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  1. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"][quote user="Mook"] [quote user="Mr.Carrow"] Do you think the amount Roeder is prepared to spend on Taylor might be in any way connected to amount the board have given him as a transfer budget? [:|] [/quote] Do you think Taylor is worth £1m? I don''t. [/quote] In the current climate he is worth every penny. How often does a club get the chance to sign a player they KNOW can do the job and who wants to join? How much money have the club wasted on useless freebies because they won`t pay the going rate for proven quality? Maybe there is a connection between this and the teams spiral of decline on the pitch? [I] I take it you lot are happy with more of the same? [/quote] But whether Taylor is worth 1m surely depends on how much money we have to spend. If Bly''s old pal is right and we have 4-5m then he probably would be worth 1m. But then again if Wiz is right and we are skint then he wouldn''t be worth going a further 1m in debt for. As for my view, I don''t thnk he is worth the majority of our transfer budget because I would prefer it spent on other areas. Mr Carrow - why do you continually make the ridiculous conceited assumption that anyone who disagrees with you is happy with the decline of recent seasons.[8-|] [N]  
  2. [quote user="jimmy500"] Thats as maybe but this isn''t a thread about the financial situation of Norwich City is it.  And of course we are going to take shots at Ipswich.  I speak for myself (maybe others) when I say that if Evans backs Ipswich to the hilt and supports them as Chabal hopes they will then I am slightly jealous, if he doesn''t and does ruin them as I hope then I am going to LMAO and enjoy doing it. As I said, me and Chabal are the worst people to be debating this as we represent the extremes of the argument.  I hope they fail, he doesn''t.  There is, and can be no sensible middle ground debate about the pro''s and con''s because of who we are and who we support. Maybe WE8WBA will give us the benefit of his irritating outsider perspective. [/quote] Totally agree with this post Jimmy500. And you have to question why posters would use this thread to highlight what they believe to be wrong at our club. I know sometimes any old stick will do but using ''that lot'' is surely a step too far. There is not one part of me that would prefer marcus Evans to be at our club rather than theirs.    
  3. People pay to start the singing? Really?? I can''t believe people would pay to do that! Next you will be telling me canary fairy has a direct debit with the club so that he can cross dress every other week!  
  4. I didn''t think it was. I was under the impression he signed a new 3 year contract with Birmingham last April. If thats true it''s strange that he''s hardly played since!  
  5. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] im the good looking one.. i''ll leave u to guess which one that is   jas :) [/quote] Sorry Jas but I think Ryan is the good looking one [;)]  
  6. I agree with Arrdee in that I am also disappointed about the choice of photo on the FONCY web site. I have spent the last hour trying to rectify this somewhat and I think I have managed to get the other photo''s online so that you Free Bet Fredders can see them. So I hope these links work! However, actually inserting the photo''s in this post proved to be beyond me! http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj76/canaryeddie/FONCYpresentation.jpg http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj76/canaryeddie/FoncyPresentation2.jpg I enjoyed meeting the posters on the day and also Billy Dixon who is a genuinely nice guy. He deserves our thanks for freely sponsoring the Free Bet Thread and also for making sure that when we do win we win more than we would with the ''big houses''. Any of you posters who do fixed odds coupons should really get in touch with Dixmar Racing because although you wouldn''t win more often you would win more money when you do win. Why not check him out on 01603 417699. I enjoyed meeting Jas and Lappin'' who I had met before and it''s always good being in Arrdees company. Let''s hope we have another presentation at the end of the season.  
  7. But gentlemen... I still believe the issue is about whether the board stump up the cash rather than the need for or the ability of the player. Posters, especially posters who for whatever reason can''t get to games, see Taylor as being our saviour and the reason why our form turned round. For me that player was Fotheringham. Now, all of a sudden its not fashionable to rate a defender on how many goals we concede and instead people use any other angle they can to prove a point because they have wanted our current centre back replaced for so long. I, like everyone else on here, have no idea what budget Roeder has to spend on players but if 1.2m is a significant part of that budget I believe it would be wrong to spend it on a centre back. I have said all season that we have defended well enough and our problems have been creating and scoring goals and I see no reason to change that opinion now. Doherty and Shackell have been and are still good enough to get us to a respectable position in this league. If one of them is injured we would still have the option of bringing in an emergency loan which, if you remember, is why Taylor came here in the first place. I would love us to sign Taylor, he would definately improve our squad, but no way do I see him as a priority, especially while we only seem to be able to ''murder'' teams 0-0.  
