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  1. Fo purely selfish reasons, Bristol Rovers or Bristol City (if they get past Coventry in a replay) in Bristol would be good - I could pop down to the Memorial Dump or Ashton Gate to see it. That or any home tie.
  2. Stuck out here in Bristol, I''ll most definitely be watching the game on TV, thanks to the wonders (!) of Telewest. There should be one or two other city fans there as well... definitely no binners! OTBC!
  3. [quote user="Web Team - Celia Sutton"]Thankfully my club, St Helens, were always called Saints and always will be! And I still call Bradford Bulls ''Northern'' on occasion ...[/quote] I''m still guilty of calling Bradford "Northern"... that or the "Dulls"! Luckily the League team I sometimes watch (when I''m visiting my folks in Sheffield) has always been the "Eagles", though what Eagles have to do with the Steel City I''ll never know!
  4. All those names you mention tend to be used by non-football clubs. For example: Sheffield Sharks - Basketball. Leeds Rhinos - Rugby League. Rugby League as a sport had to reinvent itself to try and shake off the "flat caps and whippets" image that followed it round in the 80s and 90s. With the advent of Super League, most clubs got themselves a new suffix - Rhinos, Bulls, Warriors etc - though some already had names like that - Wakefield Trinity, Sheffield Eagles etc. In League it''s largely been successful as clubs marketed the changes aggresively and tried to get a new, youthful, family fan-base. However, this was something that needed doing to save League clubs from going under. Football does not have this problem. What''s more, most clubs have traditional nicknames anyway - as with the Canaries, Bluebirds, Binners etc.
  5. Years ago my dad did his FA coaching qualifications in Sheffield. His assessor was one Howard Wilkinson. My old man said he was the dullest, most sour-faced man he''d ever met. He makes Worthy look excitable and animated! My old man once had a run in with Seb Coe in a Sheffield park in the late 70s. He tried to kick their dog! The last piece of information was worthless, I just felt like sharing it with others ;)
  6. I can''t believe how negative so many people are about Dion''s signing. Yes, he''s old and yes, it could look like a backward step, but I for one think it could be a half decent signing. Let me explain. First of all, Dion has played most of his recent career at centre back. To me this suggests that he reads the game well and is a bit of a leader on the pitch. At present we don''t seem to have many of them. So, he''s a strong character (though one that probably won''t disagree with Worthless), an experienced head, and cover for our centre backs as well as a target man up front. He''ll be used as a bench player who''ll probably get the odd 45 minutes here and there. I don''t see where the problem is. It''s not like he''ll be asked to play for 90 minutes every game. It might work out, it might not, but at least we''ve got another "big man" who''s more likely to score than Peter Thorne.
  7. If our coffers are as seriously empty as people seem to think, then surely we should be trying to progress in cup competitions like this. I know winning at Rotherham would hardly do anything for the accounts, but a home match against a Premiership side in the next round (possibly with TV coverage) would be beneficial? The team that Worthy trotted out at Torquay did OK (eventually) but Rotherham are a stronger side. On paper we should beat them, but I can see us getting beaten. Even if he doesn''t start with Earnie, I''d still have him on the bench "just in case". If all goes well he doesn''t have to play; if things go pear-shaped and we need a goal he''d be available for a 20 minute spell at the end of the game.
  8. Simon Jordan spouts total dross. Teams I can''t stand: 1. Ispwich Obvious really. 2. Sheffield United I was brought up as a Norwich fan im Sheffield by my dad, who''s foilowed the city all his life. United fans are among the most unpleasant, idiotic freaks I''ve ever come across. I ever got any grief from Wednesdayites, but Unitedites made my life hell. The boxing day game last year was one of my best experiences watching the city - seeing Colin''s face at the end was priceless! 3. West Brom Quite possibly the dullest team in the world. I know a couple of Baggies supporters who are OK (and have only good words to say about us), but they seem to be in the minority. They have a rubbish ground, and that Premiership game at the Hawthorns was probably the dullest, most frustrating match I''ve ever been to - and I was at Derby last season! 4. Wolves Not called "the gold scum" for nothing. 5. Leeds Growing up in Yorkshire, I got plenty of reminders just how unpleasant Leeds fans are. Plus, my mum''s from Leeds and some of her family go... and they spent most of the 90s winding me up about how well they were doing compared to us! 6. Birmingham Can''t stand the "big club" arrogance. That''s about it, really. There''s a few there, though!
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