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  1. You're all stars Indy It's a football forum so there's bound to be differences. But we shouldn't dwell too much on the differences when there's so much more that unites us. From Worthy Out to whatever the latest dividing issue is all have come together to support Ray's Funds since 2007
  2. That's great stuff Diane. Just to add that the posters on this messageboard have managed to raise £1456 since we presented £3,000 at lock down. That's a fantastic effort from what has to be the best football message board in the world.
  3. Those of us who watch it on the wireless will still have Chris and Rob and a rare old assortment of Canary Call pundits. Viva La Wireless
  4. Have seen him play but I can't remember much about him. However I think a player like that would be a great addition. We need an aerial presence in both boxes and I remember Iwan being our best defender of set plays. These players cost money though because they take longer to make. (If that makes sense). He's 28 and has 200 odd games under his belt scoring at a decent level too. He should be near his peak.
  5. Yes for the tenth year Kathy has offered all PUPs who take part in the Trust's Canary Challenge one free entry where anything won goes into our presentation pot for our wonderful pan-disability boys and girls. You can enter online here : - https://www.canariestrust.org/canarychallenge?fbclid=IwAR2eQBU2ow0dxH9-8rYOFfR6c9tvFP7zRPWRFLpVnLQhltBhxzzRRIz5tr0 Then email Kathy your free entry at reephambird@gmail.com or even post it for her on here, Facebook or Twitter. Thanks Kathy and good luck everyone.
  6. It warms the cockles of my heart to see people expecting success for the project
  7. Like I said I'm not up with this money malarkey but I'm pretty sure it's more complicated than that. Posters talk in hundreds of millions like it's all under control. I hope it is for our club but we made a 38m loss last season and will now have Covid losses for goodness knows how long. Hopefully we haven't borrowed against future broadcasting money but I understand many clubs do. Most football clubs are completely unsustainable and when you see businesses closing all over the country even while they are still being subsidised you have to worry what will happen later in the year. I doubt football will be immune. Like I said I don't really get it but when I played monopoly I was always thankful that I could always have 1500 quid to start the next game however many times I went bankrupt.
  8. Doesn't seem to work that way though. Binboy mucus is a rich enough owner yet lives in a league one debtors prison. Is that by choice?
  9. No, I don't really understand it. Why get 100m in debt? I suspect it's more complicated than your explanation.
  10. I'm not up with all this money malarkey but it crossed my mind if he can why doesn't he? In other news I seem to remember it was Mr Pugh
  11. What a Mulbarton opportunity only for you to let it slip through your fingers...
  12. So the fans really were the true savory saveloys as they continued to buy season tickets in record numbers throughout the years of crisis? Or perhaps Gunny was when he bought Grant Holt....
  13. Oh my... Good job you're not nutty I mean the poster nutty not nutty nutty, which I'm sure you're not either Anyways... Good luck
  14. Of course it's not personal. There's some great posters making points on this thread from you and others. I'm a bit out of my depth but I'd rather this discussion than the latest ridiculous transfer rumour or the merits of the new kit. Nothing wrong with them just I prefer this. There's a lot missing from the club's own history on it's website. But then, they do say history is written by the victors You're right about parachutes which is probably even more reason why we were in dire straights in the years leading up to 2009. If we play "if it wasn't for" then those loans I mentioned are definitely up there with Bowkett's rescheduling of debts. Am I right that the 'securitisation' from AXA was based on future season ticket sales?
  15. Doesn't matter who he is. If you want to know he's a PUP and a knowledgeable poster. You don't really need to know more than that. But his little seed didn't fall on stoney ground. A bit of me wishes it had....
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