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  1. It''s incredible how some fans have to always find something to complain about. There are many factors involved in setting the prices for these games and as has been already mentioned one of them is consideration for Bury, I would imagine they have to be in agreement with any pricing decisions as the gate receipts are shared in FA Cup matches. I know it''s fashionable to find fault with everything the club do but surely everyone can recognise that this board keep ticket prices down for loyal fans and always have done.  
  2. [quote user="gazzathegreat"]What''s wrong with the players going out on a Xmas night out? Most companies, workplaces do it. I don''t suppose it will cost too much, surely they are allowed out with their own pocket money once or twice a year aren''t they?[/quote] Gazza - I''m quite happy the way things are, don''t go making it easy for them to re-schedule that christmas party[<:o)] because if they do and the wife finds out I''m gonna have to re-schedule the mother-in-law.[:''(] If this happens I have decided it will be all your fault [:@] Just let them enjoy the carol service with wotnot [8][A]  
  3. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] Glenn Roeder is our manager. Andrew Turner is in charge. Seems very promising to me. In the absence of diva hissy fits and their like. OTBC   [/quote] Do I see a change of heart Bly? http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/1063662/ShowPost.aspx Maybe it''s really true.. maybe they don''t have to take over to instigate change.. maybe taking part is enough.  
  4. [quote user="arrdee"][quote user="we8wba"] ardee and this thread is the reason i stick around here as the thread is good, and intresting to see what others predict as well keep up the good work, im sure you''ll get few requests to close it now ive said that hehe [/quote] Thank you all you lovely old boys for your support ,Nutty , Lapp , we8wba , but I feel I must step down because I made an unforgivable mistake by missing a selection . I know there was a lot of confusion of who was picking this week with the the two pickers with the Identical names but I checked through the previous week and found I made reference to who was making the final selections on three occasions , but that is not an excuse , I should have risen above that . I know I was desperate in the end to get something on because I was so worried there was not going to be a free bet . But the bottom line was I made a mistake And I am so sorry . I missed a selection I know it didn''t matter as it turned out but it could well have done This is why I feel I have failed you , You can''t have someone missing selections . If you pickers feel you would rather have some one you can rely on I will understand and I wont inflict my self upon you any more . I now intend to turn the whole Free Bet over to Nutty Nigel  As I have told you many times before you could not be in safer hands than the talented one . Thanks for all your support you have given me over the year , just wish it could have turned out better , heartbroken .Ray [/quote] Now you always taught me that there is no blame on the ''Free Bet Fred'' Arrdee. All of us pickers have always and will always rely on you to take care of the thread for us. Theres no way Nutty Nigel can take the whole thing over, we are a team and between us we attack on two fronts. Anyway, if I took over I can imagine the pickers all changing the words to an old song in the same way someone else did years ago. It would go something like...... [8]Black is black  We all want Arrdee back It''s gray, it''s gray Since he went away, Ooh-Ooh What can I do ''Cause I-I-I-I-I''m not a blue If I had my way He''d be back today But he don''t intend To do the free bet again, What can I do ''Cause I-I-I-I-I''m not a blue Nutty''s cack We all want Arrdee back It''s gray, it''s gray Since he went away, Ooh-Ooh What can I do ''Cause I-I-I-I-I''m not a blue
  5. [quote user="clblue"] [quote user="blacko"]I also totally agree, that the man received a standing ovation when none of the other "stars" did speaks volumes. Just a tad sad that he built his managerial reputation down the road. Lets hope Roeder can do the same here.[/quote]  To even mention Roeder in the same sentence as Sir Bobby is patehtic, Roeder has been sacked from every club he has ever been at, the gulf is enormous!! [/quote] And there lies the difference between City fans and our cheating, thieving neighbours. It''s obvious from this thread and especially this post. I don''t think I need say anymore [:|]  
  6. I am well impressed by this! It''s all very well for you to accuse them of spin but it just shows a real commitment by the players to get themselves out of the mess they got themselves into. The night out with wotnot is probably a carol service and nothing to do with having a drink. I can honestly say that this idiot has been well and truely appeased and to show my support to the players I''m going to give up having the mother in law round for christmas, just to show that us fans can make the odd sacrifice for the good of the club too. [:P]  
