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  1. 22 minutes ago, Chelm Canary said:

    I have to say, the Lambert of old had a lot more dignity and class about him.

    This is all rather cringe worthy, watching this play out. 


    Yes this is very sad the Paul Lambert has resorted to this complaining, all teams loose games and he just needs to look at his team and work with them to stop the very hard fouls and try and avoid relegation and not complain about Norwich

  2. [quote user="Constable officer"]Did we seriously just waste our money on these two dead weights? A Morrison V2 and a striker from the MLS. A waste of time, of course we could have gone after somebody who scored in the champions league but nooooope. We just have to sit there and submit half arsed bids so that we can claim that we tryed. Pathetic work from the club and heres to hoping in the next few hours something turns around!!![/quote]

    You need to finacially wise up and understand the inflated cost of buying in the January window, with the money NCFC has we need get more striker options to see us in the permiership next season.

    These players will give us options but won''t break the bank, also the Hooper deal is not dead yet

  3. [quote user="Making Plans"]Couldn''t agree more - we''ve had successive promotions & we''re holding our own in the PL with basically a squad made up of former Championship and League One players. Furthermore we''re playing exciting attacking skillfull football the likes of which haven''t been seen for nearly 20 years, if ever. I''ve watched all the games & it''s been more or less full on excitement, tension and drama in every game from day one to last night.We''re definitely over achieving by a considerable margin so I don''t understand what it is that people want in addition to what they''re getting at the moment as believe me, it doesn''t get much better than this.Enjoy the moment & stop worrying & whinging. [/quote]
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