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  1. I too will be interested to see how Worthy''s career turns out, where he goes from here and if he can be successful again, like he was for a few years here. Sheffield Wednesday could look at what he achieved in his first years with us and make comparisons to where we were then and where they are now. On that basis they could well be "licking their chops" at the prospect of tempting Worthy to return to Hillsborough. The four year contract that the present manager has could be a stumbling block though, they obviously rated him after last season so I would have thought it was a bit soon to change their minds. However, a few more defeats and who knows! Have Leeds appointed a manager yet?  
  2. [quote user="cluckin"] [quote user="Kathy"]I have just seen to my horror in the paper that Gerry Harrison is making a comeback. For those of you who are too young to remember, GH was the most biased pro Ips**t commentator ever on local sport TV. He practically used to get down on all fours and lick the shoes of Bobby Robson. We used to have lots of songs about him in the old Barclay.[/quote]   I remember him well. Good old John Bond with his classic "It was magic Gerry" in post match interveiws..... He certainly was biased as you say. [/quote] The one I remember most of all was the first goal against Ips**t in league cup semi 2nd leg. I remember finally getting home and watching the highlights on video. The goal was  credited to Dixie but it took a deflection off the Ipswich defender. Harrisons commentry went :- "Poor old Ian Cranston, what dreadful luck for Ipswich"  
  3. Sorry Kathy, but I can''t make it tonight. My old Ma wants to come though and she wanted to know if there was anywhere really close she can park? She''d be ''made up'' if you say hello to her! (She''ll be the one with the white bonnet with size 5 footprints on it!)    
  4. [quote user="blahblahblah"] [quote user="Rudolph Hucker"]I''m afraid I''m washing my hair.[/quote] You shouldn''t be afraid of washing your hair. [/quote] No No No.. I think Rudolph means that he washes his hair because he''s afraid of going! Maybe it''s because of that Scarey Crowey guy!  
  5. [quote user="Kathy"]If you want to know something ask a woman. Ladbrokes next time. Bugger the message board.[/quote] Good call Kathy!!! Lottery numbers for tonight now please!!  
  6. It wouldn''t pay for anyone to trample all over my Old Ma''s bonnet! Especially if it meant she couldn''t wear it anymore!! Would take more than Robocop to save ''em, that''s for sure!  
  7. A lot of coaches prefer zonal defending of set pieces and have done for many years, I posted a link on a thead similar to this yesterday where Alan Hansen explains how Liverpool won championships using it. He say''s : "Liverpool used to set up their defence of a corner with four players across the six yard box and a further four ahead of them. Between them they were given an area to cover and should the ball reach them it was up to the defender to clear the danger. Hansen added that the three most important areas are your man on the near post, a man in the middle of the six-yard box and a man between those two. Although it tends to be more popular in European football than in Britain, Hansen is a fan of the system but admits it is down to the players involved. He said: "We always used zonal marking when I won championships with Liverpool. "It was all about winning the first ball and if not, you''ve got to clean up the second ball. The other thing of course was having a goalkeeper (Bruce Grobbelaar) who we knew was going to come for crosses." So, why are we so poor at it?? Well, I think we are poor at defending set pieces full stop. And the reason I say this is because we don''t have enough other players, apart from defenders, who can defend well. In our promotion side of 2004 we had a very good back four but also we had other players in the side who could defend just as well. If you think back to when Iwan was playing he would win as many balls in his own penalty area as he did in the oppositions. Gary Holt was also very accomplished at defending his own goal at set pieces. The other point that Hansen made was the goalkeeper coming for crosses and ours doesn''t look so strong in that department. This being the case then I don''t think man marking will solve anything because any club that does their homework can pull our better defenders out of position anyway. To me it seems ridiculous to bring back a certain players to defend set pieces. Three I can think of right now are McVeigh, Earnshaw and Huckerby. I agree with the poster from yesterday who said they should be left upfield. I bet the opposition would leave three players back if we left Hux and Earnie up front, and that would mess up their set plays that they had intended to use against us.  
  8. I''m right in your bubble too mbncfc! I got a good feeling about Peter Grant and Norwich City. If I had to choose the new manager today I would choose Peter Grant. If that makes me a sucker for the clubs spin then so be it. But I am excited about going to Birmingham, a place we don''t usually do very well, and I believe we can get a result to make a good start to a new chapter in the history of our great club!  
  9. Gee but its great to be back home Home is where I want to be. Ive been on the road so long my friend, And if you came along I know you couldnt disagree. Its the same old story Everywhere I go, I get slandered, Libeled, I hear words I never heard In the bible And Im on step ahead of the shoe shine Two steps away from the county line Just trying to keep my customers satisfied, Satisfied.  
