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  1. I wondered what it was reference to. I didn't dare ask in case that involved playing the poster as the post made no sense Actually... Even with your explanation it still makes no sense...
  2. The Archant boys did a podcast about it. (I haven't listened though) Probably time consuming! I cant remember reading it anywhere. https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/luton-v-norwich-city-preview-podcast-1-6817351 No doubt we will hear from Daniel Farke tomorrow.
  3. You predict the score, a Norwich scorer and the time of the first goal in the game by either team. For a correct score you collect five points, with two points for correctly predicting whether the Canaries win, lose or draw. There is also two points for every goal bagged by your selected scorer and two points for picking the 15-minute period of the first goal. Goal periods 1-15mins, 16-30mins, 31 - HT, 46-60mins, 61-75mins, 76-FT First and second get to pick the Rays Funds Norwich match final selections for the Preston and Bournemouth games later this month. Predictions calculated by the score at 90 mins. Good luck
  4. I'm pleased about this. He's a player who noticeably lifts morale on the pitch and in the stands. I thought he was quite good too. But I'm not a coach
  5. Amazingly our presentation pot now stands at £1,546. All raised since we presented £3,000 at lockdown. You PUPs are awesome
  6. Thanks Indy Really glad your back and thanks for the donation. Good luck for the season. We need you to pick the six this year.
  7. And as I post the latest total it goes up again thanks to an anonymous donation from one of our awesome PUPs... We have now raised over £1500 since lockdown. That's incredible
  8. Now I'm not sure if he even signed a player. But he did mastermind dumping the binners out of the FA Cup on the way to winning their star.....
  9. or... When we play the ipswich scum he scores all *expletive" night!
  10. Well, I struggle with stuff that's pre-war which would prob be the same for me 1985 Ken Brown was a proper national trophy win. The winners qualified for Europe. (Or should have done). 1962 tends to get forgotten or passed over in comparison. A win is a win though
  11. He scores goals with his left foot, he scores goals with his right.....
  12. Just one week to go before we embark on our fourteenth season. Defending champion Kathy @Kathy will be picking the final six and top poster Norfolkngood @norfolkngood has agreed to make the final selections for our game at Huddersfield. They will need our help though as the early weeks are notoriously difficult. Our wonderful anonymous benefactor PUPanon has once again financed the Norwich picks for this season. Massive thanks PUPanon we are so very lucky to have you on these threads. Also thank you to the 12 people who have already sent a tenner. For those who can afford a tenner it’s Paypal at canaryeddie@aol.com or get in touch to arrange other options. This is not pay-to-play though. Just join in and send a tenner if and when you can. And of course massive thanks to our sponsors Turner European Consulting and Kare Plus. Your generosity makes a huge difference to the presentation pot each year. Since we presented £3,000 at lock down you wonderful PUPs have raise another £1456 taking the all-time total to a massive £15,813. Also don’t forget Kathy said we could all BOGOF again in this season’s Canary-Challenge which means as in previous seasons all PUPs who enter are invited to have a free go where any winning go to our presentation pot for our wonderful Pan-disability boys and girls. You can enter on line here :- https://www.canariestrust.org/canarychallenge?fbclid=IwAR2eQBU2ow0dxH9-8rYOFfR6c9tvFP7zRPWRFLpVnLQhltBhxzzRRIz5tr0 Then email Kathy your free entry at reephambird@gmail.com or even post it for her on here, Facebook or Twitter. This is the tenth season we’ve had this perk and if one of the bogof entries wins it will be a great boost to our pot. Thanks Kathy. Top PUP Hissing Sid has re-opened the PUPs Sky Sports Super Six league. If you were in it I believe you automatically remain. If you’d like to join the code is RYZALM. It’s just a bit of added fun and costs nothing to join. Thanks Ian. Now for a bit of nostalgia. This picture came up on my Facebook yesterday because it was ten years since we had that presentation night with FONCY. We were so proud to have raised £397, which was easily a record. Who’d have thought ten years later those hundreds would have become thousands! Some of us oldies have got ancient and some of those youngsters have grown up But while it's always nice to look back Rays Funds is progressive and over the last ten years we have gone from strength to strength. The CSF think you PUPs are amazing. Here’s a reminder of what Emma said after lockdown and how due to the amounts you raise we now help more disability boys and girls than before : - “The money that you have helped raised over the last few years has been invaluable and has helped supported the sessions on a Saturday and where we have been able to arrange additional DS events, such as attend matches, trips to play other clubs. Whilst we will continue to use the money where you would like it to be signposted too, we would love the opportunity to extend your generosity further afield and into the other disability programmes we run. The money would be used to match fund and allow us to unlock further funding to not only continue to help what we deliver but also look at additional activities. Words cannot really express just how grateful we are, we rely so much on the generosity of our fans’ and what a wonderful club we have. Thank you all so much for allowing us to be part of your team and we hope to continue that relationship for future years.” I think that’s it for now. No doubt I’ve forgotten something but at least we have the edit button! Thanks everyone and the best of luck for this fourteenth season of Rays Funds. Ray would be so proud of you all and I know his family watch out for the updates on our facebook group. Just a reminder that Rays Funds is for all Pink Un posters so please get involved. Rays Funds on Twitter : https://twitter.com/Raysfunds Rays Funds on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/124098287639888/
  13. Assuming.... I doubt that assumption is correct. Get Tangie on the old dog and bone...
  14. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/norwich-family-plea-save-community-centre-zambia-1-6800838 https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/keep-the-heart-beating Good luck buddy
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