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  1. nutty nigel

    £34 million loss

    I'd love to know what these restrictive impossible conditions are.
  2. Love these thank you Tilly. Loads of possibilities here. I've placed them to our best advantage and we have : - 1-0 Norwich £1 Bet 365 11/1 £12.00 2-0 Norwich £1 Bet 365 16/1 £17.00 2-1 Norwich £1 Bet 365 10/1 £11.00 Pukki 2 or more goals £1 Bet 365 13/2 £7.50 Hernandez 2 or more goals £1 Bill Hill 22/1 £23.00 Godfrey to score anytime £1 Bet 365 12/1 £13.00 Buendia to score anytime £1 Bill Hill 17/5 £4.40 H/T Norwich F/T Norwich £1 Bet 365 10/3 £4.33 H/T Draw F/T Norwich £1 Bet 365 11/2 £6.50 Vrancic to score last goal of the game £1 Bet 365 12/1 £13.00 And not forgetting our insurance bets :- Norwich to lose £2 Bill Hill 31/20 £5.10 Draw £1 Bill Hill 5/2 £3.50 Looking forward to the game and following these. Good luck Tilly and of course our beloved Canaries You PUPs going tonight be aware that it's fireworks in the city so watch out for road closures etc.
  3. I'm in a run of awful form so I'm going to Northern Ireland in an attempt to get back to winning ways : - Coleraine v Glenavon Home win For our game... Pukki to score first and Norwich to win
  4. I've got Mr Apples picks that he left last week... Greece - Olympiakos vs. Atromitros (home win) City - 3 - 0 home win with Godfrey to score any time. Best of luck everyone!
  5. nutty nigel

    £34 million loss

    Allegedly he was all fur coat and no knickers
  6. nutty nigel

    £34 million loss

    Yep I like Billcity1st, I even like you, well, just a little pet....
  7. nutty nigel

    Reports of our early demise are greatly exaggerated

    Probably because I never had to learn spelling and sums to be a bog cleaning bingo caller. Perhaps we could start a thread where you others could explain why you're so dense..
  8. nutty nigel

    £34 million loss

    Roy was a top man who was always fair minded with considered views. I don't know why he's now become the focal point of this discussion. I suspect someone's mask is slipping.
  9. nutty nigel

    £34 million loss

    Yes I was a friend of Roy but what does that have to do with 12,000 attendances?
  10. nutty nigel

    £34 million loss

    I weren't what? Was you?
  11. nutty nigel

    Reports of our early demise are greatly exaggerated

    It's hardly premature. It's been occuring for so long it's hard to remember when it started....
  12. nutty nigel

    £34 million loss

    What does that even mean?
  13. nutty nigel

    £34 million loss

    I can't wait to hear what Til says about this "successful boycott". In a thread full of nonsense that comment trumps all
  14. nutty nigel

    £34 million loss

    If every club returned to their "successes" we'd struggle to be in the top 25. Holding up a clubs best ever season as a yardstick for future is a bit unrealistic. This is not lack of ambition this is realism. In our 117 years history we have one top three finish, one fourth, one fifth And two tenth. No other top half finished. One league cup win and some FA cup semis. Now if we expect that to be repeated then we must expect other clubs to live up to their history. Where would that leave us? We have league champions, European Cup winners and FA cup winners who would love to have had our relative success under these owners. So I get the prophets of doom who say "that's all very well but we won't compete in the future". But they've been saying this for the last twenty years and they've not been right yet. Mainly because right from the ITV digital crash in 2002 our owners have always found a way. But this will never be appreciated because rather like not being able to see the wood for the trees some can't see the people for the money.
  15. nutty nigel

    £34 million loss

    What I wonder is.... Will the prophets of doom ever finally be right? Will there actually come a time when we are doomed...
  16. Welcome to Rays Funds, supported by Turner European Consulting and Kare Plus. This week we have Cosmic Twin, probably our most successful PUP of all time, making the final selections for the six results. Cosmic has had six previous wins when selecting the six and has twice won our PUPs league. She is right back on form this season with 10/12 83% winning picks so I think we’re in very capable hands. But good as she is Cosmic will need our very best selections from the games played on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of this weekend that are listed on the Bill Hill or Bet 365 web site. We have Mandie Moo’s Mear Kat making the selections for our game at Brighton this weekend. MMMK has won twice before when making the match picks so I think he’s the perfect PUP to help us to back to back winning weeks. Nigel, you have a tenner to spend divided how you like between the PUPs picks and your own. Remember that we have an extra £2 Brighton win and £1 draw thanks to PUPanons generous addition. Following last week’s success with the Norwich picks and KiwiScot’s generous pledge we now have £1,839 in the presentation pot. As always a massive thank-you to our benefactor PUPanon for making the Norwich match picks possible. Also to all the Pink Un posters who send me pledges and donations. And to our sponsors Turner European Consulting and Kare Plus. Their money all goes straight into the presentation pot. The The CSF and our DS boys and girls really appreciate this support. For more information on our sponsors take a look at their websites below:- http://www.turnereuropeanconsulting.com/ https://www.kareplus.co.uk/norwich/ Now I’ll hand the thread over to Cosmic Twin and Mandie Moo’s Mear Kat. Remember there’s no pressure because we are all going to be doing our best to help you to success. We all stand together with the single aim of raising money for the Community Sports Foundation and our fabulous Downs Syndrome boys and girls. Good luck all you PUPs... take it away Lynda and Nigel, the thread is yours............... Rays Funds on Twitter : https://twitter.com/Raysfunds Rays Funds on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/124098287639888/
  17. A couple of PUPs noticed that the profitability table didn't stack up compared with last week's. The reason for that is I had the wrong information in last week's table. I've checked it all through and everything is now as it should be. I would like to blame the compoota but unfortunately as is usual it was operator failure
  18. nutty nigel

    NCFC Confirmation Statement

  19. nutty nigel

    Thank god

    But for the things that work out everything wouldn't work out. It seems that we have a lot more that do work out than most....
  20. nutty nigel

    Ticket panic over

    But accounts panic has only just begun....
  21. nutty nigel

    £34 million loss

    Well if our academy didn't produce these players you have to wonder why the clubs that did produce them sold them to us so cheaply.
  22. nutty nigel

    What on earth has happened to Stoke?

    16 clubs who have been relegated over the last 10 years are currently outside the PL. There are at least another six with investor type owners who haven't even managed to make it to the PL in that time. 42 into 20 doesn't go. So for me it's not "be careful what you wish for" it's more "appreciate what you have"
  23. nutty nigel

    In terms of quality

    Yes, Emi will be in demand at the end if this season regardless of what league we are in. He's certainly "stepped up".
  24. nutty nigel

    £34 million loss

    We've had the same people demanding new "investor" type owners for the last ten years. Even though we have out performed the majority of clubs with these owners throughout that time.
  25. nutty nigel


    Only the two genders...