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  1. The last five games I saw - Leicester, Liverpool, Bournemouth, Palace and Spurs we played great football and we're applauded off at the end.
  2. Let's send some PUPpower... It's 1-1 74 mins Bologna are down to ten, Inter missed a pen, prior to that.
  3. Had we got new owners in 2009 like you all wanted I guarantee you'd be saying the last 10 were a real success and proved getting rid of your stowmarket two was justified
  4. Except a long term view would suggest it is working..
  5. Well we don't really know. To be fair the flags were still flying and the atmosphere still pretty positive back at that last game at Carra in February. Although there was a much more negative atmosphere on social media. On Feb 28th the season ended for us. So much so that the tickets were/will be refunded. Up until the end of Feb we had Farkeball now we have fakeball. And social media is the only noise. A place where football clubs are transformed into "them and us" and "one city strong" is loudly ridiculed as weakness.
  6. That game is a great example of what I am saying. We hadn't celebrated promotion before that. Had we? Even then you were probably worrying about a points deduction..
  7. If the new season starts before fans are allowed back then surely half the clubs in England will go bust? The PL could start. It could probably take the final step to completely become football for tv.
  8. Webber and co respond to the questions asked of them. The reason it didn't used to be like that is that other people's money didn't used to be the most important aspect of the game. I honestly think people would sacrifice everything good about our club for other people's money.
  9. There's only one outcome to every season so I would suggest those who go through that outcome weekly should probable wear that mad hat...
  10. The focus on the money is entirely from the fans. It's still a football club. For maybe two weeks posters on here were appalled by the money footballers are paid compared to essential workers. Now they want to widen that gap further.
  11. Leeds have only been relegated once Poor old crafty. It was a poor effort. Maybe 3/10 (must try harder)
  12. @lake district canary Get in here with us..
  13. I hate it. Can't watch it. Don't have Sky or BT. Don't want them either.
  14. Great days Sonyc. Back then I had many happy times with Arrdee. We used to laugh so much about this stuff. We8 let slip he worked for the NHS up there and word was he was on the carparks. BlyBlyBabes hit the roof that he was being paid by NHS to post on here. But Babes lived in the Caribbean anyway... Biggest laugh Ray had was when I had a go at the final six and got 3 wrong. Now we always support each other on there but we8 came straight in with "you weren't even close mate!" Happy days
  15. So now we have Le Juge the elder, Le Juge the younger and Juggy...
  16. Just don't jump off the roof dad...
  17. Perhaps I'm going senile or perhaps I remember. Like you can remember we8wbA..
  18. Well I think you should have carried on with the earlier Le Juge. He was the one around when the likes of we8wba was around...
  19. That's true but was years before your le juge link.
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