  10. Me and my old Mum laugh about this every home game as we run the gauntlet of moody ba*st*rds. We park our Reliant Robin as near to the ground as we can. We park on any driveway or pavement so that we don''t have to carry our blankets and thermos flasks more than a few hundred yards. Anyway, my old mum don''t like it when people moan about her for blocking the pavement. Thankfully its not been so bad lately with all the moaners staying behind after the game shouting for worthy out! But there''s still been a couple of planks telling us about park and ride and stuff! My old mum wants to take her brolly to them and you wouldn''t want that, trust me [;)]  
  11. [quote user="Fat Barman"]I''m guessing there''s a good reason why more teams don''t do the same as Link - I just can''t think of one! Anything which spreads play over a wider area of the pitch can only help the quality of football. Perhaps managers are too scared of being pilloried for potentially conceding from a set-piece with 3 players not even attempting to defend? Myself, I prefer your way [:)] (not often I say that! [:D]) [/quote] I can''t think of any good reasons either. I agree with Link that if we left Huckerby and Earnshaw upfield at corners the opposition would be confused and leave at least 3 defenders back with them. If they leave their best defenders marking our best attackers then this would  surely interfere with the set plays that they practice in their own training sessions. I guess zonal defending could complicate this. We had a thread on zonal defending a few weeks ago and in trying to find out more i found this article among others. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/low/football/rules_and_equipment/4685580.stm  
  12. Lets hope we don''t get post match quotes like the following that were made into a poem.. I think we all agree, the past is over. This is still a dangerous world. It''s a world of madmen and uncertainty and potential mental losses. Rarely is the question asked Is our children learning? Will the highways of the Internet become more few? How many hands have I shaked? They misunderestimate me. I am a pitbull on the pantleg of opportunity. I know that the human being and the fish can coexist. Families is where our nation finds hope, where our wings take dream. Put food on your family! Knock down the tollbooth! Vulcanize society! Make the pie higher! Make the pie higher!
  13. I still think someone else is coming in. Delia always has a Trinity In the beginning we had Worthy, Livermore and Foley. Then Worthy, Livermore and Hunter. Now I guess it''s Grant, Livermore and Hunter. I heard that Livermore retires at the end of the season and I would expect Peter Grant to have a huge say in who takes his place be it then or earlier. Keith Webb is reserve team manager as far as I know.  
  14. Took his goal well yesterday and I don''t think he is here for the ride. I think he can be an asset for us. I know many fans wanted Sutton instead, but that''s not Dion''s fault [8-|]    
  15. Come on boys.. lets get a thread going on here while we watch it on the radio... good luck City!!! Fleming, Robinson AND Hughes are ALL playing today??!?! But we got Croft Hucks and Earnie up front so it''ll be ok...1-0 up...YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSS .. Huckerby!!!! Come on you yellows!!! This is how we played in our first five games this season under Worthy which suggests to me Worthy was responsible for our poor form.... come on city we can get a hat full today... 1-1 now, disappointing, lets see if I can pick a fight with a worthyouter... yep, here i am waiting, why not?? .... losing 2-1, now I really wanna get that Worthyouter... (Marty pops in at half-time to cheer everyone up with his avatar)... it must be Hooooooooze and Robbo''s fault, lets shoot them.... Peter Grant will sort them out even if they are simply not good enough... he''ll have his work cut out though, wonder if he regrets coming yet... SACK THE LOT OF ''EM!!!!...  still 1-2 down, time for a good worthy rant now, I hope Grant can make it all better but I fear worthy has done too much damage... 2-2, DUBLIN, COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!! .. jolly good game now chaps, it''s on a knife edge... hey, we''re back in this, I wanna fight a worthyouter again... Hughsey set it up, crikey, it''s a good job we didn''t shoot him... GOALLLLLLLL, good job we didn''t sack the lot of ''em, 3-2 now!!! ...come on lets have a couple more.. they would never have fought back like this for Worthy?? ... 5 minutes FFS, and they scored, 3-3, same old Norwich, let in too many... we need a couple of centre backs on loan.. good job Hunter didn''t get the job cuz Croft couldn''t last again.. if we scored 4 every game we''d have loads more points.. Oh well, we can be philisophical about it, Peter Grant will know what''s needed now.. at least we didn''t lose and it looks like everyone has gone away to rant on other threads [:D]  
  16. Looks like nobody has any views Jaz :-) I remember this question from last season and if I remember correctly Worthy said that it was the goalkeepers decision about having players on the post from set pieces. I agree that very often defenders and the keeper get in eachothers way. Another thing I have noticed in recent years is with the TV coverage at games now, and all the different angles we see the goals shown, how many strikes take slight deflections that beat the keeper. Perhaps it was always that way but without TV we never picked them up. It seemed to happen loads to Robert Green in our prem season.  
