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  1. First plus.. I only have to listen to those Stokies pathetic renditions of ''Delilah'' at least I can''t see them!  
  2. Poor guy! His first post and we bombard him with questions and treat it like a press conference! [:)] Has anything changed? Worthington played youngsters at Rotherham and left them out at Plymouth on the Saturday. Grant played youngsters at Port Vale and left them out at Stoke on the Saturday. No change so far.    
  3. Can''t go today so I have to ''watch it on the wireless''. I never enjoy it and know I should do something else and check the results at 5 o''clock. But I know I will be hanging on to every word of the Radio Norfolk commentary, willing our boys to win. Anyone got any tips on how to make this experience more real? Should I wear my replica shirt? Maybe eat a lamb and mint pie at halftime? Howabout chanting "you don''t know what you''re saying" to Roy Waller, Neil Adams and Co? COME ON YOU YELLOWS!!  
  4. Barcelona would certainly be a significant challenge to Norwich City right now YankeeCanary!However, Stoke City would also be a significant physical challenge to Barcelona with the amount of ''brick outhouses'' they have to call on. I re-read my post about spin and it seemed a bit condescending towards you which I didn''t intend it to be. Our new manager certainly talks a lot which gives the press and others plenty of opportunity to put "spin" on his quoutes. I prefered Worthy''s pre-match quotes too, it was his post-match comments that caused him so much grief.      
  5. spin (DECEIVING) noun {S or U} INFORMAL when an idea or situation is expressed or described in a clever way that makes it seem better than it really is, especially in politics: - They have tried to put a positive spin on the situation. - This report puts a different spin on the issue. I am not posting this to try to be clever just looked it up for my own benefit because it''s a relatively new expression for me. I am now totally confused!!! Is "They''re physical, they''re powerful and bruising but they also have some Premiership quality players that can be match winners" spin? Or is "For Pete''s sake they are in 18th place having won 3 games out of 13" spin? My guess is they are both "spin" but both are accurate and  neither is particularly decieving.  
  6. Did you wake up in a bad mood today Mystic?? [:)] My post wasn''t about Delia''s "best fans in the world" comments. I just said that I like to think that the community spirit amongst our fans is a part of what she means. Apart from that this post wasn''t about the Board in any way. As for whether I believe it''s true, in the main yes I do. And I believe the numbers that travelled to Plymouth for Worthy''s penultimate game is testament to that. Far more so than a few idiots cheering oppositions goals. I started going to Carrow Road in the late 60''s and there was certainly more fear than there is now. Of course the worst of it was as you say in the late 70''s and early 80''s.  
  7. [quote user="Rudolph Hucker"]Thanks for all the responses and thank you Croutons for your information on the South Stand. I was particularly interested in your point Nutty about being a glass ceilinged Premiership side and have said before that I believe the Prem to be doomed in its present format. You can just see it: promotion, large stand investment, 32,000 capacity, same old same old results/league position, less games, silly kick off times/days and less crowd than we have now. It makes an interesting conundrum doesn''t it?[/quote] I agree with your view about the Premier League being doomed in its present format. On another post I have been singing the praises of modern day football, but for me the Premiership is very much the downside. It''s run by the big clubs for the big clubs. It''s the pinnacle of our league system and we all dream of being there, but when we get there we feel a bit let down. It''s better on TV than in the grounds. I call it ''The Football Armchair Premier League''. When this was posted before I mentioned about the G14 (18) Clubs of Europe and how they could breakaway and form a European Super League. It’s already been rumoured that they would like to have guaranteed Champions League places for their Member Clubs. I notice that David Dein is now president of G14 which should set off a few alarm bells! However I for one would be happy if they did break away. I would love to see the Football League back in control of all top four divisions. The Football League is more competitive and much more transparent, insisting on things such as publicising agents fees and also talk about restricting salaries to a percentage of the clubs income. However it’s very difficult to implement these changes in the Championship as a lot of clubs have one eye on the Premiership where the rules would be different. All this makes life difficult for a club like Norwich City. We will never be able to compete with the bigger clubs in a league where the same bigger clubs make all the rules. Yet we have to strive to get there and try because to have no ambition would make the whole thing pointless. I believe the boards target of challenging for promotion from the Championship is about right. Of course achieving promotion is fine too except that after the initial adventure being a ‘glass ceiling club’ becomes stale. I think our best bet is to gradually increase capacity while there is a demand and invest enough in the team so that we are there or thereabouts to take advantage when the ‘Premiership Gravy Train’ dries up and all clubs compete on an equal footing.  
