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  1. [quote user="ricardo"] Not quite Nutty. As I said in reply to JAS my info was that money was not the consideration. Quite Franky the Board was under pressure from the fans and were desperate to replace Granty with someone who had an established pedigree. However the claim that Glen''s appointment was a stroke of genius by the Board should not go unchallenged or it might end up becoming the revealed truth, like other myths at this club.   [/quote] Appointing a manager is far from an exact science. There''s no guarantee of success. We are both old enough to remember the difficulties even Manchester United had in replacing Busby. Or how Brian Clough couldn''t be a success with Leeds. The fans are sometimes the worst judges of all. Grants appointment was far more popular intially than the appointment of Worthington, Roeder and even Mike Walker first time. I don''t care if we got Roeder by genius or not I just hope he works out. If he fails the Board will be to blame so if he is a success they will get the credit. That''s the way of it I''m afraid. But I would just say that Roeder has a far more established pedigree than Paul Jewell and was probably the very best manager we could have got at the time. But as I pointed out, that''s no guarantee of success.  
  2. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="NorfolkChance"] [quote user="ricardo"] If the board have been so clever and far sighted in their latest managerial appointment then one has to ask what went wrong with their previous appointment. [/quote] I believe its called learning from your mistakes. We all make them, and when you do, you makes sure you don''t make the same mistake twice. [/quote] To this I simply say Hamilton Grant. [/quote] So there ya go Ricardo... Hamilton = mistake Worthington = learnt then Grant = mistake Roeder = learnt It''s the same at most clubs just check out Leicester under Mandaric [;)]  
  3. So let me get this right guys... We were disappointed that the Board appointed the cheap option in Glenn Roeder when Paul Jewell was the fans choice that the Board didn''t have the ambition to pursue. But now we are disappointed because the Board are believed to have wanted to have been ambitious and appoint the fans choice in Paul Jewell before they offered the job to cheap option second choice Glen Roeder. Thats the difference between having to make decisions in real time and stick with them as opposed to using hindsight to find fault with them. Now if only we could have signed a centreback to replace The Doc we might have a half decent defence now............. [*-)][8-)]  
  4. [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="Hardhouse44"] How you have the gall to question and judge other peoples posts is beyond me. You “truly” are a sad little old man. [/quote] A predictable, rude and name calling reply again from you I see. I have the right to reply simply because this board is a democracy, even if that does annoy you and your kind!.[:|] [/quote] I should add, that some posters on here have bloody short memories in light of this Hucks bashing. I''m ashamed to be a supporter of the same club with them at times. They and their ilk should follow West Ham.................they''d feel at home there!.[:|] [/quote] Quite possibly Wiz but you''re not whiter than white when it comes to bashing our players either so I hope you enjoy your games at Upton Park [;)] [8]Wiz forever blowing bubbles........  
  5. [quote user="NorfolkChance"][quote user="ricardo"] Actually Chiken, this does appear to be true. Apparently Paul Jewell was first choice but messed us about a bit. I can''t swear to that as fact but heard it from more than one scource. [/quote] Well that settles it then. You''ve heard from more than one source. Categorical proof. We can finally put this one to bed. Did you think that each of your multiple sources where just regurgitating bulls**t from the same source? Only takes one bulls**ter to start a rumour you know.     [/quote] Ahh yes but if we believe this it helps us sit comfortably with supporting the manager while giving no credit to the board who hired him. It''s rather like believing Doherty has improved so much under Roeder and was useless before he came.  
  6. I''m glad we didn''t replace Doherty with a reserve player though Rudolph because whenever we did replace him with anyone we always conceded more goals! [;)]  
  7. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] What has been forgotten, if anything,  is how poorly we frequently play in the New Year. Weren''t  these treacherous New Year slides also quite frequent in the latter seasons of those benchmark years you prefer we didn''t reference? If so, our habit is even worse and more longstanding than you put it. But let''s remember that there have been some exceptions - when we have gone on great second-half-of-season runs leading on to things unexpected when the Xmas gifts were being handed out and New Year resolutions made. Perhaps if you regaled us with a few of these as well, it might add further to this February cheer that we are so unused to. 2.25 points/match would take us to 74 points for the season and...............shhhh, don''t mention it.  [/quote] Of course you are right Bly, my post was a reminder of how poor January has been in recent times. 11 years between away wins is unbelievable even in a month where there are fewer league fixtures because of the FA Cup. OK Bly, I will regale you with season 81/82 where we managed to gather 46 points from our last 22 games and nick the third automatic promotion place. If we repeat that feat this season I reckon we will finish with 72 points which could be enough for the play offs in such an open and unpredictable season. We have 16 games left and having won 12 points from our last 6 games that would leave us with 34 points required from those 16 games to equal what we did in 1982. Possible? You know it is. We have to win games though, maybe 10/11 to stand a chance. It''s a tall order but it can be done. You can get it if you really want You can get it if you really want You can get it if you really want But you must try, try and try Try and try, you''ll succeed at last I know it, listen Rome was not built in a day Opposition will come your way But the hotter the battle you see It\''s the sweeter the victory, now You can get it if you really want You can get it if you really want You can get it if you really want But you must try, try and try Try and try, you''ll succeed at last You can get it if you really want - I know it You can get it if you really want - though I show it You can get it if you really want - so don''t give up now  
  8. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"] Roeder stated that he couldn`t get the permenant targets he was after because clubs were refusing to sell. If the player had a buy-out clause the clubs would be in no position to refuse. To be honest, i`m not sure "buy-out clause" is the right term, it`s more a "release clause" which means the player can speak to any club which offers a specified sum of money. There was no mention of a release clause for Taylor either. I really haven`t seen much mention of them since the Earnie/Etuhu situation. [/quote] Mr Carrow - I think the obvious point that you are missing when replying to Rons post is that the release clauses could only be activated if a Premiership club offered a specific sum of money and not just any old club. I am sure that was the case with Earnshaw and Etuhu anyway.  
