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  1. Good talking points Nuff.. No clean sheet this week so the opportunity is there if Gibson deemed ready. Agreed on Emi. Probably with Todd and maybe even Idah. Thought Onel was poor today. It would be interesting to see Pukki and Idah together. Idah's now had 2 good sub appearances. Skipp has done enough to keep his place for me. Daft pen aside.
  2. Celtic won 3-2 Hudiksvalls won 7-0 4/4 so far Indy On to Kiev... Unlucky Wolfie, we needed 1 more card.
  3. I had to put in card etc twice but it's working fine now.. On my sinclair spectrum.
  4. Looks like jools is busy but @Feedthewolf stepped in with plan B. These are all from Bill Hill..... £1 on Norwich to be winning at 15mins (4/1) £1 on goalless draw (9/1) £1 on Over 2 goals, over 3 cards, over 10 corners (17/2) £1 Daniel Johnson to score anytime (17/4) £1 Teemu Pukki hat-trick (40/1) £1 card awarded in the first 5 minutes (25/1) £1 no Norwich goalscorer (16/5) £1 1st goal to be own goal (16/1) £1 double result Norwich/Norwich (7/4) 50p Norwich to win 3-1, Placheta last goal (100/1) 50p Norwich to win 4-0, Pukki first goal (100/1) Thanks Wolfie you star. I love them. It will be fun following these. I've placed them with Bill Hill, here are the details.... Norwich to be winning at 15mins £1 Bill Hill 4/1 £5.00 Goalless draw £1 Bill Hill 9/1 £10.00 Over 2 goals, over 3 cards, over 10 corners £1 Bill Hill 17/2 £9.50 Daniel Johnson to score anytime £1 Bill Hill 15/4 £4.75 Teemu Pukki hat-trick £1 Bill Hill 40/1 £41.00 Card awarded in the first 5 minutes £1 Bill Hill 25/1 £26.00 No Norwich goalscorer £1 Bill Hill 16/5 £4.20 1st goal to be own goal £1 Bill Hill 16/1 £17.00 Double result Norwich/Norwich £1 Bill Hill 7/4 £2.75 Norwich to win 3-1, Placheta last goal .50 Bill Hill 100/1 £50.50 Norwich to win 4-0, Pukki first goal .50 Bill Hill 100/1 £50.50 Thanks again Wolfie. I hope you and the other lucky 999 enjoy the game tomorrow. Good luck to you and of course our beloved team @Jools if you like I'll fit you in later in the season.
  5. @Jools Any idea what time you can post your picks? I'll be around this evening but have to be out early tomorrow morning.
  6. Thanks Indy, these look an awesome set. I think you've given us a great chance of adding to the pot. I've placed them with Bet365 where the potential return is £48.48. Here are the details.... So we have five tomorrow starting off at Everton at lunchtime and hopefully we'll be cheering on Real on Sunday to bring the sixth one in. Good luck Indy and all you PUPs
  7. Good position to be in. If Pukki keeps setting Idah up it's surely both.
  8. I agree. I'm not saying we change it tomorrow but if Idah was to continue to come on and score there would surely come a time when it would be hard not to start them both.
  9. Now Lakey, I'll have you know that the noise from the blankets is legendary but it usually ends with a cacophony of tuts from the self proclaimed coaches in the rows behind...
  10. Indeed and I fully expect him to start and would start him. What if we win again through Pukki/Idah assist and goal?
  11. Great words from Thirsty, Gordon Bennett did so much to build bridges to the fans at that time. He will always have a special place in our club's great history. RIP Gordon.
  12. I've been going for 53 years and have never not wanted to win a game. I've also never believed we couldn't win any game. Are there really fans who don't want to win every game?
  13. After scoring the winner last week and bagging a hat-trick last time we played Preston I'd quite like to see a start for Adam Idah. But I suspect he'll be on the bench again. However if he comes on and scores it will be increasingly difficult for Farke to leave him out.
  14. For Indy I'm going down to League One where I think... Hull City v Crewe Alexandra Home Win For Jools I remember Adam Idah scored a hat-trick last time we played Preston. He also scored our goal last week. I'm not confident he'll start so I'll go with... Adam Idah to score the Last Goal
  15. A couple of selections left on last week's thread... Til 1010 :- Nutty i am not around next weekend so put me down for a HOME WIN for EVERTON v West Brom. Mr Apples :- Final 6 - Finland, RoPs vs. KuPs (away win). City Bet - Pukki to bag a brace vs. PNE.
  16. Great post again Parma. Improve rather than replace. There is a belief that if we replace our model we can get a level beyond it and become established in the PL. My belief has always been that if we replace our model we won't have it to build on. So then we realistically revert to mean which would be the new owners position in that wealth table. Unfortunately we are unlikely to attract an owner who sits in the top 15 or even top 20. So the dream of replacing our current owners with richer ones and going beyond the level we have been for the last ten years would not necessarily be a reality. As I've pointed out countless times we have consistently out performed the very type of new owner we are likely to get. So we get back to needing all those things that have taken the current model to the point we are at now to get that little bit further in the future. So to change the parameters we need to make the current model richer. We did this to a degree with the bond issue for Colney. Taking in that debt would not be viable very often though. But the principle remains that we improved the 'model' without replacing it. I remember back in the 70s when Sir Arthur took over the reigns from Geoffrey Watling. One of the first things he said was along the lines of 'you say Watling must go but I say Watling must stay'. He realised we needed to build on what we already had in order for the club to progress through what was becoming it's best ever days.
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