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  1. [quote user="fuzzyfelt"]Nigel, I like your style! But it''s still oh so quiet... [/quote] Sorry for helping to spoil your thread[;)] To answer seriously I don''t think many people actually support the current board without reservations. I certainly don''t although I am perceived to on here. Bein'' accused of bein'' Delia''s cousin ''n''all [*-)][;)] I was actually among the few who were critical of the board when Worthy was the focus of all blame. There can be no doubt that this board have made mistakes, and there''s no hiding place with the team cut adrift at the bottom of the championship. For my money the biggest mistake is that they haven''t go the balance right between investment on the team and investment on additional revenue streams. Thats the big one for me, and compounded because it has been allowed to go on for so long. Mistakes with manager appointments aren''t such a big issue to me. Other clubs have all made mistakes too. If you compare our board with others their record in this is no worse than most. If I may rephrase your original question to "Reasons why you don''t continually attack the board" then the answer would be easier. In my view doing this to the extent it''s done on here is counter productive. It muddies the waters if you like. I have posted before that football club boards are strange in that it''s assumed that builders, fur traders, taxi operaters, lord mayors, councillors, publishers and even celebrity chefs miraculously know how to run a football club. And then when they mess up - us postmen, barmen, salesmen, plumbers, and the like all know how to run a football club better than them. Unfortunately, they are the ones who have invested their money, it''s their trainset, so like it or not they have the last say. If we really want them to change their approach and invest more money on the football team then I believe we should concentrate on that whilst recognising the need to invest in additional revenue streams for the future.  
  2. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"] That''s interesting Nutty.   My Great-Granny lived to 102 and died nearly 30 years ago but I recall a similar rhyme from her. It must be an old Norfolk ditty. [/quote] It''s Irish I think Rudolph. Seven Drunken Nights AAAAAAAAARRTTTOOOOO..... How''s the head mate [+o(][;)]  
  3. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"][quote user="Meeky"] How many times?   Ashton was not available from Crewe in the summer before the premier season. Crewe wanted to establish themselves in the division before he was sold. We bought him in January when they thought they were relatively safe, but nearly got it wrong when they only just stayed up the last day of the season. We were the only Premier side interested in taking a gamble on him and Crewe relented and let him come to us. If he had been available that summer then the club would have bought him then! [/quote] Crouch was available at the start of that season and Worthington stated publically that the club couldn`t (wouldn`t?) afford him so to suggest we would have spent a similar figure on Ashton had he been available is highly dubious. I think you will find there were precisely no bids for Ashton in January, so Crewe`s "We`re ambitious, we`re not going to sell Ashton" stance was just the usual bravado clubs go through before selling their best players. [/quote] Of course Ashton was available at the start of the season. We just didn''t try. We always say our players aren''t available and then sell when the bid is good enough, it started with Ron Davies for me and has never changed.  
  4. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"] Yep come on squit, Hartson Gut, Big M, NN, Ardee to name but a few, Why Exactly are we .....Fools,Traitors, Scum,Binners, Moaners,Codgers,C#!ts,To@@ers ect ect [yes i have been called them all]? Im fed up of the smug comments against my views bearing in mind when i talk to people outside the City they''re surprised we havent taken action against the current board already! [ ask anyone about Norwich and they will say about Delias Rant and our fall from being a very good club to a S?@t one] Go on i beg you, some off you might actually realise that we have fallen big time. But never mind hey? [/quote] Ok.. come on Arto ... produce the post where I have accused you of being Fools,Traitors, Scum,Binners, Moaners,Codgers,C#!ts,To@@ers ect ect [:^)] Every so often you go on a rant like this at me for no reason[:''(] This time I suggest you either put up or shut up [:#] But then again... maybe..... And as I went home on Tuesday night as drunk as drunk could be I saw a post on the board where my old post should be Well, I called me wife and I said to her: Will you kindly tell to me Who wrote that post on the board where my old post should be Ah, you''re drunk, you''re drunk you silly old fool, still you can not see That''s just some fuzzy felt that me mother sent to me Well, it''s many a day I''ve travelled a hundred miles or more But felt on a messageboard I never saw before. [B][B][B][B][B][B][B][B][D][D][:^)] ...hic! [Y]    
  5. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] So.........so..........let me get this clear. Mystic did not pen Nutty''s contender for word of the day? Because she had already been crushed into the hereafter by Welsh lard? So, who penned it? Fat Prophet or Nutty''s imagination? Or........? Now if it was imaginative, then.............No, no, I don''t think so, not Nutty.[^o)] Cluedo? OTBC [/quote] Reverend Green... in the boardroom... with Delias rolling pin???? Or just maybe..... [8] It was just my imagination Running away with me It was just my imagination Running away with me [;)]    
