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  1. MOTR I am a Worthy Outer as you so politely put it. We have a ''Use By Date.'' Get Worthless out and we become ''Sack the Board''ers. Only joking - but there is a lot of truth in jest. You should try it some day. Ha! Ha! I am 18 stone approaching 40 years and have had 29 years of watching my beloved Norwich yo-yo between divisions. I have the club crest tattoed on my left arm and will die for my colours. Get a life. You won''t fall off the planet if you leave Norfolk!  
  2. Great post Shaun, I agree with you on every point. I have tried to convey that sort of message throughout my posts but, have been misunderstood. The fact that the Paddon and Peter''s years are still fresh in my mind with all that has followed, this has to be the most frustrating period in my Norwich City supporting history. Sack the Board! Sack the Manager! Outsiders control our club with Outsiders dear to their hearts. Corporate hospitality is killing the game of football for the ordinary supporter. Give me a pie and a pint, anyday. The Norwich City Independant Supporters Association should have a control on what happens at our football club or total control. There are too many corporate distractions around our ground that have harmed our football club. Reminds me of Burnden Park, when Bolton had a superstore in a corner of their ground. What an eyesore! 
  3. It''s been a poor show all round since winning promotion. The players, the manager, the board and all at Norwich City Football Club have let the fans down BIG time. There are no excuses but there has been many. To let it go on for so long is a crying shame, it is disgusting and insulting to the fans. We the Fans; have had to go against each other to get something done about the poor show from the board, the manager and the players. We are the innocent party that has been ripped off to a great tune. The money that Norwich City Football Club has made in the past 3 seasons is astronomical. They have traded on mine and your dreams. With no intention of even attempting to realising them. A BIG whole lot of nothing. I will give you an example of every day life, for those who find it hard to understand my riddles. Say you buy something from a shop and it works for a while. Then, all of a sudden it fails to work. What do you do? What does the majority do? Yes! That''s right you take it back, get a replacement or demand a refund. Stating that the product is not fit for the purpose intended. So, on who''s recommendation do you buy into the dream that Norwich City Football Club is going to be successful? What guarantee have you of success? What guarantee do you have that success will be forthcoming? What compensation will you get if it goes wrong? Robert Chase was a better person than the shower we have now. At least you knew he was going to be straight with us. The sweeteners he offered of free travel and cut-price games, just after the sale of one of our stars. We knew we were a Selling Club and success would be a lucky dip. So, I say what I mean! If you have been hoodwinked and have a glazed stare because we have a celebrity chef. Don''t be fooled. The saving of the club came about because of Michael Wynn-Jones''s fortune and not that of his wife''s. Yes, she is worth a few quid but, Delia is only in it for the monetary gain. Ask them where the profits of the sales from the past 3 seasons have gone! Only 3 million in the kitty to buy players. Don''t make me laugh! So you think when Worthless has gone, things will improve. You couldn''t be more wrong. Just look at the latest and past manager''s under the current board with their cumulative record. Can you honestly say with hand on heart that you have had value for money and not been ripped off?  
  4. Will Worthless remember you when he''s gone back to the land of Hoofball? You''ll be sat at the side of the road with your begging bowl and cap in hand, in a couple of weeks. This dummy will be sat beside you with a lipstick grin and filled with straw, with you subconsciously muttering "Play it long" and "Don''t try passing it." Will the public give generously or just pay with Lip Service? Will this be the time when the ''Guy'' will burn long and lasting at the top of the pile? Will he be saved the fate of the long, lonely walk to the end of the plank? No he will go in style with a rocket up his *ss! Leaving the poor audience wondering what they are going to do when he has gone. And as if by magic, the wicked witch of the east cast her spell once more and Hey Presto! A new ''Guy'' is found amongst the good apples. Will he cast an illusion that has been Worthless? Will he bring untold wealth and fortune, that is success? Well, will it beat bobbing around for bad apples to put in your loaned basket?
