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  1. Looked a decent game for a friendly. (Apologies if it was posted before, I must have missed it)
  2. Ben's first day and another chance to see some of the brilliant facilities at Colney...
  3. Thanks to all 25 who have sent a tenner so far. Fantastic response as always. Here's the rota for the first couple of months. If the date is not convenient there's plenty of scope to change. Final Six Results 12/09/20 - @Kathy - Confirmed 19/09/20 - @Indy 26/09/20 - @First Wazzock 03/10/20 - @Cosmic Twin 10/10/20 - @KiwiScot 17/10/20 - @Mr Apples 24/10/20 - @Hissing Sid 31/10/20- @Jellytot Norwich Match Picks 12/09/20- @norfolkngood - Confirmed 19/09/20 - @Jools 26/09/20 - @Duncan Edwards 03/10/20 - @Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB 10/10/20 - International Break 17/10/20 - @Felixfan 24/10/20 - @NFN FC The Norwich match picks are paid for by our generous benefactor PUPanon Just a reminder that Rays Funds is for all Pink Un posters so please get involved. £1,546 for our pan-disability boys and girls has been raised since lockdown in March
  4. It's strange that we have posters who think the championship winning season is irrelevant as it's in the past so we should discount that in favour of the previous season which is even further in the past....
  5. It didn't help us one bit losing yesterday. But, if we'd won the stat would have changed from consecutive matches to consecutive league matches. The only way to truly get that monkey off our back is to win games. Your other point about 'on loan to the Endsleigh' is also a good one. Like every other relegated club, and every other time for us, the idea that we are somehow too good for the champs is crazy. Just to put it into perspective only two years ago people were wishing we were Huddersfield and using them as an example of what can be achieved. Now we are expected to turn up at their gaff and win.....
  6. Looks to me like SOB, NFN, Duncan, Felix and your good self all ended in 2 points. But I'm all heart Jools and if it hadn't stated "Norwich scorer" you'd have bagged 8 points. So I will list you first and you get to make the final Norwich picks v Preston. @Jools 19 Sept v Preston @Duncan Edwards 25 Sept v Bournemouth @Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB 3rd Oct v Derby @Felixfan 17th Oct v Rotherham @NFN FC 24th Oct v Wycombe I'd love it if you winners could make those picks. The rest of the PUPs will all support you. And I will get in our generous benefactor PUPanons good books. PUPanon finances the Norwich picks and likes it when different posters make those selections.
  7. If you don't mind watching on the wireless DrDublin won't let you down..
  8. I wondered what it was reference to. I didn't dare ask in case that involved playing the poster as the post made no sense Actually... Even with your explanation it still makes no sense...
  9. The Archant boys did a podcast about it. (I haven't listened though) Probably time consuming! I cant remember reading it anywhere. https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/luton-v-norwich-city-preview-podcast-1-6817351 No doubt we will hear from Daniel Farke tomorrow.
  10. You predict the score, a Norwich scorer and the time of the first goal in the game by either team. For a correct score you collect five points, with two points for correctly predicting whether the Canaries win, lose or draw. There is also two points for every goal bagged by your selected scorer and two points for picking the 15-minute period of the first goal. Goal periods 1-15mins, 16-30mins, 31 - HT, 46-60mins, 61-75mins, 76-FT First and second get to pick the Rays Funds Norwich match final selections for the Preston and Bournemouth games later this month. Predictions calculated by the score at 90 mins. Good luck
  11. I'm pleased about this. He's a player who noticeably lifts morale on the pitch and in the stands. I thought he was quite good too. But I'm not a coach
  12. Amazingly our presentation pot now stands at £1,546. All raised since we presented £3,000 at lockdown. You PUPs are awesome
  13. Thanks Indy Really glad your back and thanks for the donation. Good luck for the season. We need you to pick the six this year.
  14. And as I post the latest total it goes up again thanks to an anonymous donation from one of our awesome PUPs... We have now raised over £1500 since lockdown. That's incredible
  15. Now I'm not sure if he even signed a player. But he did mastermind dumping the binners out of the FA Cup on the way to winning their star.....
  16. or... When we play the ipswich scum he scores all *expletive" night!
  17. Well, I struggle with stuff that's pre-war which would prob be the same for me 1985 Ken Brown was a proper national trophy win. The winners qualified for Europe. (Or should have done). 1962 tends to get forgotten or passed over in comparison. A win is a win though
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