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  1. Thanks NFN for this wonderful six. I was worried for you as the season spluttered to a close but you've done a terrific job and given us every chance of ending with another win. I've placed them with Bet 365 where the potential return is an exciting £102.27. Here are the details... Pitea 2/7 11:45 Sat Odd 4/6 17:00 Sat Young Boys 1/4 15:00 Sun Arsenal 10/11 16:00 Sun Midtylland 3/5 18:00 Sun Juventus 1/4 20:45 Sun So we have two games tomorrow and the last four on Sunday. Good luck NFN and all you PUPs
  2. What facts are these? The real issue was that English hooliganism was pretty rampant throughout European ties. Special mentions go to the riots started by Leeds in the European cup final of 1975 Manchester United fans against St. Etienne in 1977. Heysel was a brutal act of violence perpetrated by Liverpool fans that killed 39 supporters, mostly of Juventus fans but apparently some neutral fans too. The sheer toll of deaths and previous incidents, possibly by Liverpool but most certainly by supporters of other English clubs, in addition with the endemic levels of hooliganism in the English league led to Thatcher calling for the FA to withdraw teams from European competition. However, before the FA could even act upon this request, UEFA acted. For UEFA, Heysel was the final straw in a long list of offences perpetrated by English teams in European competition.
  3. It did. It was an accumulation of things. What Liverpool did was the final straw. The answer I was looking for btw is 4 years. Later reduced to 2 years. But of course you'd say that had no bearing... When I read some of this stuff on here I often wonder if you lot were actually there of just read about it later.
  4. Leeds fans from Ipswich. I keep reading it bit it isn't looking any better. Leeds fans from ipswich.
  5. It was bloomin' cold for sure. There were also patches on the pitch where they'd had those burner things going! It was probably touch and go for playing that game too. Who went to Colchester that season where the pitch was well waterlogged? I think that must have been close to being called off. Probably didn't dare though with half Norwich there and all that Lambert stuff simmering.
  6. You keep telling yourself that until you believe it. Or perhaps you've convinced yourself already. It wasn't every other club. You and Liverpool and a few others were a disgrace. You're happily on our forum so perhaps you'd like to think back to 1985 when we qualified for Europe for the first time but were then banned. Not for the behaviour of our fans. After all we'd just played what was known as the friendly final and beaten Sunderland to qualify for the very competition we were banned from. We were banned because of the likes of you. You never said how long your first ban was for? Keep telling yourself you won that European cup and you'll believe that myth too.
  7. Now there's a blast from the past! Didn't we once have a poster called Delias tickers?
  8. Didn't go the the Blackpool game. Was at Walsall when that was called off. They had little burners on the pitch trying to thaw it out. Went back again when we won 2-1. A certain Troy Deeney scored to out them in front. I remember being on Mascot coach for the league cup semi at Chelsea but was called off early and we'd hardly got out of Norwich.
  9. I remember you losing that although you lot claim yourselves champions. How many years ban did you get after those riots?
  10. Yes. And I hope the ordinary run of the mill doctors who post on here give me the relevant respect.
  11. Only because I was made redundant. I still have the skill set but I'm only available for consultation these days.
  12. Like I said I was entertained by it. Found it amusing. In my mind's eye it could be a sketch on Harry Enfield where a guy goes into a pub for the first time ever, goes straight up to the bar, doesn't say hello or buy a drink, confronts a group of people having a chat and tells them they're saying the most idiotic and incorrect stuff he's ever heard in there and there's been some real contenders. I guess you don't find that at all amusing. Each to their own.
  13. I'm quite entertained that 'Tash only had time to have read a couple of posts anyway. People are much braver these days. When I first joined it took me a while to find my feet. Now they're straight in looking for a ruck. Only if you take things at face value of course...
  14. So the going rate for flags and banners is £8,000. Or £200 for a jalopy with wings and hope it flies. Or a tenner for a couple of soiled blankets and a marker pen.
  15. Probably a bit like we are now then. So what I did was sign up to a Leeds forum. They made me so welcome. Me, BiteyerlegsNorm and throughyerlegsGary are buddys to this day.
  16. Sunday in Switzerland for my final pick where I think... Young Boys v Luzern Home Win For our game, just in case there's penalty shenanigans, I'll stick with... Yellow card for Tim Krul
  17. Well this is a worry. Are we really now just spectators and critics? Are 'supporters' another in a long list of things lost to the EPL age? It's a real worry for our club. I honestly can't see where over 20,000 spectators and critics would buy season tickets except perhaps in the PL. If supporters make no difference then I'm out.
  18. Well, when we were actually promoted I was in the stadium. In the days and weeks afterwards I was on here.
  19. I'm trying to rack the old memory but I think the last fan's fundraiser was for the flags and banners? Was it over £8,000?
  20. Yes we should remember how hard it is and not be complacent having got out of it three times in the last 10 years. Some clubs find it impossible to even make half a fist of it. Forest particularly spring to mind today. They are now on their second stinking rich owner and haven't come close. Maybe it will be third time lucky before they get a turn...
  21. Yes that's fine Cosmic. Until I read this I didn't even realise the game was on the Sunday
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