  6. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"][quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"][quote user="nutty nigel"]  it won''t take away the need for someone for fans to focus their blame on. That need will only disappear when there is an upturn in results [/quote] I know;  even if its the wrong people fans need a victim. Not sure I like this comments - common sense,  balanced - makes me sound even duller than I really am [/quote] So, nobody''s really responsible for us being bottom of the championship by 6 pts in mid-November, eh? It''s those d*rn inconvenient fans. They ''need'' a ''victim''. Yep. Give over, lads. OTBC   [/quote] Somebody must be responsible,  or it could be many people, Holty played his part, and then Worthy, a bit of Robinson Hooze and Etuhu, and then of course Doc, and Granty and now the cook and her cohorts. Yes we have to blame someone [:@] so were we right to blame some of those people all of the time or all of those people some of the time [*-)] And why has the buck only started to stop at the top this season?  
  7. [quote user="Fat Prophet"][quote user="nutty nigel"] Sorry but that award must go to Mystic for masturbatory [;)]   [/quote] Nutty . . . Mystic has had a sad demise. Walking past KFC one evening she was crushed to death by a dinosaur.  The huge lumbering beast Lardyosaurus Hartsonii was in angry mood, having had nothing to eat for over twenty minutes.  Beating its chest and uttering its traditional cry "Three more bargain buckets boyo and don''t forget the onion rings" it had the momentum of a ten-ton truck.  Mystic didn''t stand a chance [:''(] I''m here to keep her memory alive . . .    [/quote] What a terrible end Mystic came to but why ever didn''t she step aside [sn] as the lumbering beast approached [:^)] Are you related to Colin? Anyone remember him? I think he was only here for one season, the transitional season when Bondy took over from Saunders and we got relegated. We used over 30 players that season!  
  8. Arrdee, you lovely clever old boy [;)], you have spotted a good opportunity to make the academy some more money. There is a way to achieve something out of this if the march fails in it''s main objective. Now Smudger is a good old boy who has the club locked in his heart and yellow and green blood pouring through his veins. Smudger, and in fact all you other marchers, I know you believe that your anti-board demonstration is for the good of us all so why not take up on Arrdees excellent idea. Doing this will gain you the respect of the other genuine fans who don''t agree with you at this time. The way I see it the Gardeners Arms [B] is getting a lot of free publicity through this march. They will get lots of extra custom as you lovely old marchers meet there on Saturday and of course all the other curious people who turn up to get a glimpse of our very own Citizen Smudge [:''(] So why not tap up the landlord for a bit of sponsorship in return[:^)] Ask him to double the stake on the Free Bet Fred. If he had done this last week it would have earned another £41.76 for the academy. I will not be marching with you at this time but as a gesture of good will among ALL City Fans I have adapted Lisa Simpsons Protest Song for you to use on Saturday : - Come gather in the Gardeners Arms to be told, ''Bout how a hero, named Smudger, will make the board fold! We''ll march ''till we drop, the girls and the fellas We''ll fight ’til they’re gone or else fold like umbrellas ''Cause we''ll march day and night, whenever they play They have the shares, but we’ll have the say! What do you say Citizen Smudge[:^)] [Y] Power To The People [:''(]  
  9. [quote user="face"] Dear oh dear, here we go again with some holier than thou supporter telling us all how to support our club. I am fully behind Fat Prophet here in that season tickets used to be bought by those who didn''t want to queue (good joke now we all seem to spend ages queuing beside shut  turnstyles).  The rest of us used to have enough "loyalty" to go without the joys of our little rip off pages. Now all of a sudden we are expected to pay our money and go every week or we are committing treason. As a matter of interest Barclayman (ahh how we remember the days of standing, surging and being flattened like men) the "fairweather supporters" probably pay more towards the next Mo Camara than you do on your discounted season ticket. Season tickets are actually not helping the future of football, ask Man Utd supporters ! [/quote] These threads are like two squabling kids where both are right and both are wrong. It''s six to one and half a dozen to the other. I make no secret of the fact that I think a reduction in season tickets would benefit everyone but having said that I will always renew mine. I am not fully behind Fat Prophett, you or ob1. For each holier than thou supporter telling us about loyal supporters who attend games there seems to be another holier than thou supporter who claim the higher ground through not going to games. Some of those even try to convince us that they are doing it for everyones benefit and that we will be queueing up to thank them at some time in the future. I am just as happy to be in a crowd of 12,000 as I am in 24,000. In fact 12,000 people who really want to be there would probably create a better atmosphere. I hope thousands don''t renew next season.  