  7. I didn''t noitice Dundee didn''t make it to Dixmar until 7rew pointed it out. I bet the confusion was because there were 7 matches in the final selections. Knowing Arrdee I expect he is worrying about it now and we can''t have that can we Pink Un Pickers? There''s no blame on the ''Free Bet Fred'' It''s just City fans (and a yam yam! [;)] ) trying to do a bit of good for the club.   Back to winning ways next week? ...... Not ''arf [Y] Stay bright pickers [H]  
  8. [quote user="Salopian"]I am sorry to be repetitive, but I have been saying for some time that we are vulnerable to crosses to midfielders and defenders arriving for set pieces. A very high proportion of goals conceded over the past season or two have not been to celebrated strikers, who have generally been kept well in check, as yesterday, but to defenders. You can''t expect our central defenders to mark the strikers and also to pick up late arriving defenders - this is somebody else''s task - Dion did it pretty well yesterday. I am a little surprised that we have not dealt with this. Perhaps it is down to tiredness, that we concede so many late goals. Whatever the reason, it is something to be worked on in practice, and then coordinated on the pitch. One glaring example was the late goal scored when the Doc was behind the man who headed, and therefore in no position to challenge. , [/quote] You make some very good points Salopian. When we have Dublin up front we are a lot stronger at the back defending set pieces. Just as we used to when Iwan was up top. Iwan headed as many balls out of our box defending set pieces as he won in the opposition box attacking them. This was also another strength Etuhu had, he cleared as many headers from corners as the central defenders did. It''s important to have physically big players throughout the side in todays game. I think Roeder recognises this. There''s certainly no mileage in bringing Cureton or Huckerby back to defend set pieces, in fact I''d purposely leave them upfield because then the opposition would have to leave players back which could mess up their pre-planned set plays. Just one thing I don''t fully understand from your post and that is if we can''t expect our central defenders to mark the strikers and also pick up late arriving defenders why was Doc at fault for Timars goal? Surely your not suggesting Dion lost his man again.  
  9. [quote user="canarygeorge"] Sunderlands british transfer record goalkeeper has been kept on the bench for their last 2 games by none other than Darren Ward who couldn''t get a game  when he was here. Crazy or what. [/quote] It seems crazy but to be fair he was never going to get a game as Rob Green was our keeper at the time. Worthy rated him though and he soon became No.2 in front of Gally. I remember seeing him at Charlton when Greeno had to go off injured and I think he maybe played one other game for us. But he was injured a lot of the time and I believe the injury was the reason Worthy didn''t offer him another contract. Good luck to him at Sunderland, he always looked like the true proffessional to me when he was here.  
  10. It was unlucky Lappin it up! We didn''t see the banana skin coming with Celtic. But it''s been a good week really for the ''Free Bet Fred''. There''s good input from loads of the pickers, we have a new tool to help us avoid the banana skins from Blahx3 and a lot of interest in joining Arrdees rota to do the final selections. And of course our young Wolves friend is turning into a real star on here [Y] Arrdee, I think DDD can still dress conventionally this week as that game was postponed [;)]  
  11. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"] The key role for ANY defender should be to prevent the opposition from scoring by effectively marking them, and then making a similarly effective tackle which results in the ball going safely away from goal,  This being said, how can Doherty be defended from this perspective? I dont rate him especially either Indy.  However in your opinion you want to get rid of the defender who has actually defended the most consistently confirmed by the stats for the last 3 seasons showing that Doc conceeds fewer free kicks and is directly responsible for fewer goals than any of his defensive partners,   who have an equally poor distribution record, with Doc in the side we win more points conceeding fewer goals than any of his peers backed up with glowing praise from Dion.   That comparison covers every defender and partnership permed from Fleming, Davenport, Taylor, Murray, Dion and Shax. On that basis why dont you want to dispose of Murray, Dion Shax and Taylor too?  As such I cannot agree with your opinoin Its my honest opinion that with Murray, Taylor, Shax and Doc we would have a decent enough squad of central defenders to take us to the play offs, with currenly the much maligned doc the most consistent and best performing of those. [/quote] And this is why I wish the ''Boo Boys'' would just admit they don''t like him rather than continually make up stuff to discredit him. The Doc is a good honest team player who, although by no means the best we ever had or could have, is the best defender at the club. Everybody is entitled to an opinion but that doesn''t mean they should be entitled to make up ridiculous ''facts'' to back that opinion up.  
