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  1. [quote user="Rasputin was a C..."]Well Mike Riley wasn''t really up to much either today was he...[/quote]He certainly didn''t let me down on that. These so called ''elite'' referees who usually do their jobs in the premiership often turn out to be the worst when it comes to games at a slighlty lower level.
  2. [quote user="Evil Monkey"]Wiley is indeed shockingly bad, but then so are Mike Dean and Mike Riley.[/quote]Who is reffing our game on Saturday against Sunderland then?http://www.football-league.premiumtv.co.uk/page/MatchOfficialsAppointments/0,,10794,00.htmlM RILEY. Terrific. [8-)]
  3. [quote user="Old Boy"]Hux took him apart in the second half? Not when I was watching he didn''t.[/quote]I think he was suggesting that a fit Huckerby would have taken him apart. Since he wasn''t totally fit that clearly didn''t happen.
  4. [quote user="7rew"]Mine:                   Gallacher       Colin : Doc : Shacks : Drury          Robbo : Safri : Etuhu    Henderson     :               Eagle                     Dublin Bench: Camp, RossiJ, RyanJ, Spillane, Fisk/Hughes [/quote]Am I right in saying that Henderson is a long term absentee? The right side is undoubtedly the real problem position. Wouldn''t mind seeing Spillane, but I can''t see Grant choosing him to be honest. Get the feeling Etuhu or Robinson will probably get shoved out there depending on which system we play.It does look really quite toothless though without our front three which is worrying. We severely lack firepower up front and desperately need someone in on loan now, preferably with a view to a permanent deal.
  5. Roy Waller? You obviously haven''t listened on the radio for a while! [:D]
  6. [quote user="Web Team - Vince"][quote user="Quantum"]Also I just read on the sky sports website that Gallacher is doubtful with a ''back injury''. I can''t remember seeing this anywhere else so is it likely to be a mistake?[/quote]Back strain, rated 50-50 at Thursday''s press briefing.[/quote]Hmm yup I see it now on official site and on here. Don''t know how I missed it [:S] thanks anyway.
  7. [quote user="sheded"]Don`t forget Bangoura   ......  jaysus,  they`re all over 6 ft ![/quote]Yeah, was just about to mention him - I remember Greeno having to pull off an amazing save to stop him scoring from a corner at CR last season. And providing he turns up on time (which probably isn''t guaranteed) I would expect him to play some part with Sidibe and Fuller. Apart from them all looking the same that''s one hell of a physical strikeforce. Shacks and the Doc will have to be at their absolute best to get that 4th straight clean sheet. As mentioned, I hope Eagle is given his chance, but only if Hucks isn''t ready; I wouldn''t really want to drop Croft  or put Huckerby up front but that''s just me.For me this is probably harder than Cardiff - we''ve looked more than suspect defensively against big strikeforces not all that long ago. Would probably take a point from the game right now.Also I just read on the sky sports website that Gallacher is doubtful with a ''back injury''. I can''t remember seeing this anywhere else so is it likely to be a mistake?
  8. A bit of ''Heaven Knows I''m Miserable Now'' by the Smiths might have suited the Worthy reign. I actually liked it at the end of last season when ''Buck Rogers'' by Feeder was played (only for a couple of games I think) as the teams came out. Also as mentioned Queen''s ''Don''t Stop Me Now'' should return pre-match.Samba de Janeiro is still great goal music. More original than that ''You''re avin a laff'' rubbish that 90% of other grounds play.
  9. I get the feeling that Grant may feel some obligation to play Ashdown - Redknapp clearly loaned him out to play not to sit on the bench. That would be a shame for Gallacher as in his last two matches he''s been faultless.Haven''t really seen enough of Ashdown yet to really know how good (or otherwise) he is.
  10. Apparantly there were 16,000 people at that game. Wherever they were I didn''t see them.
  11. Ashdown is definitely cup tied - see article on official site.I think whilst the league is the priority, we shouldn''t take this game lightly. Would be great to see a top premiership club at Carrow Road for once next round. I admit I know next to nothing about Vale but this is how I think we could/should line up:GallacherLouis-Jean  Doherty  Shackell  ColinMcVeigh  Hughes  Etuhu  EagleThorne  DublinFor me that side should be well capable of going there and winning. Not worth risking Drury but Colin should be able to fill in. Keep likes of Earnie/Croft on bench in case needed.
  12. Huckerby as captain?Don''t think so somehow...
  13. Gallagher has a worrying tendancy to come and punch the ball when it''s totally unnecessary to do so, and has missed the ball whilst attempting to punch more than once. The third QPR goal yesterday should have been saved. He clearly can''t line up a wall either. In my opinion it''s time to give Camp a chance (he didn''t come just to warm the bench) - hopefully Grant will be able to see that.
  14. The third QPR goal was a disgrace. Emphasises for me why we need to try out Camp.
  15. [quote user="Yellow fever"]see user polls[/quote]Obviously didn''t see/totally ignored the "try to give a fair choice of options". No less than we would expect from you I suppose.
  16. Quote: "I definetley dont want curbs, dont like his face."Craziest reason I''ve ever heard for not wanting a quality manager. Not that we have much chance of getting him - but then we have even less chance (namely zero) of getting Martin Jol, Mark Hughes or Chris Coleman!
  17. [quote user="Tom NCFC"]I don''t agree with that! He did alright just his fitness let him down! Give him a few more matches before you judge him to harshly[/quote]I agree - honestly don''t think he did that badly. Some of his movement was promising enough. The big problem for me was the noticable gap that having two strikers left in midfield!
  18. I can''t remember a goal conceded this season that you could blame on him (perhaps apart from when he rushed out to Michael Keane at Rotherham). He seems to be more consitent than Green but not quite in the same league in terms of shot stopping. Also the jury''s out for me on his dealing with crosses.But well done Gally - you deserve the recall.
  19. The table makes depressing reading at the moment. Never fear though, we will be back up to the dizzy heights of 11th with a win tomorrow; level on points with the mighty Colchester.
  20. [quote user="lucky green trainers"]with curbs on board, city could really be ''doing a charlton''.  i think he''d rather pick a prem club anyway.[/quote]He has already said that he wouldn''t be limitted to a prem job... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/5322522.stmMaybe the Norwich post would interest him because of the constant comparison''s between Charlton''s setup and ours. Either way, I think the main thing is that that the current joker is gotten rid of first. Then seriously start to think about a replacement. I do worry though that if we win these two up and coming matches the whole sit-u-a-shun will get put on hold again...
  21. I have been sitting on the fence this season so far, waiting to see how things pan out. But today I''ve well and truly lost patience. Get the clown out now before he damages this club further! [:@]
  22. I think this is a pretty crucial game, so to avoid too big a gap opening up between us and the sides at the top. Pretty optimistic, Plymouth don''t seem to be too good at home despite coming from 3 down to draw with Cardiff...2-1 Norwich, Dion to head a late winner off the bench with Earnie scoring the first. [:D]
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