  8. I remember this coming up before only not as a memorial statue. I think Geoffrey Watling should have some sort of memorial at the club. We remember Barry Butler every year with the player of the year trophy so we should have something to remember Geoffrey Watling by. If it was not a memorial statue then my suggestion would be Kevin Keelan who was part of so many good memories for so long. As for managers, In my time Ron Saunders would be a contender for being the first manager to get us into the top division, and John Bond brought an exciting style to our play and exciting players to the club but won nothing. Mike Walker was manager as we attained our highest position but wasn''t really here long enough. So Ken Brown, won us two trophies, would possibly be the best choice if it was a manager. Geoffrey Watling would be my choice if it was a chairman or director although none of them have been universally popular and I remember fans protesting about all the boards of my time. Although I do remember Wiz campaigning for a staue for Delia not too many years ago!!!!!    
  9. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"]BDU, i believe the situation is that QPR had a bid formally accepted by Brum (widely reported at £1.2m) therefore any club matching that bid can talk to the player. Once a club have formally accepted a bid they cannot ask another club to pay more. Therefore we know the price Brum are willing to let Taylor go for but are unwilling to pay it.[/quote] Good morning Mr Carrow [8-|][*] I am not sure about all this fuss about Taylor. I would love us to sign him because there is no doubt he would improve our squad. He impressed me when he was here although from what I saw he wasn''t the saviour some posters are making him out to be. I think threads like this are turning the Taylor situation into a test of the boards resolve to put up the neccessary funds rather than concentrating on the value of the player. It''s as though people want the board to pay whatever Birmingham ask just to prove the money is there. So may I ask you a question Mr. Carrow - How much do you think Martin Taylor is worth, what in your opinion is the value of a 28 year old reserve team player? Maybe Roeders valuation is right? I understand that Birmingham paid 1.25m for him in 2004 when he was a first team player for Blackburn and had helped them qualify for the UEFA Cup. However he hasn''t featured in a single league game for his club this season with just one Carling Cup appearance to his name. I have criticised this board in the past for not backing the manager when he wanted to sign players but I think this is maybe the wrong issue to turn into a test of their resolve to fund Roeder. Always a pleasure sir... never a chore [Y]  
  10. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] we wont see Delia.. theres no TV cameras around and we aren''t in the top flight....   jas :) [/quote] That''s true jas... have to actually go to games to see her until the TV cameras come back.........  
  11. [quote user="macdougalls perm"][quote user="BlyBlyBabes"][quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] Hiding. OTBC [/quote] I hear it''s because she''s in a strop about being upstaged by Karen Brady, And as a result,,,,,,,,,,, guess what? OTBC   [/quote] You''re like a one man pantomime!! [:D] [/quote] Yeah.... and he''s behind you [;)]  
  12. [quote user="Fat Prophet"] [quote user="blahblahblah"][quote]We''ve offered more than enough. And the money has to be spread round. It''s all about valuations and I know that our valuation and offer was an extremely good offer.[/quote] The above quote is not journalism FP, it''s a direct quote.  It''s Roeders'' call, he has said so to the Press.  He wouldn''t have taken the job if he didn''t think he could do it within the budget allowed. And my day is fine, thankyou, kind of you to ask.  I just can''t believe that some people automatically assume black is white and vice versa - I mean, why bother even having press conferences if people won''t believe a word that is said at them.  Why bother having newspapers ? [:s] [/quote] I think the operative word is "our" blah.  To return to where this all started, my original reply was to posters who were suggesting it was all down to Roeder and nothing to do with the board.  I happen to think it''s a bit of both. Why bother having newspapers?  Good question.  I''ve sat here for half an hour blah, and I can''t think of one good reason.  I can think of several bad ones to do with the overpromotion of mass culture and opinion at the expense of individuality (not individualism), but let''s not go there eh . . .   [/quote] Stan Ridgway reckons... Now lately, I’ve been thinkin’ What would the world do without the news? You wouldn’t know when wars were started Or when they ended¨c¨cwin or lose It’d probably be a much better world to live in But the question would be whose And what side you’re on, or who’s right or wrong You’d never have to choose What’s buried in the back pages Was on the front page yesterday And old news never dies Though they say it just fades away Crime and murder, business and politics And international strife It’s all the same, find someone to blame It’s there in black and white  