  12. It''s 1am and the board was updated at 23:40 with no sign of ''Lap in it up''. If you post during the night my friend please accept my apologies for sticking my awe in. As requested Arrdee this is what I would do from  the excellent suggestions we have had this week. Manchester United  (Fellas & Gorleston ''Gentleman'' Jim) Celtic  (We8WBA) Everton  (Blahx3) Chelsea  (Mine) Dundee  (7Rew) Aldershot  (Leeds & Yankee) These are well short odds! I reckon if we get the very best odds from Dixmar we may get close to £45 if they all manage to win. Arrdee - Please ignore this post in Lap in it up appears over night.    
  13. [quote user="Mello Yello"] Gary Doherty is a central defender/striker/right back/midfielder and a nice bloke of average Championship standard footballing ability.......He is a squad player, (and most likely one of the larger wage earning employees at the club) but he will get my full and personal support, whilst here. When he does eventually depart NCFC - can I be the one who puts on his reins - and the saddle on his back please? "HEE HAW!" and "Clippety Clop!".....Only joking.[:P] [/quote] ''eee awww... ''eeee awwww.... ''eeeee awwwwwlways speaks so well of you mello [:P]  
  14. [quote user="HUDDY "] if u have enough time to trawl through this site you will find some stats to back what i said up. I''ve had a brief look but cannot find the post unfortunately. There are other factors as ive previously stated, e.g. manager in charge, tactics, the team, opposition etc etc so we cant rely to heavily on them. We should judge ourselves. I judge him to be a cause of panic, who inspires disconfidence and is always a risk. But that is my opinion. As for what Dublin said, firstly no-one was performing at the start of the season, and when asked Dublin isn''t likely to individually criticize players in the press. [/quote] I would suggest that the reason you can''t find the post with these stats is because it isn''t there and you made it up.    
  15. [quote user="HUDDY "] Just looked at the highlights closely, and it was Doherty''s man (i''m pretty sure) that out muscled him to score. Letting someone have a comfortable header 4 yeards out is criminal! I''m not sure who''s fault the set pieces were at Stoke, i''m just making a point that IMO Doherty isn''t a crucial player for us. He certainly divides opinion, and i''m on the neagtaive side i''m afraid. Apparentlt the stats show he''s been our most effective defender this season, they also showed that last season he was our worst!!! These sort of stats don''t tell everything, you need to look more closely at performance. When ive seen Doherty he causes panic across the back, without him we look generally calmer and more at ease. Shackall hasnt had a good season to be fair, but he''s been best when with taylor, he needs a calming influence, it was the same last year he was at his best alongside dublin. [/quote] Please show me the stats from last season that show Doherty as the worst. I thought the stats last season and the previous season showed him as the best. In fact it is my opinion that he has been consistently our best defender since relegation. To be honest Huddy, I feel sorry for the guy, the treatment he gets from some fans is nothing short of a disgrace. Now it seems posters are making up stuff to discredit him, but I''ll give you the benefit if you can produce those stats that made him the worst defender last season. As I have said earlier this week - Dublin, Shackell and Murray have all spoken in support of Doherty, they play beside him and have reason to be grateful for his contribution in covering for them. Worthington, Grant and now Roeder recognise his worth and pick him to play in front of others at the club. And yet the "Boo Boys" know best![:^)] Well... I don''t think so!!![:#]  