  8. The mix of people all brought together by their love of a football club has become a very special part of being a football fan. On my row in the Lower Barclay the ages of the people sitting around me I would guess to be 35, 40, 22, 50, 19, 18 and 45. I am the old guy in the middle. They are a mix of men and women, parents, grandparents and teenagers. We all interact together as equals. On away trips the mix is even more diverse, quite regularly groups of people will be found together discussing the match or other football issues, united by the club they support. These groups are often made up of teenagers through to pensioners, and include people from all different walks of life. This is all a far cry from how things were in the 60''s, 70''s and 80''s. Of course us older posters have happy memories of the football players of those days, but the terraces were ruled by fear. I can remember the days where people wouldn''t even go into the city shopping on a Saturday afternoon if Norwich had a home match. This new found community spirit amongst fans is happening to different degrees at clubs all over the country but from what I have seen elsewhere, there is no better example of it than at our own club. When Delia say''s we are the best fans in the world I like to think that this spirit is a very big part of what she means.  This message board is much the same. It''s made up of so many different ages and backgrounds all united by our team. I can deduce that I am one of the older posters but I know there are some older than me. There are many, many more younger. This board is special because there is a tolerance on here that is not found on many football boards. There are differences of opinion but no real nastiness between posters, where there could be insults there’s often comedy. We should be proud of this board in the same way we should be proud of our club.
  9. [quote user="Matt Gunns"]Hopefully someone in the Conference will want Hughes?Be great to be rid of  that idiot![/quote] Are you that guy from NCISA on yet another username?????  
  10. [quote user="jetstream"] Interesting points. I note Blackburn reduced their tickets for last night''s Carling Cup game against Chelsea to "just" £18 and the att was still only 14,732. It was a miserable night but it wasn''t on the television. Surely they''d be better off making it, say, £10 and getting another 5 or 6,000 in so that the atmosphere is better (and they would sell more pies/drinks as well). Now, did B''burn fans not turn up because they don''t have that many fans, didn''t fancy seeing them lose to Chelski, didn''t bother as it was too expensive, or because it''s a pretty uninspiring Cup competition where the final will be inevitably be Liverpool vs Man Utd/Chelsea? A few of the mid-table Premiership sides exist despite less-than-full grounds, even in league games. Two, three or five years in the premiership have given them such a comfortable source of revenue from Sky TV that the fans are - in a way - irrelevant because the gate receipts will probably only cover 25%-30% of the running costs of the Club anyway. I wonder whether we''d fill a 28,000 seater every home game now but in the Premiership I''m pretty sure we would. And unlike Blackburn, Bolton etc, I think we would continue to do so. [/quote] If we are in the Championship "challenging for promotion" to the Premiership (the boards apparent target)consistently I think we would fill a 28,000 seater every game. If we were struggling in the bottom six of the Premiership consistently then I fear we may not. The season we had up there was a great adventure and we sold out every game but if we stayed there and kept struggling many casual fans would get fed up with watching a struggling side. uninspiring home games against the likes of Wigan on a cold damp day could see only the 16,000 rotary drier fans left.    
  11. Our insipid Board should have seen this coming and implemented a scouting system on the gas platforms in the North Sea then!  
  12. [quote user="Rudolph Hucker"] Our defence needs to push up, we have the pace to do so and this in turn should see Safti another 10 to 15 yards further forwards of the half way line instead of being behind it.[/quote] This has been a problem with us for too many years. The way I see it, if the defence push up and players like Safri are 15 yards further forward then our clever players get the ball further forward too, making them far more dangerous to the opposition. A burst of pace from Huckerby is more likely to produce a goal deep in the oppositions half than on the halfway line.    
  13. [quote user="Old Boy"]PG changed that system nutty, so that Jarvis could play in his favoured position, but he still didn''t do anything. He''s scored some good goals, but so''s Paul McVeigh. PG''s sussed him - "In periods in the game he did it. Then he rested, and there''s no rest in this game, and no rest in this team". That''s Jarvis in a nutshell, and Jarvis should take responsibility. No-one else.[/quote] I think it''s more likely that PG changed the system because it wasn''t working. For all the pre-match hype about Grant wanting to win the Carling Cup I felt he experimented a bit during this game. However, that can only be a good thing and proves he has a plan B or C and is prepared to try it during a game which makes a refreshing change. As for Jarvis, I have never been convinced. I have posted before that he always looks the part but never seems to see it through. I wish he had all his ability coupled with Hendersons or Eagles fight. Out of all the fringe players given a go by Grant so far I feel that Eagle has convinced most.  
