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  1. I'll start off by pledging £1 for every Idah appearance and another £1 for every Idah goal. League and FA Cup. I'm £2 down already
  2. Seriously, why are these Leeds fans in here? They used to show up once in a while but as soon as we put them back in their box they'd go missing for months on end. Will we have to out up with this for the whole season now they're in the PL and we're not? We've had five seasons in the PL since they were last there so what is special about this one season in sixteen? So Drayton, Lowfields and the secret lemonade drinker, if you think you're all that and want to strut about on our forum make some Leeds pledges on Ray's Funds to take part in the our forum charity effort...
  3. @Indy no sorrys on this thread. We all give it our best shot. And we still win when the bet loses as the biggest section of money comes in because we are here doing this. @Feedthewolf nothing for 5/6 anymore.
  4. Unlucky Kathy. Prague couldn't get the winner. But the first weeks are always really difficult. Thanks Kathy and Norfolk for bravely stepping up to the plate.
  5. You're right nobody loses buddy. The money is freely given to be used for that. Thanks for the tenner which I will put in the presentation pot and update the totals when I'm at home. Prague are 1-1 88 mind so let's send PUPpower there...
  6. Unlucky @norfolkngood nothing quite fell but please stay with us. We need you. @kathy has 3/3 so far.. Lodz won 3-0 Bate won 5-2 Monchengladbach won 8-0 On to Prague at 6:30.
  7. Postponed because the team shouldn't have been in the competition apparently.. Never seen that before! Bate lead 3-1 Monchengladbach lead 5-0
  8. You're doing some awesome stuff here Wolfie. Wish I could help but I can't even ride a bike! I will donate again though. And I'll share your page on facebook.
  9. TWTD Will we ever be doing that again.... I'll think of something. I always like to do something involving our youngsters.
  10. Awesome job Norfolk. I love these! There's a great mix with some really exciting options. I've placed them to our advantage and we have... 2-1 Norwich win Cantwell to score first £1 Bill Hill 60/1 £61.00 3-2 Norwich win Dowell to score first £1 Bill Hill 300/1 £301.00 0-0 £1 Bill Hill 8/1 £9.00 Pukki to score first £2 £2 Bet 365 9/2 £11.00 2-2 draw £1 Bet 365 16/1 £17.00 Hugill to score last £1 Bet 365 6/1 £7.00 Norwich win 2-1 Pukki scores first £1 Bill Hill 30/1 £31.00 Norwich win 2-0 £1 Bill Hill 17/2 £9.50 Norwich win 5-1 Cantwell to score first £1 £1 Bill Hill 600/1 £601.00 Good luck Norfolk and our beloved team Just one more thing buddy, please leave a selection so that you get off the mark in our own competition. It can be a result from any game on Bet3565. We'd just love you to take part and then later you could get a go at picking the six too
  11. Thanks everyone. These threads every season are awesome. You PUPs are awesome! I need to get thinking of a pledge
  12. Thanks Kathy. I hope I've got these right. I've placed them with PaddyPower where the potential return is £18.51. Here are the details... So we have four tomorrow, one on Sunday and the last one on Wednesday. Good luck Kathy and all you PUPs Have a great holiday too
  13. Help needed PUPs I'm really struggling to find these B Munchen Gladbach are at home on Bet365 Slavia Prague, Schalke and PSG don't seem to be listed.
  14. Great to see you on this thread @KiwiScot did a great job of explaining. When I do it I make it sound complicated but it really isn't. It is fun though
  15. For Kathy I'm going to suggest a Sunday game in Sweden... Malmo v AIK Home Win For Norfolk I'm hoping Teemu gets an early goal so... Teemu Pukki to score first
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