  17. [quote user="Rudolph Hucker"]It was the white smoke with Mother Superior Smith at the woodburner wot did it along with Pope Benedicts slip of the tongue at midday mass in St. Peters Square. Rumours that Delia''s confessional was leaked to the media have been disproven. Welcome, Father Peter, to the Norwich Basilica. May your God be with you and the mass support of NCFC.[/quote] Mother Superior Smith! Didn''t that crop up somewhere else today? Is funny this time though! [:D]  
  18. [quote user="Rudolph Hucker"]This was a press mis-print which should have read ''Hughes going toCarlton Colville on loan.'' Hope that sets it straight.[/quote] Is there anyone on here living nearby who could give Hooooooooze lodgings for the duration of the loan????????  
  19. [quote user="cluckin"]     It''s called humour Nigel.......you should try it some time. I was going to put comedian, but I believe you hold that position. [/quote] I meant are the posts for real, or are they all a wind up, which is why I drew attention to occupation/interests! OK so it''s for real, so where is the humour? Is it the connection between Delia and Mother Superior that''s meant to make us laugh? Or is there some hidden inuendo in "Delia Smith has buggered this club up" that''s so funny? I don''t pretend to be a comedian, I see the funny side of things on here as I do in life, and my posts sometimes poorly try to reflect this. Today is an important day for the Club as they strive to move forward, there was no way everyone was going to be happy whoever was appointed as manager. However we will ALL be happy if Peter Grant turns things round so why not try and say something positive while we find out if he can?  
  20. [quote user="Smudger"][quote user="cluckin"] Does anyone think it''s easy to feel so bitter after so many years supporting Norwich City? I stood by this club through thick and thin and travelled many hours, many times to away games only to see us trounced....but I still went back for more.....because Norwich was my team and I would never walk away from them. This time it is very different. We have endured so much grief watching Delia play out her fantasy Mother Superior role.....only to be kicked in the teeth big time. We all deserved so much better, but have again been dismissed as mere plebs as Delia appoints yet another personal ''favourite''. Believe me, I know this for a fact! Delia Smith has buggered up this club and as long as this current regime exists......we will always be ''Delia Smith''s plucky little old Norwich''.....going precisely nowhere. Thousands will continue to pour into Carrow Road in the hope that it will get better......but I won''t be there with you to endure it any more. We all got conned into buying those treasured season tickets at great cost.......and what do we get in return?.....two fingers from the Board. I admire the positivity shown by some stalwart supporters....but I''ve been around too long to be mugged like this again. I''m gone until I see a proper change at this fine club of ours....and I fear it won''t come anytime soon.           [/quote] It is so horrible but also nice to find another fan on these message boards that feels as distraught as myself and the fellow fans I know about the cuurent state of affairs at the club instead of faling for the clubs PR bollocks spin!!! It is a horrible place to be when after year after year of support through some terrible times (Chase and Sir Arthur South) you feel like you are getting shafted more than ever by our cuddly friendly loveable cook. I stopped going about a year ago... have been to protests and forum meetings since but refuse to be ripped off by Delia & Co... I hoped that this would be the turnaround point... but this club of ours has many dark years ahead of it now... I will attend again only when something drastic happens with the set up at board level... and the people that say I ain''t a true City fan can say what they like...  they will be the ones wishing they had acted sooner in years to come!!! Cluckin if you fancy some contact with other totally disillousioned City fans that have either reached your depths of despair or aren''t far away from it drop an e:mail to sparkyms85@ hot mail.com   [/quote] Is all this for real?? Occupation : Moaner Interests : Moaning Why not visit  http://www.rawcomplaints.com/     
  21. [quote user="cluckin"] Canarynut....I applaud your positivity, but the truth is we have been mugged. Of course Malky would speak highly of him....he''s mate! Good luck to you and I hope all goes well....but don''t hold your breath. He''s a chancer on the make. [/quote] What do you know about him to be able to say he is a ''chancer on the make''? What is it that makes you so anti PG clucking? Surely it can''t just be that he was here the year we wore yellow shorts?  
  22. [quote user="ncfc1"]A cardboard cutout could have done a better job than Worthington , Grant no its not the big name we were hoping for , but better than Worthington ? 100% gauranteed i would say.[/quote] There ya go link.. I rest my case! Why is all this neccessary?? Turned the club around, took us to the playoffs, won the championship, took us into the premier league where we didn''t get relegated until the last game and put 10,000 on the gate! Bring on the next cardboard cutout!  
  23. [quote user="Yellow fever"][quote user="Yellow fever"][quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Yellow fever"][quote user="nutty nigel"] I bet over 50% of fans will be dissappointed in the choice of manager we end up with![/quote] yes and they will soon join are protests [/quote] Please don''t quote my posts cuz I can get into enough trouble on my own thankyou![:^)] [/quote] do not be afraid  - soon they will all be with us [/quote] see i told you - we are many and soon ktfs will be gone [/quote] WTF????????? Do you wanna swap avatars???
  24. I can''t believe this post! Is it designed to open up old wounds?? I supported Worthy right up to the end and have fought to have his achievements recognised on here since he was sacked. But all this post has done is to invite a load more anti worthy posts when we should be getting behind Peter Grant.  
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