  9. Greetings Pink Un Pickers..... alright [Y] Well done Fella''s![Y] I knew you were going to do it and it''s deserved for the effort you put in. You really are one of the brightest young stars [*] of our academy of pickers who are raising money to help produce young stars [*] from our clubs youth academy! Well done to all the Pickers too. As We8 said there was good ammunition provided this week. It''s been coming, Norfolkchance1 was so unlucky last week and I''m sure there are more wins just around the corner. I have emailed the guy from the FONCY site with the good news so hopefully he will update that soon and also emailed the Pink Un who I believe will be running something about you top Pink Un Pickers in next weeks paper. That''s right.... hold tight... stay bright [H]  
  10. Yes indeed Arrdee. Young Fellas is surely one of the brightest prospects in our Academy of Pickers. Everybody is willing this one in. The Hall Of Fame beckons for you Fellas whatever the result.[Y]  
  11. [quote user="1st Wizard"] Okay, I think we can all agree that Glen Roeder has/is the best thing that has happened to our club since Walker and O''Neil were here. Yes, I had big doubts with the new loan signings, as did many of us, but again, it seems Glen knows what he''s doing. We know it, the players seem to know it and now parts of the national press and media appear to know it too. So: How long before a relegation haunted Premiership club or Champs club realise it and come calling?. It scares me to think of all his good work being undone in a flash!.[U] [/quote] Worthington? He certainly achieved more than O''Neill. However, I agree that Roeder could well emulate him but it would take a play off final and a championship. How soon we forget!  
  12. [quote user="blahblahblah"] And now the reality. Unbeaten in 11 games. 23 points in 11 games.  6 wins, 5 draws. 13 goals scored, but only 6 goals against in the last 11 games. (If only we could loan a striker...) We are now closer on points to the play-offs than the relegation zone. Anything else is just banter, gossip, speculation, and opinion. [/quote] Ahh yes Blah, but we are still in the relegation area, anything else is just splitting hairs!  
  13. Last season I posted about how our January was running true to form. And right enough by the end of the month we had, as usual,  not won a league game and in fact had got a big fat 0 points. This followed on from 1 point out of 12 in 2006, 2/12 in 05, 4/9 in 04, 1/6 in 03, 2/12 in 02 and so on and on. In fact up until this season we had only won one league game in January throughout the previous 6 seasons and the last time we won away in the league during the month of  January was in 1997 at Stoke. So this January I kept my gob shut. We started the month with a great performance at Crystal Palace and I didn''t want to tempt fate by drawing attention to our dismal January form. However, with all the attention centred on the transfer window and peoples disappointments in what we ended up getting, its been hardly noticed that we were unbeaten throughout the month chalking up 2 away wins and gathering 8 points from 12. January, don''t be cold, don''t be angry to me You make me sad come and see Oh January Don''t go, don''t go Now February has started where January left off and we are closer to the top 6 than we are the bottom 3. Anyone else got anything to be cheerful about they''d like to share? [;)]  
  14. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]Results like today are what you get when you keep a clean sheet. That''s three games in the league without conceeding and only 6 conceeded in 11 games.[/quote] This is so right and our defence has been our strong point all season. We have conceded less than 5 of the top 6 and yet people still........................................... Don''t go there again nutty! [;)]  
  15. [quote user="ricardo"] Remember Ralph, form is temporary, class is permanent. [/quote] Then we will soon be permanently above them then, won''t we Ricardo?  
  16. [quote user="Smudger"] QPR brought well. Leicester seem to of continued signing a lot of players that are not a major improvement on the ones which they already have in my opinion (but will possibly offer them more strength in depth). Chaplow for Preston and Ronnie Wallwork for Sheff Weds are also good signings from your list (above) CA. As for Scunthorpe loaning Liverpools Jack Hobbs, I would be very interested to see if he is half as good a player as he is on Championship Manager 2007. [/quote] Do you feel they all did better than us then Smudger? If thats is the case then you''d expect them to finish above us? Your Leicester came very close to being relegated last season and for all Mandarics ambition they are still below us now.  