  5. It''s time for squabbling to stop amongst the ''Carrow Road Faithful'' and to make a stand in front of the media. Worthless has had his chips and it is time someone else took his place. Let the world know Delia is backing a flightless wonder. Let football hear your hurt. Raise the roof with Worthy Out. Then we will come together again with a new campaign and hope in our hearts once more.
  6. Herb, UEA paid his fee and deserves the right to voice his opinion if he feels he has been ripped off. These KTF''ers are ruining it for the Worthy Out''ers. Me and my mate have had our vehicle vandalised. Had DNA exchange in the form of being gobbed on, that is spitting for the PC amongst you. Does it take someone''s death before everyone sits up and take stock, that Nigel has to go? The KTF''ers and Worthy Out''ers should be kept apart inside the ground. It''s a powder keg waiting to go off.
  7. Worthless Out! KTF''ers are the care in the community cases. Yellow for cowardice for not being brave enough to break away from all the romance of Delia and Nigel. Stop being deluded and accept he can take the club no further. What is the saying ''You are only as good as your last job?'' Nigel did his 2 seasons ago and is now resting on his laurels. He has lost his way with his ''Positives Speak.'' How many times have we heard that this year? The facts speak for themselves and it is time for him to go. I have been a devout Norwich fan since 1978, and I have had enough (grinding my teeth) with the tripe being spouted by the few who think this is their board and the football club is theirs. You are so wrong. Do you think you have had value for money in the last 2 seasons? If you have, then give me your money because I see Sunday teams that give better value on my local park week in week out. Some of them play there hearts out and cry when they lose. Norwich City players have no passion anymore. That ended with the sale of Malky Mackay. Malky is now making a mockery of Worthless. I am sure if Malky had stayed we would have stayed in the Prem. We will never know but, the longer Nigel stays, the worse it is going to get. How many players have been sold and how many been brought in, less loanees? Answer 1. Loanees have failed us in the past, only Crouch being the exception, another one that got away. So, come on you yellows! Let Us Chant Worthy Out! If he stays then it''s Sack The Board! I want my monies worth on the pitch, not one of yours DNA from the spitting in my hair. The vandalism of my mates vehicle because you are true to your yellow cowardice. Someone will die from these actions of these KTF''ers. So, why did they damage the brakes on my mates vehicle and put the windows through? Because of the Worthy Out sticker! You are evil scum who don''t deserve to be associated with NCFC. Didn''t see the CCTV cameras did you? We will find you and paint you blue with a white horse etched into your skin! You want a War? Bring it on!  
  8. I am part off the Worthy Out brigade as you call us. I don''t agree with what Worthington is doing but, he is only a puppet, a spokesperson for the club when he has to be interviewed by the media. All this season''s good work goes to the coaching staff and Doncaster for releasing the funds to buy the ''player'' for this campaign. I don''t wish to come to Carrow Road because of the current situation and have returned my season ticket. I am an original Barclay Boy of the standing variety yet, because of my disability, I cannot sit for long periods. I go to the away games when the pain isn''t too much trouble. I do not boo the players because my gripe is with the management only. It is the KTF''ers who cause the trouble because they forget they live in a democracy. It is their comfort zone that is being threatened and are socially challenged to not cause a stir. They resort to snide spitting and threats of harm. When a blast from one of my syringes will immobilize them for the rest of the day. I sometimes wonder who is disabled them or me. So, the next time you here a call for Worthington''s head. Think! It may be someone crying out in pain. The pain of having to sit there and the pain having to endure on the way home. While the current set up remains we will never see Europe again, let alone the Premiership!
  9. I''d have to say Ruel Fox, as many years have gone by since he graced the turf of Carrow Road. In times before and after him no one has excited me so much. When he got the ball and ran at defenders, you knew he was going to do something special. Ruel was small enough to jink his way around players tying them up in knots. His link play with his great friend Chris Sutton was magical. While the current set up remains we will never see Europe again, let alone the Premiership!
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