  10. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"] [quote user="gazzathegreat"]  I tend to agree with Robert''s verdict on you too Zipper, especially the tactical stuff. Miss your input on the board these days. .[/quote] Hi gtg - hope you are keeping well;  I still browse daily but find it difficult to get anyone to discuss the football, which is why I come on here to start with   As I said I struggle to contribute to the whole board debate (pros or cons which I know are clearly evident on both sides of the fence) when the real crux of the problem lies with the management of the playing side;  our current squad was never doomed to relegation from the start of the season and contains the players to push for a play off.  However without clear guidance and motivation from the manager we have ended up with as certain a relegation side as I have seen in years.  Crucially if we swapped ownership but kept Grant were we more likely to stay up than keeping the board and swapping to Roeder,  remaining unchanged in both and changing everything.   Changing the manager is the key change.    In know that is not the popular view but then again I have never been a sheep Roeder is doing all the right things and quite quickly; so the question is wheher there are enough games left to stop this tanker and turn it around?    So again its about can Glen make the squad a team wanting to avoid relegation,  rather than the degree of mismanagement upstairs.   [/quote] That post is full of common sense ZLF but unfortunately it won''t take away the need for someone for fans to focus their blame on. That need will only disappear when there is an upturn in results and league position. Then and only then will the togetherness start to return.  
  11. [quote user="HUDDY "] [quote user="Barry Brockes"]No, the right decision was made to dispense with Worthy''s services albeit a year too late. Managers have a shelf life and Worthy was way past his sell by date. What we weren''t to know was that the Board would make a catacylsmic decision in appointing the hapless Grant as a replacement. A sensible replacement for Worthy would almost certainly not have seen us in the position we are in today.[/quote] Well done for tdoays word of the day! [/quote] Sorry but that award must go to Mystic for masturbatory [;)]  
  12. [quote user="King Juan of Spain"][quote user="Fat Prophet"] It''s a pity there aren''t a few more so-called "fairweather" fans, then the club might have to try a bit harder to get bums on seats . . . When I was growing up, no one except the posh nobs in the City Stand had season ticket, and the masturbatory "loyal fans" culture didn''t exist.  It never crossed our minds to consider whether we were loyal or not.  We were proud of our club, not of ourselves.  We turned up week in week out, but occasionally we went fishing instead.    [/quote] In the olden days, we sometimes went out with our girlfriends instead of going to games. That saved us from becoming overly masturbatory loyal fans, I can tell you. [/quote] I did both  
  13. [quote user="gazzathegreat"]As in all businesses the buck stops firmly at the top. They have appointed managers who haven''t worked out. Now they seem to have stumbled on a good one, acid test now is will they let him bring in some quality players, saying not only themselves, but the club also.[/quote] Gazza - The problem I have with all of this is that it stems back to over three years ago now. The facts have never altered it''s just they are perceived differently now. Not getting Ashton or Crouch in the summer of 2004 was a problem then and not now. It''s only hindsight that brings it to the fore so often three and a half years later. Worthington pointed it out back in the summer of 2006 in frustration over missing out on Hulse and Howard. Maybe if the fans had backed him a little then things could have been different. But nobody listened, prefering to stick to their agenda of getting him sacked and ridiculing him. Zipper, as always, makes some good points about what went wrong tactically. Maybe Worthy was out of his depth in the Premiership but to be fair we can, as ZLF rightly says, only judge on what we see. When we comment on team selection all the players are completely fit and ready to play their best. In reality this isn''t the case, many of them are carrying injuries or have other problems which affect their performances and the manager has to take all this into account when he makes his selection. How do we know the board have stumbled on a good manager after appointing managers that didn''t work out. They appointed Worthington who took the club to the Play Off Final and then to the Premiership as Champions and never finished below 9th in this league. Roeder, so far, has P3 W0 D1 L2 F3 A8 Pts1. This suggests to me they stumbled on a good one with Worthy but I am hopeful Roeder will cut the mustard too. We  can go over and over what has happened but to say the buck firmly stops at the top begs the question why it only started stopping there this season. The truth is that we have taken our frustrations and disappointments out on the board this season where as before we had other targets. The cure can only be found in an upturn of results on the pitch making us more succesfull in the league bringing back the pride and togetherness we had in abundance a few years ago.  