  13. Greetings Pink Un Pickers..... alright [Y] It''s back top League Two for me again this week. Darlington look to be making a push for automatic promotion, they are mean at home where they have only conceded 6 all season. I think they will be too strong for Macclesfield.  Darlington V Macclesfield Home win. Good luck Norfolkchance1[Y] I have every confidence that you are going to add to the £90 we have already made for the academy........  Not ''arf [Y] That''s right.... hold tight... stay bright [H]  
  14. [quote user="ricardo"] Looks like those figures prove my point Nutty. Wolves pretty much nowhere since the seventies. They have improved in recent seasons but nowhere near the big name that they were in the fifties. Fulham are quite similar to Wolves, they spent 30 years in the lower leagues before regaining top division status. I also have a gripe about the way the data was presented because if you look on the website at the positions for Third Division South it looks like they have treated it like a fourth division. (no way should last position in 3S be rated at 91). As I remember it both 3rd North and 3rd South had equal status When I was a boy in the fifties Huddersfield, Preston and Blackpool were regular top division teams and Ourselves, Coventry, Ipswich were regular third division south. If you had completed this exercise in 1960 you would have got a completely different result. Therefore I think it is very important to limit the range of the data if you want to get results that are relative today. [/quote] They do prove your point in a way I agree Ricardo. But in the same way we could take out 1975/95 from our figures because they were the only years where we were consistently a top 20 team. That''s a good point about the data from Third Division South. I treated it as the Third Division in my average positions. The only fair way would be to treat 10th in Third Division South as equal 54th in the Overall League with 10th in Third Divison North. But I still agree with a1. The comparisons are pointless really. Even attendances can''t really be compared fairly. Back in the 60''s and 70''s we were packed on the terraces, it was relatively cheap and we could turn up on the day. As a boy I got in the Barclay for 2 bob. Now in the days of all seater stadiums, safety issues and tickets in advance it''s not like for like.  
  15. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] As I''ve said before, I fear another Windass moment is approaching. It all hangs on whether or not the NCFC board can bring themselves to allow ''ambition with prudence'' to supercede ''prudence with ambition''. OTBC   [/quote] You seem to be a fan of Roeder Bly, I am too. You seem to still feel the hurt of the ''Windass moment'' and how it seems you feel the previous administration allowed O''Neill to become disillusioned by not giving him the necessary funds to bring in the player he wanted. So if Roeder doesn''t become disillusioned under this administration and if he continues to bring players in he wants to improve the squad and if the results and performances continue to get better will that mean that the mistakes of the previous administration aren''t being repeated and even more importantly will you cheer up just a little bit [:D]  
  16. [quote user="ricardo"] Quite interesting Mick but I think you have gone back a bit too far for most posters. Wolves are artificially high because of their great days in the immediate post war years. They have done virtually nothing in the last quarter century. A similar comment could apply to Sheff wed and Stoke. It would be interesting to see if there is much difference if you did the exercise for say the last 25 or 30 years. It might be a bit more relevant to the modern game.   [/quote] I''m not sure about this Ricardo. Initially I agreed with you but thinking about it I think that the longer the period researched the more accurate the results. I just did a quick comparison between us and Wolves based on average league finishing positions over 10 year periods since the war:- 46/47 to 55/56 Norwich 54th Wolves 5th 56/57 to 65/66 Norwich 44th Wolves 10th 66/67 to 75/76 Norwich 26th Wolves 13th 76/77 to 85/86 Norwich 17th Wolves 26th 86/87 to 95/96 Norwich 14th Wolves 41st 96/97 to 06/07 Norwich 29th Wolves 26th (11 seasons) As for relevance to the modern game - I agree with a1 in that it''s meaningless to compare. The Premiership is nothing like the old Division One. It''s now full of some of the best players in the world. That''s a far cry from the best in the UK that used to compete.  
  17. It''s been my pleasure to work along side Arrdee as all this unfolded. I helped where ever I could but as I have told Arrdee many times - he is the master craftsman and I am just his labourer. So I hope as many posters as possible turn up to support Arrdee and Billy Dixon on Saturday. The two reasons I tried so hard to make this presentation possible rather than just have a cheque sent off to the academy were because I believed that Dixmar Racing should get this recognition for freely sponsoring the bet and also so that the posters who take part each week see that the money is actually being raised and presented to the academy. Of course Arrdees free bet thread is an ongoing thing now and we aim to win many more times. Although it won''t be possible to have a presentation every time, we can probably do another one at the end of the season. Everything is in place now and hopefully soon we should have a place on the FONCY website so people can see that we are actually helping the Academy. The proudest man in all of this is Arrdee, so please turn up to support him and help me make sure he doesn''t stay in the shadows.  
