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  1. [img]http://new.pinkun.com/assets/images/dynamicfeed/ravenp20071127210550.jpg[/img]I thought that white kit was now obselete? [:S]Who cares anyway, fantastic result, couldn''t bare to listen to stoppage time so it was a great surprise to see we''d scored again when I switched back on. [:D]
  2. [quote user="JC"]Why is it a dilemma? [/quote]Surely it leaves the manager with a decision to make when your widely acclaimed ''best player'' becomes available again? Especially when people were saying that we''d miss him so much over these three games and see him as undroppable (I''m not one).A possible option for an away game of the like of Stoke would be to move Pattison inside and stick Huckerby on the left, and probably take out Dublin. Wouldn''t mind seeing that as centre mid is apparently Pattison''s favoured position, and should make us more difficult to break down. Can''t see that happening at Blackpool though; play the same as yesterday with Hucks deservedly on the bench, perhaps used as an impact player late on.
  3. [quote user="blahblahblah"]You have a tough task ahead of you Wiz, they beat Scunthorpe today [/quote]Seems Wiz''s ''chainfire'' effect with the ''chimes'' has taken you 2 weeks back in time too! [:D]
  4. So Pattison sets up two goals today playing on the left - where does this leave Hucks for Tuesday? Would seem harsh to leave Matty out; or indeed Russell or Fozzy who also had good games today from what I''ve heard. So unless Roeder considers a change of formation, it seems the man most said we would desperately miss will have to settle for a place on the bench at Blackpool.What would you do?
  5. [quote user="1st Wizard"] Spookily clever eh?[:|] [/quote]I''ll answer you that at 5pm tomorrow!
  6. I picked up on Mifsud''s suspension [url=http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/1079104/ShowPost.aspx]here[/url] almost as soon as it happened. Long before any of this hex hubbub. [:)]And wouldn''t it be Konstantopolous'' fourth game back? [8-|]
  7. The roof cannot be closed to cover the pitch; only adjusted to keep shadows off the pitch apparently. Seems totally pointless - don''t ask what happened at the FA Cup final!
  8. Michael Mifsud has just been sent off for Coventry in their match against West Brom for an elbow so will now be suspended for their game with us. Small slice of luck, unlikely to make an awful lot of difference I suppose. [:(]
  9. Pointless trying to appeal that for me. Knowing the FA they would probably deem it to be frivolous and up the ban to 4 games!
  10. [quote user="Mister Positive"]Rudolph, try reading the postings before you post and you would see McCann who is head of media & communication at Wigan he sais it on the radio. Try and keep up![/quote]Mind telling us roughly what this bloke said (ie the wording of it)?Btw why are there two exactly identical threads about this? [8-)]
  11. All I can do is laugh, not an awful lot else to do. [8-)]
  12. Sky Sports'' Ian Darke as Reading scored the last goal of that 7-4 at Fratton Park:"I''m starting to run out of fingers!"
  13. Myself I would go for:                     MarshallOtsemobor  Doherty  Murray  DruryCroft      Russell     Spillane    Lappin               Dublin    CuretonSubs: Gilks, Huckerby, Brellier, Strihavka, Rossi Jarvis.Murray hasn''t done a lot wrong at CB, Spillane deserves another go at least in centre-mid. As others said Huckerby seems out of sorts at the moment (for whatever reason, not going into that), so I wouldn''t be starting him. Would then unleash him [b]early[/b] in the second half if things are not going to plan (unlike against Cardiff where it was too late and ruined the team''s balance). Something needs to change up front; with Dion coming back it seems like an ideal chance to start him there with Cureton... however part of me is tempted to try Strihavka there again since he and Cureton didn''t get a sniff at Charlton or Wolves, by not much fault of their own. Russell has to come back in too for me.
  14. [quote user="sig"]Can anyone let me know if we''ve won on sky since then?[/quote]Well technically the Man Utd game was; on Prem Plus if not Sky.The uninspiring 2-0 over managerless Plymouth when we''d just come down was also I Sky if I remember. But we''ve lost our last five on Sky now - twice to Burnley, twice to Ipswich and now to Sheff Wed.
  15. [quote user="canaries1"][quote user="Quantum"]81:34Shot by Chris Martin (Norwich) drilled right-footed from left channel (35 yards), over the bar. Defending throw-in by Michael Gray (Wolverhampton).[/quote] Is that actually true?!? [/quote]Copied and pasted straight from BBC live text. It''s the only Norwich shot in the whole thing.Can''t remember it from listening to the game myself - I switched off when Shackell got sent off.
  16. 81:34 Shot by Chris Martin (Norwich) drilled right-footed from left channel (35 yards), over the bar. Defending throw-in by Michael Gray (Wolverhampton).That would be it. 35 yards and out for a throw.
  17. O''Dea thrown in aswell would be a nice bonus.
  18. Hmm it appears that article has been taken down.Trying to spare poor old George''s blushes? [:$]
  19. Palace barely managed 15,000 yesterday against Leicester (who many are tipping to be in the promotion mix), which I''m reliably informed is their lowest league attendance for nearly four years. Pretty shocking really, though they will probably argue people were on holiday, and they are overcharged for their tickets...
  20. [quote user="MoroccanAllOverTheWorld"](anyone know when he scored his other City goal as I really can''t remember?)[/quote]That would be Watford at home in January ''06, which we lost 3-2.Diving header from 1 yard.
  21. [quote user="Sherlock Holmes"]Refereee obviously wasn''t paying much attention![/quote]Not much surprise when his name is Darren Deadman!
  22. I know that there is a seeding sytem for the first round, where any team from the Championship or the top half of last year''s League One has to play a team from League Two or the bottom half of last year''s League One. As mentioned it''s also split geographically. Not sure whether or not something similar applies for the second round.The draw will be live on Sky after the Rotherham v Sheff Wed game.
  23. Oh no, another Doc outburst. It''s now inevitable we will lose on Saturday.
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