  14. It''s nearly 35 years to the day since we stood on the terraces at Highbury on a cold and wet November evening and watched Graham Paddon score a hat-trick with his magic left foot. We beat Arsenal 3-0 that night on our way to Wembley for the first time. Great memories of a true Canary Great.  
  15. [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="Smudger"] Does Wiz not remember???  Did that one pas your memory by in your old age Wiz??? [/quote] No, not at all Smudger, maybe, just maybe, I didn''t make that game, it has been known to happen!.[:|] [/quote] As I remember it was more than just an isolated protest at one game. There were also protests against Ken Brown from some fans but he was sacked in November 1987 after that Charlton game and Dave Stringer took over. After the sacking I remember there was an EGM at St Andrews Hall where, if my memory is right,  Browns friend Harry Serryus(sp?) tried unsuccesfully to remove Chase.  
  16. Are the Chase Out Crew also known as COC''s? [:O] You decide [&] We always seem to want someone out [:''(]  
  17. Greetings Pink Un Pickers..... alright [Y] Congratulations to "Yankee" who is definitely Pick Of The Pops this week [*] That''s the first one in the back of the net for all us Pink Un Pickers [<:o)] Just like Chris Brown''s goal against Burnley, let''s hope it will be the first of many [Y] So let''s race "Super Chris" to the top of the charts! [Y] It''s 1-1 and all to play for [;)] Congrats to Arrdee too [:D] Are we the only Online Football Community raising money for the academy through posters selections on an internet message board?  ..... Not ''arf [H] Just watch others follow our lead.. but we were the first.. we are number one... we are top of the pops [Y] That''s right.... hold tight... stay bright [Y]  
  18. Anyone else remember the Greenham Common protests? They lasted 19 years from 1981 to 2000. Now these women were seriously committed protesters. I had nothing but respect for them, in fact I met one when she did a talk at Trades Council back in the 80''s. Even those that didn''t agree with them still had to admire them. After 19 years the Cruise Missiles had been removed and the common land was finally back in the hands of the people with cattle grazing and a memorial to the peace campaigners. But the thing is a lot of these protesters then moved onto other projects because protesting had become a way of life for them. Now thankfully the protests against Robert Chase only lasted a few months instead of 19 years. They happened I guess because of the disappointment in results and our huge fall from grace in such a short time. Fans were disappointed and angry and Chase was totally unnaproachable and very single minded and dictatorial in the way he ran the club. (Strangely some fans want a return to that again now but as I said so many times, the grass is always greener!) The protests were very angry, spiteful and personal against him which was probably unfair but understandable because of the all singing all dancing one man band way that he ran the club. We then had a really spiteful, hurtful, and nasty protest campaign against Nigel Worthington. Again it was fuelled through disappointment of poor results, and a fall from grace, although not as far as we fell in the 90''s. The campaign against Worthington was particularly vicious because it was directed at the wrong target. It should never have been personal, If protesters wanted him sacked surely it was obvious he couldn''t sack himself. Now there is talk of protests again, this time against the board. But what are we protesting about? Surely we are not protesting because Delia Smith is a cook? Or because she once used the phrase ''Little Norwich'' on TV? As far as I can see any protests will be fuelled by poor results, an unnacceptable league position and an even further fall from grace. I have every sympathy with the view that this has been at least partly caused by the board being unable to strike the right balance between investment in the football team and the off field revenue streams. But it seems some fans have now become serial protesters. I have no problem with peoples rights to protest and freedom of speech to say what they want. The world is a better place because people have been brave enough to stand up for what they believe. But we could learn something from those gallant Greenham Common women. They were very clear about what they were protesting about and they stuck to that agenda. So any protests about the situation we are in now should surely be an attempt change the policies and invest more money into the football team and not a personal and hateful campaign against individuals.  