  16. Greetings Pink Un Pickers..... Alright [Y] Having posted what I did on the previous ''Free Bet Fred'' about the short priced selections with not so much risk it would be hypocritical not to practice what I was preaching so this week my Nap is Chelsea to beat Sunderland. Chelsea are top on current form having won 5/6 scoring 14 while conceding 1. They should be too strong for Sunderland but they are short odds, 1/6 at Laddies! Has Blahx3 has given us Pinkun Pickers another usefull tool with his link to Footballanorak.com ............Not ''arf [Y] Good luck Lap in it up....... Let''s hope you''re Nappin'' it up  [Y] That''s right.... hold tight... stay bright [H]    
  17. I''ll gladly go along with this post Bly! I think a lot of us are beginning to realise how good this appointment could be. In fact I believe Roeder is better than all the other names bandied around after Grant and I include Bruce and Jewell in these comments. Roeder is hugely respected within the game even at the highest level. This was brought home to me on Saturday evening at Coreley Services on the way home from Stoke. We were late because of the accident coming out of Stoke and had to wait there for a replacement bus to bring us home. Anyway, there were a couple of guys there in Arsenal tracksuits one of which we recognised as Vic Akers. He noticed we were Norwich fans and showed an interest in our game and how we played which I found quite surprising until I realised his interest stemmed from the fact Glen Roeder is now our manager. He told me that in his opinion Roeder would get us out of the relegation fight and do it by getting the ball down and playing football. I am hoping that Glen Roeder is really the right man for our club and more importantly that we are the right club for Glen Roeder! [Y]  
  18. [:-*]Shhhh, Shhhh It''s, oh, so quiet shh,shh It''s, oh, so still shh,shh You''re all alone shh, shh And so peaceful until... We lose some more games?[:^)] Doc gives away a penalty? [:^)] Delia mentions ''little Norwich''? [:^)] The last 24 hours posts all on page one [:^)] [:|] just goes to show that many posters on here... only... Sing when we''re losing [:''(] So those who wanna sing when we''re winning join this thread and party [<:o)] [Y] So don''t stop me now ''cause I''m having a good time Don''t stop me now Yes I''m having a good time I don''t wanna stop at all [<:o)][<:o)][<:o)][B][B][B][;)][Y][:P]  
  19. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"] Doc was the best defender by a mile today;  taylor was off the pace and rightly subbed,   If he is going to be pilloried for a MOTM performance then I hope he finds a club where his efforts are appreciated.   [/quote] That''s exactly how I have felt for a long time ZLF. The Doc has his faults but he has consistently been our best defender since we got relegated. His distribution is actually better than he gets credit for.. all defenders have to hoof it at times and the Doc does it no more than Dublin or Shackell. Whenever I watch us play, especially away from home, his bravery and commitment to the team is obvious. In the many away "no shows" I have witnessed he has never hid like others. He was our best defender again tonight, he was much better than Taylor tonight. He did a really good job at right back against Stoke too, in fact his ball out of defence to Dublin helped make our goal. Dublin, Shackell and Murray have all spoken in support of Doherty, they play beside him and have reason to be grateful for his contribution in covering for them. Worthington, Grant and now Roeder recognise his worth and pick him to play in front of others at the club. And yet the "Boo Boys" know best![:^)] Well... I don''t think so!!![:#] I hope he doesn''t have to find another club to have his efforts appreciated[N] [8] Dont it always seem to go, that you don''t know what you''ve got till it''s gone......................  