  17. Great post Yankee! I hope my original post didn''t come across as commenting adversely on posters selections or the way final selections have been made. I was really just thinking about the post you made a few weeks ago and how us Free Bet Fredders have become more diligent in our selections and final selections. It''s not just Fellas this week, every week it seems the picks and final selections have become more and more thorough. It''s obvious to anyone that a lot of thought and hard work has gone into the selections and although luck is still involved the odds are moving in our favour if we keep this up. This post of yours is worth keeping for reference as indeed are the posts of many of the posters over the months.  Good old Chesterfield Blah[;)][Y] also gave us a good point of reference with his link to the information available on FootballAnorak.com. I reckon Arrdee is proud of the way the Free Bet has evolved as I think we all should be.    
  18. Great selection process Fella''s. Arrdee is right, you should be back on the rota real quick. Remember when Yankee''s wise words a few weeks ago -  "Once individual selections have been made it is then the responsibility of the weekly selector to go over everything with the same due diligence before making the final selections"  You have certainly done that Fella''s [Y] You deserve to follow in Yankees footsteps as a winner and I really think you will. [Y][Y] What do you think Yankee? Having seen the effort the Pink Un Pickers have made and the effort put into the final selections I''m sure it can only be cruel luck that could stop us this week. That''s right.... hold tight... stay bright [H]  
  19. The buck has to stop at the top because it has nowhere else to go. We got Grant because of the Board but we got Roeder despite them. We were 5 points adrift after Plymouth away because of the Board but we are 10 games unbeaten and in mid table despite them. We only bought in loans because of the Board but if they turn out to be good it will be despite them. The FOOTBALL club is moving forward. It''s a new era. Whether you believe its happening because of the Board or despite the Board don''t get left behind in a pool of bitterness.  
  20. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]   for the slow demise of a once proud club.....Stick your bloody ''''one big family club'''' image up your backsides and give me quality football and a winning side again any day! [/quote] How does 10 games unbeaten and our climb up the table fit in with this demise. Despite all the discontent on here the FOOTBALL club is moving forward while some fans are stuck in the past. The manager has shipped out the players he doesn''t want and replaced them with players he believes have the desire to keep the club moving forward. Maybe some of these players will be back next season too. If you had asked me a month ago I wouldn''t have believed so much could be achieved in one month in these times and surely that''s credit to the club. January has been more than just players out and players in. January has seen us remain unbeaten with 8 points from 12 including 7/9 away from home. I have seen quality football from a winning side. So you can stick your bloody "club in demise" image up your backside! Why do some of you posters never put FOOTBALL first?  
  21. Greetings Pink Un Pickers..... alright [Y] Nothing yet from Web Team Pete so I''m going to steal his thunder and go for Bristol Rovers to beat Port Vale. Rovers are in good form and although there is the possibility their minds could be on the FA Cup they are playing Port Vale who are marooned at the bottom and have lost their last five away games. Bristol Rovers V Port Vale Home win. Good luck Fellas[Y] I am sure you are just the man to get it right for us in what looks a tricky weeks fixtures........  Not ''arf [Y] That''s right.... hold tight... stay bright [H]  
  22. [quote user="YankeeCanary"] With respect to Wizard''s hexes and brews, if they really worked don''t we think he would have applied the technology to get rid of the Board. If he has tried, in ten years all he''s come up with is fizz pop. [/quote] I don''t know about hexes Yankee but I would think the problem with Wiz hexing the Board is that he hasn''t mastered the Hokey Cokey Pokey Hex yet. It''s one thing to hex the opposition because deep down dear old Wiz always wants us to win. But with the Board and Delia it''s more a case of in out in out shake it all about. I think it''s fixation with finding virgins because all thats really required is to do the Hokey Cokey and turn around..... That''s what it''s all about.  
  23. [quote user="YankeeCanary"]The award went to Dave Jones of Cardiff. Good. Now we can continue our run without fear of the curse.[/quote] Now Yankee I thought it was just Wiz who believes in hexes and curses and the like. I hope Roeder wins plenty of manager of the month awards, all successful managers win them.  
  24. [quote user="BBFF"] "Back up"....Is that on or off the pitch nutty? Do you think this board has stumbled in the past? ;)) FOOTBALL MUST COME FIRST [/quote] On the pitch for sure. Three away wins out of four! It''s been a long time since we saw that.    
  25. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"] Pretty pointless responding to that Nutty, but i can only assume that when Chase was bringing the club to its knees you were one of the ones insisting that the most vital thing for the club was who played left-back in the next game.......[8-)] [/quote] I don''t think it''s relevant now because I don''t believe the current board are bringing the club to it''s knees, in fact I think we are on the way back up. Oh... and it was Mark Bowen mostly but maybe a touch of Ullathorne towards the end [;)]  
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