  18. [quote user="Web Team - Pete"] I may have to move this to It''s just not football... [/quote] Don''t be an old ''stick in the mud''! Looks like I''m stuck in the mud [;)] We aren''t tractor boys... ok.. before anyone starts [:@]  
  19. [quote user="Gorleston Jim"] .......maybe we may get some of their young guns as hinted by Roeder a few weeks ago !   [/quote] I think this is highly possible ''Gentleman Jim''. I believe that Glen Roeder is highly thought of at Arsenal. A few of us bumped into Vic Akers on the way back from Stoke in December and he stopped to talk to us and was very interested in our result and how we were doing under Roeder. He told us that Roeder would get the team playing football again and he would gradually get us away from the relegation places. Lets hope the Arsenal connection bears fruit!  
  20. [quote user="Fellas"]I''d rather have fozzy/russell. But too be honest to rusty I''d rather have Etuhu with fozzy (shock horror!). One really good thing about etuhu was that he always got into the other teams box and could score goals. He was a bit lazy at times, but he got back to help defend as well. I''m not going to lie but it''s no suprise how many clean sheets we''ve kept with russell and fozzy in midfield. They don''t stop working and their tackling is superb. Just they miss a bit going forward. [/quote] I agree with most of this. It''s such a hard call to choose between Russell and Etuhu. I posted last week that if we had a player in that position with Russells commitment and Etuhus physical presence we would probably have the perfect box to box midfielder. In the same way if we could add Fotheringhams attitude and fitness to Safri''s passing abilitys. Fotheringham has become as important to us as Safri used to be and we have only won one game this season when he didn''t feature. Away from home he is a bigger player than Safri, anyone who saw his performance at Blackpool could not have been surprised when Roeder made him captain. For this reason I would choose him over Safri and if I had to choose it would be Etuhu beside him simply because of his ability to score goals with his feet and head.  
  21. [quote user="Fat Prophet"][quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Fat Prophet"] It''s not a case of right or wrong but interpretation.  If I meant bottom three I''d have said so.  Zone is another word for area.  Therefore we are in the relegation area, are we not?    [/quote] No... Preston, Scunthorpe and Colchester are in the relegation area. But we are 6 points closer to the relegation area than we are the play off area. 6 points isn''t a lot though. Tomorrow we could be where Barnsley are, halfway between the play off area and the relegation area. Tomorrow we could also be just one measly point outside the relegation area such is the nature of this league. But nobody is safe. It could take 55 points to be safe this season so even WBA need 2 more wins. Of course you are right Fat (please can I call you mystic again), it''s a case of interpretation so as I drop off to sleep tonight I am happy that we are in the play off zone.................................... Sweet dreams [|-)][S]   [/quote] Haven''t you lot got anything better to do than split hairs?  What sad lives you must lead. Please see ipswichrscum''s post above for the point I was endeavouring to make.   [/quote] Bluddyell, I was only sayin'' [um] That don''t make me a saddo[W] [|-)][S] We won by the way... we beat we8''s lot in the final [<:o)]  
  22. [quote user="Fat Prophet"] It''s not a case of right or wrong but interpretation.  If I meant bottom three I''d have said so.  Zone is another word for area.  Therefore we are in the relegation area, are we not?    [/quote] No... Preston, Scunthorpe and Colchester are in the relegation area. But we are 6 points closer to the relegation area than we are the play off area. 6 points isn''t a lot though. Tomorrow we could be where Barnsley are, halfway between the play off area and the relegation area. Tomorrow we could also be just one measly point outside the relegation area such is the nature of this league. But nobody is safe. It could take 55 points to be safe this season so even WBA need 2 more wins. Of course you are right Fat (please can I call you mystic again), it''s a case of interpretation so as I drop off to sleep tonight I am happy that we are in the play off zone.................................... Sweet dreams [|-)][S]  
  23. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"] They are like the majority of Labour voters, who would vote for a scarecrow if it had a red rosette on it''s lapel. [/quote] Very well said Slim, I have voted for Roy Blower on more than one occasion [;)] Sorry Roy.. top man he is.[*]    
  24. Greetings Pink Un Pickers..... alright [Y] A couple of games from the Championship caught my eye tonight. Preston have looked in danger of dropping out all season Where as Stoke have consistently been top 6 material. And top of the Championship Chart WBA are at home to Cardiff and although the Welshman are recent Championship climbers themselves I think WBA will be too strong for them. My nap from these has to be WBA to beat Cardiff. Sorry we8 m8[;)] WBA V Cardiff  Home win. Good luck Blahx3 [Y] I am positive that you are the man to add to the £90 we have already made for the academy........  Not ''arf [Y] That''s right.... hold tight... stay bright [H]  
  25. Are we still happy now the wicked board have paid off[au] another great goalkeeping coach in order to carry on with the tradition of  "jobs for the boys" [:|] ''Lardyboy Gunn'' Rides again? [:''(][um]  
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