  20. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"]I still think the best way to use Hucks is play him up front, let him drift wide left and give the midfield license to bomb into the box. Trouble is you need midfielders who are likely to score and we haven`t had that since Francis. Although to be fair i think Russell scored seven for Stoke last season.[/quote] This began to happen at times towards the end of last season. Hucks and Martin up front looked good for a while and Hucks pulled the defence all over the place leaving huge gaps for the midfield to run into. Etuhu was begining to get into those spaces and he was a goal scorer in the Francis mould. Russell can do most of the things Dickson could but unfortunately he is not the same presence in the penalty area. As much as I am tempted to agree that I would like to see Hux start up front tonight I really think Evans has done enough to start. I was so impressed with him when he came on at Blackpool and Stoke. But then again these games are coming thick and fast and we can''t expect DD to keep playing 90 without a rest so maybe Evans and Hux up top tonight?  
  21. [quote user="Fellas"]I''m glad nobody took my pick of Palermo against Catania. Palermo got tonked 3-1 and had a player sent off. Sometimes you just don''t see these things happening. [/quote] These things do happen Fellas, but don''t let it put you off. Keep coming back every week and keep picking [Y]  
  22. [quote user="1st Wizard"] Arthur, try re-reading my past posts properly mate, no where, absolutely nowhere, has my stance on the damn board changed okay? I still want them all out, especialy Smith & Jones!. [/quote] But what I don''t understand is how your, and loads of others, stance on the board hasn''t changed when the people on the board clearly have since you all took that stance:- I need to know, I need to see, Make it known, Let it be! Or maybe it was more like :- Romper bomper stomper boo Tell me, tell me, tell me do Magic mirror, tell me today Have all my friends had fun at play, I can see, Smudger and Cluck and Arthur and....... [8]I put a spell on you ............................. [:''(]  
  23. [quote user="we8wba"]indeed ardee, i suppose in away you are make the selections on who to pick for the week, if you pick some muppet who been on here for 1day and doesnt know the offside rule then bad pick, but picking yankee maybe you are the good picker to[/quote] I can understand Arrdees point about posters picks because I have felt it too when I did selections. And I remember making poor choices because I couldn''t bring myself to take other posters advice and include piswich in the final selections. I reckon Yankee did particularly well because he concentrated on the teams and not the personalities. You have probably also noticed that I generally pick from the Championship because these are the teams I see week in week out. 3xBlah and I both made a good case for Sheffield Wednesday to beat Colchester and look what happened! But that''s the sort of result that happens week in and week out in this league. Yankees picks, although much shorter prices, didn''t have that same risk factor. I think it''s worth bearing in mind that we don''t have to look for value as we are being given the stake money by Dixmaar Racing. So these ''short priced good things'' across the whole of Europe make more appeal. Liverpool, Chelsea, Man.Utd and Arsenal all won again last weekend. Next weekend Chelsea, Man. Utd., Celtic, Bayern Munich, Barca and Inter Milan all have very winnable home games at what will surely be short odds. But having said that I will probably still select from the Championship next week because it''s what I know! I think it''s gr8, we8, m8[Y] to see so many people taking an interest in the ''Free Bet Fred'' and I am as proud as Arrdee [*]  
  24. Just goes to show how our supporters turn up in numbers that put other clubs to shame. Stoke had modest ticket prices on Saturday and got nowhere near selling out! Whatever the weather, we follow our team............................... [Z][*]  
  25. [quote user="we8wbacl"] if this is correct there are many teams in this league who has won the old league one, fa cup and league cup more so now your turn to sell me a reason, remember i will give reasons for the whole of the championships teams [/quote] hmmmmmm [^o)] History lessons don''t mean anything my friend. Remember that Wolves 3xchampions in the dark distant past just like Huddersfield. Chelsea also have only been 3xchampions. Big clubs are not about whose got the longest memory [;)] This continual "little Norwich" rant stems from a quote by Delia when we were in the Premiership and not a quote from where we are now. Roeder may have made the same quote in the same circumstances just as Delia wouldn''t have made that quote at the bottom of the championship. What sums it up for me is a similar thread on here last season stating that Madejski and Coppell didn''t see Reading as a small club as they were taking the Prem by storm. But then a couple of weeks later Coppell came out with his own "Little Reading speech" Roeder might have done the same in the same position. It''s all about the here and now but looks so different when taken out of context later.  
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