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  1. We'll have to stay in the Premiershi[p a few seasons before we invest in City stand to increase Capacity to 30K +
  2. I think wages would have been a issue to signing him, especally if we on the bench most of the time
  3. A legend of the game and a great loss to English and world Football
  4. Yes this is very sad the Paul Lambert has resorted to this complaining, all teams loose games and he just needs to look at his team and work with them to stop the very hard fouls and try and avoid relegation and not complain about Norwich
  5. True Grit you have got a clue about football or who Alex Neil will bring into the club or how we will play next season. Why are you talking Norwich into relegation when we have kick a ball yet in the Permiership 2015-16 season. The club needs promper supporters not people who spread predictions of Doom.    
  6. Sorry a small typo there sould not be too many Ipswich on those trains
  7. You can go from Kings Cross or Liverpool Street to Cambridge and then get a train from Cambridge to Norwich, should be too many Ipswich Supporters on those Trains
  8. If the Bassong who played in the 2012-13 season it will be a good pick but if he plays like last season we will let in a few Lets see and give him a chance
  9. We need and balance in our management team and Phelan would deliver this, this is a great loss and NCFC will regret this departure. It looks like we just want to be a mid table Championship side
  10. If this is true it really shows the boards aspirations for NCFC to be only a Championship side  
  11. We had 63% possession on Saturday why did we not make these count with 3 or 4 goals. What or who is missing in our attack?  
  12. Big Vince Stop living in the Chase passed,. We should not be worring about bronze statues and get on with get the game right on the pitch with Adams or another manager. 
  13. [quote user="Constable officer"]Did we seriously just waste our money on these two dead weights? A Morrison V2 and a striker from the MLS. A waste of time, of course we could have gone after somebody who scored in the champions league but nooooope. We just have to sit there and submit half arsed bids so that we can claim that we tryed. Pathetic work from the club and heres to hoping in the next few hours something turns around!!![/quote] You need to finacially wise up and understand the inflated cost of buying in the January window, with the money NCFC has we need get more striker options to see us in the permiership next season. These players will give us options but won''t break the bank, also the Hooper deal is not dead yet
  14. I agree he is a Wannabe manager, who needs to get his own team in order with their fouling and with Bale diving which is a disgrace and as we have seen some refs have already booked Bale for this a number of times. AVB stop moaning!!!! and sort out your own team  
  15. Neither Hooper or Graham player is worth £10M each  Celtic are just holding out for a better price and Swansea need to fine a replacement for Graham before they sell. I think we may get one of them but not both
  16. Expert!!!!!! If his predictions were correct this season NCFC would be botom of the table. He just does not like Norwich, as said after we sacked Brian Gunn we would go down to the 2nd division. Reality shows we have just gone up a up from the Gunn Sacking.
  17. Ginger, I agree he was very poor throughout the game, I feel he needs to have a rest from being a referee and get some further training to try and be good enough to remain a premiership referee.  
  18. John will be a great lost, a great man/manager, who managed Norwich with great veracity. RIP John, you were a great manager and man  
  19. Normal biased comment from Harry, saying Spurs would beat City 3 or 4 Zero, Another BBC pundit along with Alan Shearer say SPurs would be two four and Norwich wil be relegated.       
  20. But why is he going to a small club who are a small suburb of Handsworth, if he gone to Everton Liverpool or Newcastle I could of understood. He has sold himself short
  21. I wish him well he has done a great job for us, but I thought he would have gone to a big club and not a club which is a small suburb of Handsworth
  22. It will be my first trip to Craven Cottage on 31st March, can anyone recommend good Pub for before the game? Thanks 
  23. [quote user="Captain Fantastic"]Someone you think we should be looking at? Personally always thought he was overrated but does seem to have goalscorers instinct. Thoughts?[/quote]
  24. [quote user="Making Plans"]Couldn''t agree more - we''ve had successive promotions & we''re holding our own in the PL with basically a squad made up of former Championship and League One players. Furthermore we''re playing exciting attacking skillfull football the likes of which haven''t been seen for nearly 20 years, if ever. I''ve watched all the games & it''s been more or less full on excitement, tension and drama in every game from day one to last night.We''re definitely over achieving by a considerable margin so I don''t understand what it is that people want in addition to what they''re getting at the moment as believe me, it doesn''t get much better than this.Enjoy the moment & stop worrying & whinging. [/quote]
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