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  1. I dont think he will change the back 4 from tuesday.....although I always panic when doc goes near the ball!! However I do think dub will be in for jamie.... Thats the only change for me.    
  2. He would reply to this thread - however, he is still eating humble pie.....although he did get a sick note to excuse himself from saturday as he is otherwise engaged (this is the only time Smudger could ever be engaged)!!
  3. Forgive me while I just giggle at this joker ''Smudger''!! Is anyone other than himself really gonna turn up for his one man parade??? I have only started to read/use this site regularly, and have to say that Smudgers views (in my opinion) are way off the mark. I also believe that he is the biggest hoaxer on here....seriously, I feel his rod has sucked some of you in.    If he is for really, he is protesting against the board because they are (in his opinion) useless........so the question is....what is someone who tries to arrange a protest then states he can''t make it called??? All those who want to do something for the good of the club, turn up, sing loud and proud and get the winning feeling back to the Carrow Road.......OTBC  
  4. We have to work with what we have been given - just as Glenn has had to (with a few loan signings)!! So lets get fully behind him - not wonder if he deserves our full support.
  5. The board are going to have to understand that keeping the likes of Taylor & Patterson may initially seem expensive, however, is it expensive when you think that without them - relegation, lower attendances, less tv showings and administration would be a real possability!! Your thoughts please??  
  6. 0-1 (Marshall will no doubt have a stormer & McKenzie is bound to score)!!!!
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