  19. Bly - Thats because I didn''t really understand your post. So ok, you can mock me for not understanding (but I bet I''m not the only one who doesn''t understand it), or you can explain it better. Why do you never criticise the board? [;)]    
  20. Greetings Pink Un Pickers..... alright [Y] Four points out of six away from home has seen Doncaster move up the Billboard Chart this month to No.9. Over the same period Tranmere have slipped from the top of the chart to No.8. Current form suggests Donacaster could come out top when they meet tomorrow. Doncaster V Tranmere    Home win. Do we send good luck across the pond to  ''Yankee Canary'' ..... Not ''arf [H] That''s right.... hold tight... stay bright [Y]    
  21. I seriously don''t get this post Bly... please explain to me how the club was stolen from us in 1996? Who took it from us? How did we let it happen? Was it something to do with the police horses? Or Geoffrey Watling? Or Gordon Bennett? Or Barry Lockwood? Or was it something to do with the wicked cook and her cohorts?  
  22. [quote user="a1canary"]There seems to be an inexhaustable supply of word plays on our new manager''s name for the headline writers to play with. Personally, i like the "Woe for Woeder" ones because he has a bit of a Jonathan Woss affliction in his voice doesn''t he! Then we''ve had Carrow Roed, The Long and Winding Roed, Roe Ya Boat (maybe not that one!) More please... [/quote] Howabout................ a1 G-Roeder longer nose through telling porkies about Ginger Pele [:^)][:P]  
  23. [quote user="Web Team - Pat"]It''s not the football club stopping e-mails being posted here - it''s us at Archant. So, same rules apply.[/quote] Thanks Pat You are a real star [*] I been trying to establish this since yesterday.    
  24. [quote user="gazzathegreat"]Nutty you were not alone over the issues with signing Crouch. It appears that the board didn''t have the money to do so (read Crouch''s autobiography), but he would have signed as he wanted to stay. What a miss. Just thinking of what might have been makes you sick doesn''t it? Of course had he stayed we might not have needed Ashton, we will never know. IMO we should have got rid of Worthington at the end of the first relegation season.....but as you have said, not backing your manager with cash is paramount to giving him the boot anyway. As it showed. I am almost ready to protest, one thing will push me over the edge and that''s another case of the Martin O''Neill scenerio, good manager in, not backed with cash for team building, should this not happen in January and Roeder leaves, then Smudger and co can count me in.[/quote] Gazza - I have never been quite sure about whether the board were totally to blame for not signing Peter Crouch. It seems crazy to think we couldn''t have found the money as we were about to embark on that Premiership season. But I never saw Worthy complain about it, however he did say about the board NOT signing Ashton earlier.  The one that really rankles with me though is the Steve Howard shambles in the summer of 2006. We still had good players here at that time even though a lot of fans didn''t think so. Not signing a targetman to play beside Earnshaw, for a last attempt to get back while we had money, was unforgivable.  
  25. They weren''t all planned jas.. some were but many were spontaneous during and after poor performances and results.  
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