when asked to put his money where his Archant mouth is, he disappears!
  20. By the way, starts at 8pm usually finishes around 10pm.
  21. "I prefer my money in my bank account thank you"That''s classic coming from someone who spends all their time on here spouting how OTHER people should be putting money into the Club or (in Delia''s case) should walk away from her £12Mn investment and GIVE the Club to Mr Cullum.Hypocrite.
  22. Just to add to the voting comments, the re-election of directors is indeed decided by a show of hands and the majority of numbers decides it (not the percentage of shareholding).  I know this is the case as back in around 2000/1 then Chairman Bob Cooper was up for re-election and various people threatened to vote against him.  It was looking dodgy for him and he was only saved when Delia made a little speech that essentially said ''vote against him if you like, but if you do I will condider it a vote against me as well, and will sell up'' or words to that effect.  Cooper subsequently won the vote (then went on his own accord after we secured prmotion to the Premiership).Regarding voting - ''Ordinary'' shareholders such as myself are able to vote but do not get paid dividends on their shares.  The more recent ''Preference B'' shareholders (ie: those shares bought after around 2002) do not have voting rights although they are elegible for dividends.That said, when we have a ''show of hands'' at the AGM they don''t ask that Pref B shareholders do not vote.  We''re not separated into different sections either so I don''t know how they enforce this - if at all!!On another note, I must say I am looking forward to the AGM a damn sight more than I am looking forward to the next game!
  23. For one brief moment I thought we were signing a couple of strikers.... then when I read the article, it''s a couple of existing players signing autographs...
  24. Utter bollocks.  Anyway we don''t want his loan money and certain Administration when he wants it all back.
  25. FFS!  We should have murdered Coventry and who cares that we''re out of the Mickey Mouse cup?  Things will come right against Blackpool and then we''ll be on our way.  I can understand the gloom if we''re in this situation come October/November but we''re not - we''re only one game into the new (league) season - GET A GRIP.To all the doom mongers out there, take a look at the first few half dozen games of our promotion-winning season.  A few dodgy results and an abysmal performance and early cup exit to Northampton and we went on to win the league.  Not saying we will do that again, but jesus... we''re not exactly relegation fodder either.  After the upheaval through the summer, I will be happy with a top-12 finish this season with more rebuilding next summer to try and push the top 6.
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