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  1. [quote user="Hump"]   Do you think England U19s could beat champioship sides ???[/quote] No!
  2. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"][quote user="nutty nigel"] [quote user="Canary02"]You couldn''t play all of them, and the attack in particular looks very weak. But Lewis, Cave-Brown, the Jarvis''s, Spillane and Eagle have all been blooded and could take the next step with a run in the team. Could Eagle have done any worse than McVeigh when Hucks was out? Is Spillane a worse midfielder than Hughes? I''d like to see them used more often, especially with the squad as paper thin as it is.[/quote] How on earth did they get blooded with Worthy in charge????  [;)]   [/quote] I tell ya, 3 minutes at the end of a coca cola cup match aint exactly blooded to me!! [+o(]  lol To be fair, when given a go Spillane looked decent, Jarvis has impressed at times (and looked lightweight on other occasions) as for the others I don''t think I have seen them play having seen very few away games recently??  [/quote] How did I know you would be here CJF?? [;)] [8-|] Jarvis has impressed at times but I always feel he is holding something back. Maybe the new manager will get more out of him. Eagle looked ok at Rotherham but looked nowhere near ready to step up.  
  3. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"] [quote user="nutty nigel"] We would all be interested to see how he gets on with his next club, but if all the stuff you have said about him is true then he will never get another club. Surely any decent Board would check him out and see through him the way you do CJF?  [8-|] [/quote] Newcastle Hired Graeme Souness.  But I guess they do not have a decent board. I''m sure he will get another club - maybe he will do a Robson and make it 3 relegations in 3.  Lets hope he hasnt sent us nosediving into the first division. [/quote] We''ll see! We really should leave this alone now! But we can''t resaist... can we?? [8-|]  
  4. [quote user="Canary02"]You couldn''t play all of them, and the attack in particular looks very weak. But Lewis, Cave-Brown, the Jarvis''s, Spillane and Eagle have all been blooded and could take the next step with a run in the team. Could Eagle have done any worse than McVeigh when Hucks was out? Is Spillane a worse midfielder than Hughes? I''d like to see them used more often, especially with the squad as paper thin as it is.[/quote] How on earth did they get blooded with Worthy in charge????  [;)]  
  5. And if it''s McLeish?? Will that be a farce?? Let''s wait and see!    
  6. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"][quote user="Mook"] Doesn''t change what he did for us, CJF. And this thread is supposed to be about the good things. That''s the point you (and others) seem to be missing. We''ve had 6 months of everything that is bad about NW, this ONE thread was supposed to be a thank you for the good times. Oh, and as if you would "honourably" walk away from a couple of hundred grand... [/quote] If I cared about the club and was on his wage - yes I could, I would not want to be responsible for sending Norwich City down to the first division. He made a statement on that Sunday to the effect of Yes I realise my time is up and I am not performing for the club anymore but you are going to have to either sack me or get relegated with my team. Good Riddance...  Lets see how long you last with a less forgiving club elsewhere... [/quote] We would all be interested to see how he gets on with his next club, but if all the stuff you have said about him is true then he will never get another club. Surely any decent Board would check him out and see through him the way you do CJF?  [8-|]  
  7. [quote user="cluckin"] The club is very much at a crossroads.......and we are all talking about disaster with only ten games played. That really shows that we all know the squad is not good enough and getting a manager in quickly won''t alter that fact. No money to spend and a board seemingly content to be a ''little old club''. We cannot hope for promotion...or really want it yet. Lets settle for a hungry young manager who wants to stamp his own mark on the club. If I then see progress....I''ll be happy, because I''ll know that we''ll get there in the end. Graham Taylor (for what he is worth) said yesterday that expectations of the England team are way too high and we should''t expect to beat the world. Sadly I think this applies to Norwich City too. We ARE a great club....but looking at our 100 odd years in the league....we haven''t done very much to back that up. So why do we think we are so special?................ [/quote] We think we are special because we are fans and our ambition in our dreams as fans has no boundaries but is unrealistic given the history of the club we all love. What would be realistic? Well maybe the official line from the board : To be challenging for promotion! And that, I guess, will be the new managers remit!  