  14. [quote user="Rudolph Hucker"]The point is, Ladyboy, satire to get a point across.[/quote] Not more Ladyboys! Cherub still won''t come out of his room..............  
  15. [quote user="dr livingstone"] same old story on this board. some people have to have a go at others. whats the point of this post. [/quote] Same point as your post I guess  [8-)] [*-)]    
  16. [quote user="mystic megson"] Hang on a minute.  He''s only 20 years old. From what I''ve seen he has good potential as a predatory box player (scoring twice against Rotherham), but lacks another string to his bow at this stage.  If Earnie leaves in January he could come into his own. [/quote] Spot on Mystic. He was expected to be Huckerby last night and it was the system that was failing. Surely if it was Jarvis failing Eagle would have replaced him and Safri would have been left on. The 433/451 we play is a system that suits us when Huckerby and Croft are both in the team. I do agree however that if we play 442 on Saturday then Eagle must surely be in front of Jarvis to start. Jarvis could then get a go up front if Earnshaw isn''t fit. If he is fit I would try Earnie with Dublin in a 442.    
  17. Heard 2 + 3 last night too! I love a good rumour me! [;)]  
  18. [quote user="cityangel"]Thats harsh Rudolph![/quote] Harsh but fair.  
  19. [quote user="Fat Barman"]Can nutty nigel ask one more time, the ''ncisa/rossi/wotsisname'' question? I only ask because I have a nice conspiracy theory developing about ncisa, the police and speeding angels (not accusing you of doing drugs!), not to mention all those nurses and pub visits! Has ever a thread been dragged off topic so consistently (dare I say, conveniently?) and conveniently (yes!)? I get fed up with this multi-name-user mullarkey - I know Rude Old has appeared as Ramrod, as an amusing diversion, but I can neither tell, nor care, whether he, or anyone else, does so regularly. I take the various posters here as all individuals (as Brian''s mum would admonish) and agree it''s wrong if anybody tries to fool us by appearing under alternate identities. BTW, next time CJF drives to the pub on a Friday night, perhaps he could consider leaving on bloody time! [:P] [/quote] I am tempted to ask again but I''m not sure if I want to. This thread is quite entertaining now because it has attracted some of the boards more entertaining posters but it''s quite amazing how it gets dragged off topic so consistently. What was the original topic of the thread again? I know it''s NCISA because it say’s so on the title. But was it NCISA say ''Hughes must go''.... or was it NCISA say ''EEN out of order''...or could it have been NCISA member in ''anti-police statement''... or maybe NCISA want to ''distance themselves from Adam Drury''s arse''... how about NCISA face ''multi-username allegations''... perhaps it was Fat Barman hints at ''NCISA conspiracy theory''. I could ask one more time but I’ve got a headache now, late night, long journey back from that Football Hotbed that is The Potteries. Maybe I''ll ask again tomorrow.....  
  20. [quote user="Kathy"] [quote user="Evil Monkey"] Many other clubs relegate the away fans to some of the worse or uncovered parts of the ground, such as at Portsmouth or York. [/quote]   Its a bit cruel sending them that far away isnt it? Oh all right then. Good one Kathy [:D] Seriously though, I like them to be right where they are now when we win, but when we lose Portsmouth and York would be fine by me!     [/quote]
  21. Both teams got very tired and I thought we would win it in extra time, we probably were a little fitter than them as our relative league positions suggest we should be. It didn''t work out that way and Port Vale deserve plenty of credit for the way they hung on at times. We didn''t have the quality in their box to get the goal our pressure looked likely to bring. The penalties were a disappointment. Penalty shoot outs are a great leveller between two sides whatever their league positions, it''s a lottery in as much as how many times the keeper guesses right. However, all Port Vales penalties were on target.  
  22. It was great to see Gary Holt in the bar last night, he had time for everyone who talked to him. In my eyes he is ''a legend''!  
  23. I thought it was Delia and a young Pope Pete????  
  24. Rudolph is 100% correct. It''s gotta be Ashdown and we need him or someone like him permanently. Gallacher has rightly earnt praise for his attitude and the saves he made last night but he frustrated me bigtime at times during the game. First half he couldn''t wait to hoof it up field to ''Little Ern'' and then later in the game when we had Dublin and Thorne up front he seemed to hang on to the ball for ever and a day.  
  25. [quote user="1st Wizard"] Croak!!!!!!!!!!!! [/quote] Cluck!!!!!!!!!!! [;)]  
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