  8. He has not been discussed much on here and in my opinion would be a much better choice than many that have. Good find CJF and thanks for posting it! [8-|]  
  9. I bet over 50% of fans will be dissappointed in the choice of manager we end up with!  
  10. Good post Rudolph, I agree that the quality of the board is the most important thing. I would be interested to find out why do you think our board needs improving? And what improvements would you like to see? I don''t think the average fan takes much notice of the board of directors of their team, we are a different case because of having a Celebrity Owner. And like it or not if the Board of Norwich City is mentioned Delia is everyone’s first thought. Most fans recognise what Delia has done for this club but many can''t abide the image that goes with it. They feel that we are never going to be seen as anything other than "Little Norwich" while Delia is so high profile. Yet Delia and Michael Wynn Jones have as you rightly said done many things very well. But they have obviously made mistakes along the way and I guess we have to trust that they have learned from their mistakes. So, how much influence do Delia and Michael have in selecting the new Manager? Rather a lot you would think given their stake in the club at this time. But surely if they choose then it would be like one of us choosing! They are fans like us, they probably think like us, we all think we know who would be best but most of us are probably wrong! So that wouldn''t be the way to do it. I suspect they have advisors they can trust, football people whose opinions they value. They also have a Board of which they are only two of the directors. Because of Delia’s high profile not many people know who the Chairman of Norwich City is anymore. But I think Roger Munby is ok, far more open and accessible than the previous chairman. And there are other directors who I know very little about. And of course they have Chief Executive Neil Doncaster, who they obviously trust and rate very highly. Between them they don''t only have to get in a manager who can take this club forward again, but also someone who can unite the fans. There were howls of disapproval, that could probably be heard in Ipswich, when they appointed Worthington but for three years he did just what we need now! So can we trust the board to get it right? If not what else could they do?  
  11. [quote user="Dionysus"][quote user="nutty nigel"] [quote user="Dionysus"]Sounds very much like another manager I know. Just the type of qualities that our board goes for.[/quote] Do most people now believe that appointing Worthington was a mistake?   [/quote] My honest opinion is that Worthington is a poor to average manager who was helped along by a great big dollop of luck. However, you can''t argue with a play off final and a season in the Prem so I wouldn''t say that appointing him was a mistake. If there is any truth in this report of Blackwell then appointing him would be. We need a fresh approach, not just Worthington recycled. [/quote] Sorry, I forgot to add that I agree Blackwell would be an awful choice, in my opinion the worst of all the names bandied around this board! Lets hope we get another lucky manager then, cuz we  could do with another playoff final, another championship, another year in the prem (and more), and another 10,000 fans in the ground!  
  12. Hi Antony I hope I wasn''t giving Kathy flak, I didn''t mean to. I still haven''t been able to read the article so I can''t comment on it. The original poster on this thread was obviously under the impression that it was a NCISA statement and now we know that not to be the case. I can undestand why he was hacked off about it though. Ther has been an awful lot of criticism towards the club from the NCISA so far this season. When results were going well I remember the clubs travel arrangements being questioned in the local press. When it was felt that Martin Hunter had helped turn things around the club were accused of demoting Steve Foley last season. But when the current poor run of form started all this was forgotten as Worthy Out came back to the fore. I think it was hoped that the sacking of the manager would unite the fans once more and the poster was probably hacked off that through this article it appeared the criticism was going to move on to a player.        
  13. I don''t think he is Nigel Worthington but I think he could be a replacement on here. We can all become yellowouters  or keepthefevers! Be careful Yellow Fever cuz you could be in the wrong place at the wrong time............  
  14. [quote user="Dionysus"]Sounds very much like another manager I know. Just the type of qualities that our board goes for.[/quote] Do most people now believe that appointing Worthington was a mistake?  
  15. [quote user="Ralph Wrong"][quote user="Kathy"] [quote user="rocky marshall"]ok, back to the subject! did the player instigate the ''attack'' or was he provoked! No fan action = no player reaction! Seems quite a system employed by the fans at CR these days. Turn up and be entertained without giving any degree of support to the act that is entertaining! If all the fans are going to do is jeer at things and moan perhaps they should just stay at home and let SUPPORTERS SUPPORT! And back 2 my original point: if someone is given a forum to express their views and they are representing an organisation, then in that forum their views must be taken as being representative of that organisation. The NCISA website is such a forum. Where someone steps out of line, the organisation must make a stance and condemn this statement and distance themseves from it! NCISA have not done this. By not denying it they have endorsed it and added to it![/quote] I think Adam Drury has got a nice arse. The NCISA chairman, treasurer and website coordinator (I think) would like to distance themselves from this remark. [/quote] Point proven!![:D][:D] [/quote] I don''t think any point is proven here. Like I said on theDoug Livermore thread, what Kathy posts on here as Kathy Blake with the cool Blakes Seven avatar is very different to something either posted on the NCISA website or a quote in the press attributed to Secretary of NCISA.  
  16. This conversation crops up in so many places from time to time. I just read this entire thread and counted the votes for each player! Dean Coney usually wins and looks like he did again! Simon Tracey was a gallant runner-up and in my opinion they both fully deserve their places at the top of the tree!! Steve Walsh, Drazen Muzinic, Raymond De Waard, Graham Stuart, Adrian Coote and Charlie Billington were other players with multiple votes! I can only judge players from the late sixties onwards and I would imagine the majority of posters in this thread are of younger generations than mine. So I was intrigued with ray duckers and  sparkies Charlie Billington because I had never heard of him! So for those of my generation and younger :- BILLINGTON, Charles Royston     Centre Half 1956-57      Debut v Southampton 28.01.56                    22 Apps. 0 Gls. Admirably equiped physically for his position Charlie turned professional upon leaving the forces. A big and rugged stopper who passed 200 appearances at Aldershot before joining Norwich in January 1956. He had difficulty containing Derek Reeves on his debut over whom he towered by six inches but Reeves did score 168 career goals for the Saints. Charlie''s Norwich spell was during a troubled period for the club and he was eventually placed on the transfer list as being surplus to requirements. His last Football League appearance was for Mansfield at home on 23rd August 1958 against Southampton. They lost 6-1 and guess who netted four goals in direct opposition to Charlie? Yes, one Derek Reeves. I think given the fact that he got two votes in this thread and that I reckon the majority of us didn''t see him play the worst player ever is Charles Royston Billington! As for me, I''m going to be boring and go with Simon Tracey. It''s really hard thinking back over the years and singling someone out as the worst player ever,  because even the poorest  players can leave you with good memories. I do remember a big centre forward signed from millwall called Bryan Conlon. I thought he was rubbish but wheneverhe scored we won! With due respect to the posters I don''t think Albert Bennett or Gary Holt deserve to be anywhere near this thread! Albert Bennett was a really good player and an England under 23 international when we signed him from Newcastle but he was very injury prone. I remember him scoring a hat-trick for us at Portsmouth on the day that Gay Trip won the National. The pink ''un headline that evening was something like "Bennett makes it Gay Trip for the canaries!! Anyway he played 59 times and scored 16 goals. Gary Holt is a lot fresher in the memory and although he was maybe out of his depth in the premier league he has been POS and has his place in the Hall Of Fame. Suggesting Holt is our worst player ever MUST have been a wind up!      
  17. [quote user="theolster"]To Marty and NuttyNigel- i am not like some on here, when the horse is put down say how great it was-i stand by what i said before he was sacked and have the same opinion after unlike all those on this thread who have slagged him off and now they have got rid of him are praising the guy, very 2 faced people on here,. everyone on here praising him after calling for his head have not a clue.hang your heads in shame.[/quote] Read my post again theolster! I think you will find that we are in agreement about people being two faced! I just pointed out that in my opinion this thread wasn''t the place for your post.  
  18. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"] [quote user="Marty"]i don''t think he''ll get sacked in time! anyway, surely that would make him a failure at West Ham?[/quote] what season 1) play-off final season 2) win play-offs and get promoted season 3) stay up - reach the FA-cup final and qualify for Europe season 4) have a poor start to the season not really a failure by any stretch, but managers have been sacked for less and for non football related reasons.  With these new argies and the possible buyout, of course his job is under threat. Lets hope so.  Also nutty nige, I agreeish if this was your point, I do not see that Alan Curbishley will walk into another premiership club as easily as he might think. [/quote] It is my point CJF. Just to prove I am not too old to copy and paste here''s one just for you!                                                                 Punters lump on Pardew exit by Steve Davies LONDON’S East End is synonymous with a TV soap, but nothing produced in Albert Square can match the events going on at Upton Park for sheer unpredictable drama, writes Steve Davies. Five weeks ago Alan Pardew was a West Ham hero after pulling off the transfer coup of the summer and punters were lumping on the Hammers for everything from a top-six finish to the title. How times change. Just over 24 hours ago he was being backed on Betfair at 1.08 to be the next Premiership manager out of his job as those same punters got wind of a crisis board meeting at the club on Wednesday night. Pardew was still in office yesterday, but he’s 6-4 favourite to be the next man out and 1-2 with Bet365 to fail to see out the season. It’s an extraordinary turnaround in fortunes for Pardew, who was 33-1 to be the first Premiership casualty before the season started and whose stock rose further with takeover talk and the purchase of Argentina World Cup stars Javier Mascherano and Carlos Tevez. Since they arrived on transfer deadline day, however, the Hammers have drawn against Aston Villa and lost the next five without even scoring a goal. Bet365 – will Alan Pardew last season at West Ham? 1-2 no, 6-4 yes.  
  19. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"] I am thinking of officially restarting the Pardew Out!! campaign that ran a few years ago at West Ham.  Lets hope the hammers lose a few more games eh!! Pardew Out!!       if you are sacked alan there is a cosy little job in norfolk waiting for you!! [/quote] Would love to see this happen, but not to get Pardew here. Imagine if the West Ham job didn''t then go to Curbishley.....  
  20. [quote user="Big Ginge"][quote user="cluckin"] Alsso his a**e was pixilated out for fear of offending viewers.......Does anyone on here not have a backside of their own that they see quite regularly?........[:@] [/quote] My mum always said she needed eyes in her a**e but I didn''t know she meant to see her own backside!!! And yes this country has lost all sense of both reality and humour. I read about an Everton fan complaining that his young son was behind Barton and how disgusting it all was. Interestingly enough he made no complaint about the fans he was sitting near who continually sung about Bartons brother who is in prison being shall we say very popular in the showers! [/quote] Everton Fan''s complaining?? Surely not! I find that very hard to believe [;)]
  21. [quote user="cluckin"]Time to bury this Worthington stuff now.........he''s gone and lets hope the upheaval it all caused was worth it.[/quote] I kind of agree with you but I don''t think it will go away while people have the attitude that if anything bad happens to the club it will be worthy''s fault. The scarey thing is that if we draw a line under it now people will have to find another target when stuff goes wrong, I wonder who it will be?????  
  22. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"][quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"] [quote user="nutty nigel"] He will not be remembered as one of the worst Norwich Managers ever simply because he wasn''t one of the worst Norwich Managers ever. [/quote] I woke up in a bad mood today by the looks of my post...  lol [:$] very true he did a very good job for a few years - great times. Shame our board couldn''t see the right time tro remove him.  He will be remembered fondly in future and we hopefully will forget the poor times - unless we get relegated...[;)] [/quote] If we get relegated it won''t be down to Worthy! In the same way what Worthy did at Blackpool has no relevence in what he achieved here![8-|] [/quote] errr... if we suffer a few injuries to key players and say Earnshaw leaves in January (which is looking likely as he has not looked at all happy on the pitch this last month very similarly to Dean Ashton last year.), then YES it will be down to him, it was his small squad choice, any new manager will have to deal with this situation until inflated transfer fee January comes along. As it was down to him that Blackpool got relegated as Steve McMahon could not halt their slide. I don''t think we will get relegated mind and expect us to climb the table when the Bowen is brought in. [/quote] Why will it be down to Worthington if Earnshaw leaves in January?? That is plain ridiculous!!! [8-|] What is it with you and Blackpool?? They had a good side once when Matthews and Mortenson played for them, also.. how many people ever remember that Alan Ball was a Blackpool player when England won the World Cup in 1966!  
  23. Delia''s special! A real babe who supports Norwich City with a passion and can cook!! What more could a man want!!!  
  24. [quote user="blahblahblah"] It will play out the way it plays out.  Momentum can be gained from early results for a caretaker, however, we''ve got QPR, Cardiff and Birmingham.  Anyone who watched the Burnley game would expect us to take no more than 4 points from those games. Hunters'' main problem is player attitude.  If they want to play for him they will, they demonstrated that last week. [/quote] Anyone who watched the Burnley game would expect us to get a big fat 0 points from those games!!!!
  25. I can understand why the article was removed if it was being confused as being a statement instead of one mans opinion but as I don''t get to see the Evening News I guess I will never get to see it now! I have never read any articles on the NCISA website before so I have no idea if you would get strung up outside Carrow Road for your views but I bet some of my views wouldn''t go down too well either [:)] I read your latest article in the NCISA column on this site and really enjoyed it, I think it would have made for some good discussion on here if it hadn''t been totally overshadowed by the events at the club after the Plymouth match. When you post on here there''s no mention of NCISA and you are just Kathy with the cool Blakes 7 avatar! You should be able to post anything you want without it being assumed to be the view of the association. But if your views are quoted in the press as being those of  the Secretary of NCISA then I guess people will assume that they are official. I haven''t always agreed with the views of NCISA and I felt the public meeting organised last season was hasty, that is only my view though and its not personal because I understand that the Committee were only doing what their membership wanted. But for the time it took from that meeting to the managers sacking it did seem as though the Club would be criticised for anything and everything from people who wanted him gone. I even remember a NCISA spokesman complaining to the press about the club wasting money flying to Torquay this season! I''m pretty sure it wasn''t you though! [:)] Maybe oneday when I have more time I will join NCISA!  
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